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  1. conceptually, a voltec MPV is a fantastic idea, 7- or 5-passenger; of course it's the next big step and would represent a big revolution for GM and the industry at large. I can't help but look at this and think some marketing "genius" still living in the holes of GM decided it would be wise to capitalize on the image already created by Volt and kill two birds with one stone. If the powertrain is what matters, then sell "Voltec", all across the board from Chevy to Buick to Caddy to GMC. But the look of this should be independent from Volt. I know they are looking to create a brand of electrification and eco-consciousness and progressivism, but stealing this fantastic car the chance of an individual and exciting design is not the way to go, I think. on the other hand, if released like this, most of the public wouldn't notice and would buy it. of course, I would know that an opportunity was missed.
  2. I am likewise disappointed along with commentators above about the rear end shifting to a now popular rear end trunk shape. we will all have to wait and see how surface treatments, depth perception, and actual lines work in real life, so this could end up being one of the best features of the car.......but I am a big fan of the current malibu's rear trunk shape, and would have liked to see some evolution of that to make a real distinguishing trait a part of the malibu lineage. paying homage to success only helps communicate the credibility of that model, like how altima does now with its unique rear end treatment.
  3. I think whatever they come up with, we will be safe. there wouldn't be resounding praise for nothing, even if it didn't come from experienced hands but rather casual observers. Given what we have on dimensions, which have been repeated throughout the press with accuracy, giving more credibility to the sources, the malibu won't change much in size at all. the wild card is that wheelbase shrinking, but I really don't see how GM could think it'd be a good idea to give the current malibu less rear space in particular, or to make it a less spacious car in general. this is the midsize competitor after all, the standard-bearer, and camry and accord are already much more spacious feeling than the current malibu, one of the reasons for its sales hindrance, imo. the camry and accord are incredibly comfortable and practical for carrying back seat passengers.
  4. taking a bit more time to study it and i have to temper my words with it borrows a lot of themes and such. still great, and best looking midsize could still apply, but it's a little too much like many others to honestly say it leapfrogs everybody else. it looks great, but then it's just too similar a template to Malibu, Altima, and others noted here.
  5. you know i really think you're on to something here. its gonna take a little while before everyone in the general buying public catches on, and sees design through these lenses. to your point though, design is getting so good, that attention and moderation of detail, and subtle surface detailing separate really great and experienced design from those that are just catching up. i would put a lacrosse for example into the latter category and the 9-5 into the former category, or a CTS into the latter category and the new 5-series in the former category. It's so amazing and interesting to see design evolve into what it is now, that a KIA, a KIA, is showing all the others how to do it, meanwhile we're already looking at it through the lens of all the rest of the designs out there and what they've done, and calling it slightly behind the times. this kia is fantastic needless to say, but i agree with you reg that there will be designs that will catch it and pass it and some of its themes which are just repeats from other cars will be passe within a couple years. the new malibu will be one of the first to pass this up......... but the kia is an astonishing jump forward for hyundai, it's funny but this is what i've been talking about and many others as well here. get the execution right of the product and you can remake any brand. kia is still kia for me, so it's bleh, but give me five years of this level of product and kia could move into a different status in my mind and the mind of most consumers. kia has the best styled midsize sedan now. in the age of the internet and 20 or so makes competing in the same space, that means it'll be months before somebody comes along and teaches us a new way of doing it. Malibu, when do you come out?
  6. GM could dismiss an entire market....or it could study sales trends in LA where premium sporty hatches are a hot trend, the mini, A3, VW GTI and Mazda3 are all hot sellers with good, cool images.
  7. I'm actually a bit hesitant about this overall, from what's been released so far. I do think the novelty of a small premium compact will do well, I just wish it had the right style, and I don't know this will be the complete picture. It's maybe a little too pedestrian compared to the drama from the lacrosse. for me it's the c-pillar and the way the a-pillar dips. i prefer the 5-door, it's more dramatic, well proportioned, and athletic, from what I can see so far. Until the car is fully revealed, I won't know for sure.
  8. completely flavorless and seeming to blend in with trends from other brands. exactly how GM would like to be perceived. I say Wildcat for the sedan, Roadmaster for the hatch, those actually mean something and have heritage.
  9. Who do we need to hit up to tell them Buick also needs a performance edge and a youthful edge? Borger? The Regal GS just flashed through my mind and thoughts that GM's product planners are on the right path already without my counsel. But we need this Astra sedan to have an Astra 5 door counterpart!!!!!!!!!! and a performance version of said 5-door hatchback. Bring the youthful, expensively detailed, upscale alternative small cars to the market, and watch your market share expand because you've entered a zone previously unencountered by the dowdy GM of yore. Bring the Astra coupe, bring the Astra wagon, bring the astra convertible!!!!!!! bring all the fuel efficient choices you can to the market, just to be safe GM. and you'll bear witness to a new Buick that's nothing like the old Buick. A Buick that's a lot like VW!! No Verano name PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call it the Buick Astra if you must. Call it the Buick Wildcat, call the hatch the Roadmaster, that'll make 'em laugh and be relevant. Call something the Buick Atlantic. DON'T CALL ANYTHING VERANO!!!!!!!! THAT IS CHEESY AND TRIES TO HARD!!!!!! DAMN YOU GM!!!!
  10. they are drawing on their global team of design studios for proposals and will draw influence from them all. This is the same as the Camaro and Lacrosse final design, which incorporates design from GM teams from all over the world. The current Corvette is mismatched in its class as an overall product....rather it competes in its own class. By offering the most performance for your dollar, they've been able to corner a specific place in the market. Exterior design is the first thing that draws people, take that lesson from the 300, the CTS, the Camaro now.....exterior design sets a car apart and draws people or repels. To be clearer so there is no reading in between the lines here, Corvette has a very strong design theme that repels some and draws some, but does not draw and conquer the segment like the Camaro [or the first gen CTS for that matter] is doing for example. The Corvette does not compete with interior refinement or design. Step away from your ideals, go out and see the market share BMW, Porsche, XKR, Audi TT, 350Z, Boxter have accumulated. These are your rivals if you are a Corvette. The mainstream sports cars of the world. It's a great business model for GM to have, BRILLIANT in fact, the Corvette business model is BRILLIANT, but it doesn't work in its current form. In its current form it continue to pervade an image of outdated GM models. IT is outdated for the layman in exterior and interior design, it is outdated, FOR SOME, from a technological standpoint because of leaf springs or lack of DOHC. not all issues need to be addressed, not every automaker should follow someone else with their creations, if they can make the most out of leaf springs and OHV and still come up with an incredibly desirable package BUT ALSO OUTCLASSES COMPETITION in several key fields, then they've done their job. This is the new era of car design, the new era of car consumers in America. Consumers are not so easy to come by these days, it's more important than ever to offer creative solutions/marketing and to reignite the emotion of good car design and fantastic engineering/designing of the overall package and all its entails. capiche?
  11. I don't understand people who rail against progress and apologists. Should we give up the Corvette's legacy and allow all the competition to stomp all over it?, in every category but horsepower and sheer handling numbers, as opposed to objective real world handling performance and feel? why do people get uppity when it's suggested a model should improve, that's what model cycles are supposed to do people! it's not that my opinion is what matters most to what should be done, but corvette is flagship for chevy and the bigger corporation at large, it should represent the best values and principles the company aspires to. asking it to become more universally accepted, more universally praised, more universally designed is exactly what the company is going to do. no wonder there's barely any responses in these threads, so many people supress opinions and motivation.
  12. this is a good benchmark for the interior imo this is also a good reference
  13. nothing but good things can come from an approach that is open to design ideas from all corners of the world. i do think it is time for a retinkering of the vette formula/strategy, because of what it has evolved into in base form and what other carmakers are offering. the 350z is pretty close to the corvette level of performance, in base form, and offers higher levels of interior refinement than vette. i think if chevy took to the strategy the 350z and gt-r combined give nissan, they could have a sports car for the masses and a technological powerhouse sports coupe for those invested in ultimate performance and technology. the fundamental thing that needs to shift imo is the design concept for vette. i think the bubble pod look has gotten too low slung, too spaceship like. i think it needs to evolve away from that and become more upright like the 64 corvette. i think the corvette overall strives to be too much like a ferrari or lambo, in exotic flavor, and i think that a change would be good. a change might even open corvette to appeal to a lot more people. corvette used to be beautiful without having the shark look, that's really where i'd like to see it return to. i think the forty years we've had of the shark formula is enough. the interior design and materials are substandard. but other than that, vette performance is pretty great, although if it's going to be a technological powerhouse and compete against the 911, it should strive to be a better driver's car, for the model that goes against 911. i would like to see vette span two levels. a base [twin turbo?] v6 for $38k. no frills, not too much in the way of tech equipment standard, but gorgeous to look at, a well designed interior, and really great performance/handling. something to compete with the 350z and open up the vette's market base a lot, bringing it to compete with a lot more makes and models. the z06 would bring a V8 into the equation. something with over 500 hp in N/A mode. a direct injection and vvt version of the current LS6. the Z06 would feature magnesium and aluminum components, maybe a redesigned front suspension like the lacrosse does for enhanced driving characteristics. this car should be more performance focused but still liveable. this would base around $60k. they could still intro a version above this with a supercharged or dual turbo v8 doing 600 hp, like the ZR1....but that would be later in life, and with weight loss, possibly not necessary. based on that prescription, doesn't that make vette a whole lot more desirable? i think i just created a full-proof business plan. this vette could sell some 40-50k sales a year. To me this is the best Vette ever. There are all kinds of great vettes, and I want to say I'm not trying to sound too much like I'm knocking the current flavor too much, I've loved the C5, C6, C4, and C3 all at different times for different reasons, they're all great. I think though the time is right for a departure. I think we could give the vette a little more relaxed appeal for a while. there is angling and surfacing they could change that would affect how smooth and relaxed the character of the car ultimately is......there is room for aggression.....but please not too much, let's have a casual vette that is handsome and cool and epitomizes solidarity and mystique as opposed to the cartoonish appeal and sensually curved current look.
  14. those are great! definitely make it in to try and drive the old SRX. would be nice to also compare to technical class leader and class sales leader, Q5 and RX350. a bmw in a comparo mix seems like it should be automatic. i agree on x3/x5.
  15. i also think cruze and aveo are the best looking compact/subcompact pair. Ford has chosen extremes with Focus and Fiesta...though i will have to wait and see the impression i get from both in person. I think GM has chosen to go for substance over flash with this pair, in that they've gotten the stance to be aggressive and strong, they have good profiles and good proportions, and they haven't gone overboard with styling details, one thing I do think Fiesta does wrong.

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