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  1. Nice one! I was unaware of that powertrain, so you win!
  2. Source: Left Lane News (LINK.. Pictures after the jump) I'm very surprised by their review. They love this car, and call it "better than its class" and "best compact we've tested" more than once. Very nice job, Chevrolet!
  3. Last night I saw a commercial for the Mazda 6, and it seemed as though one of their biggest triumphs with the car was that they were able to package six (6!) airbags into it. I giggled a bit as I told my parents that the smaller Cruze has 10 standard.
  4. Minor issues with the interior, eh? Please do elaborate.
  5. NOS2006

    Shit Son...

    Every 5 years, eh? I'm expecting something big from you on 11/11/11...
  6. I'd throw in the 2.5L I4 with electric motor and CVT that's in the Fusion Hybrid. I think its 156 HP would keep the car peppy (it's 36 HP more than the car has now, though the extra electronics and everything would add probably ~400 lbs), and if the Fusion can get 41 MPG with this powertrain, I wouldn't doubt the Fiesta to get any less than 46+ MPG and better city gas mileage since it weighs about 750 lbs less than the base Fusion, making the overall weight of a Fiesta hybrid (with this setup) probably right under 3000 lbs.
  7. P.S. This is now posted in two separate stories on LeftLaneNews: 1. http://www.leftlanenews.com/cadillac-ats-sedan.html 2. http://www.leftlanenews.com/cadillac-ats-v.html However, LLN does not cite us, which isn't right. DREW!
  8. The rotating mass wouldn't be that much more. The pistons would each be smaller in the 2.0 V6 than a 2.0 I4. Overall, I think the mass of the 6 pistons (+ 2 extra connecting rods) would only be slightly heavier than the I4. Not necessarily negligible, but also not necessarily too much to argue over.
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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

  19. Yay! The pictures decided to upload this time: http://www.cheersandgears.com/gallery/page__module__user__user__177__do__view_album__album__88 Sorry for the delay, fellas!
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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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    From the album: NAIAS '11 by NOS

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