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  1. Long time no see, C&G community! Lots of names I don't recognize, some I do... I pop in from time to time to see what's going on, and always enjoy the Week in Review emails (keep it up, Drew!). Anyway, I just had to chime in on this thread. Love this topic considering I've owned my fair share of 2.0L cars in the last decade (although I guess only one of them counts): '06 Cobalt SS/SC, '04 Neon R/T (eventually converted to a 2.4T), '11 Cruze 1.4T (wife's car - oh hey, I'm married now!), and '13 Focus ST (current DD). 1. DD: Fiesta ST3 (1.6T FWD) 2. Family: Ford Fusion (1.5T FWD) 3. Utility: '17 Ford Escape (1.5T AWD if available) 4. Fun: 3rd Gen (FD) Mazda RX-7 (1.3L TT RWD) 5. Crazy: Radical SR3 RSX (1.5L RWD) ...do I show a bias? For my last pick, I was actually looking for something more along the lines of the '99 Eclipse GSX (compact turbo AWD fun) but came up with nothing exciting. So I looked into fun conversion options (Aventador-kitted Fiero with AWD and TT conversion, anyone? - meh, base engine is >2.0 so I rejected it). When that failed, I looked into track options. I could've also went with the Lotus Elise Cup R or 250. But I went with a more unique option because... why not? Cheers!
  2. And Chrysler Tech Center... and Ford Tech Center... and GM Tech Center... lol Lots of photography to do here in Michigan, both automotive and otherwise: Congratulations on the move, and best of luck!
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to pop in reql quick and give you some updates on my life as there are lots of changes recently. You guys saw that I got a new car a couple months ago, but I'm also changing addresses (staying in the same town though), I may have a new job on the horizon, and this past weekend I proposed to my girlfriend of 3 years. We're planning on getting married at some point during the summer of '15 Hope everybody else is doing well!
  4. Congratulations on the new ride! My girlfriend just picked up a 2011 Cruze LTZ a couple weeks ago and is loving it... I hope you do as well!
  5. Thanks, all! My impression of it thus far is good, no complaints. I just wish it would warm up around here... these summer tires don't like the cold and brushings of snow we're still getting, and I'm not going to buy winter rubber until the end of the year...
  6. Hey guys, I figured you might like to see this. Two weekends ago, my girlfriend convinced me to start looking for a new car. I was driving a 2004 Focus that had cost me $3600 in fixes last year, and I was being too stubborn to look for a new car since I'm very dedicated on knocking down my student loans. Eventually I realized she was right and that I should get something relatively new so I don't have to be friends with the mechanics shop anymore. My main requirements were: manual transmission, 2008+ MY, <40,000 miles, relatively good fuel economy, and relatively good acceleration. So my initial list was: Sonic LTZ or RS MazdaSpeed 3 Fiesta ST Cooper S VW GTI A3 / A4 '10-12 Fusion S '13+ Fusion SE '12+ Focus SE '13+ Focus ST 9-3 2.0T FWD Regal CXL Turbo WRX (non-STi) I was then able to knock that down to a "short list" consisting of the Saab, Regal, Focus SE, Focus ST, and '13 Fusion. After test driving all of these, I came down to two that I loved. However, one of the two (Saab) was a little too "old" for me and I didn't want to risk seeing the mechanic anytime soon, so I decided on the other. Last night, this is what I picked up... She's a 2013 with only 5200 miles. Base model of the ST, so no Recaros, but I'm absolutely OK with that because I found them to be uncomfortable. Only thing I could have possibly added to my wish list was a moonroof, but I don't feel like I was settling whatsoever on this car. Very happy with it so far!
  7. This. Reliably getting from Point A to Point B should always be the priority over getting there fast or fashionably.
  8. Unfortunately, getting old and being able to 'chop cars are inversely proportional. Lots of life planning going on lately, and I'm lucky to do anything online once I get home from work on any given night. If I am able to find a chance though, I'll see what I can chop up for you.
  9. Certain parts of me noticed the Love Ewe before my eyes took focus on it. Must be fate.
  10. lol Thanks, gents. 43, eh?
  11. To be honest, that mark has already been set by vehicles like the BMW i8, LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918, etc. The Corvette would be quite late to the game if they debuted a hybrid Corvette for the C8. That being said, I don't care for the "this is what the government is forcing us to do!" argument. I am not a supporter of the CAFE regulations by any means, but if they government says we have to have an average of 54.5 MPG by 2025 and we can get the 20,000 Corvettes sold to 35 MPG (should be easy enough to do without getting rid of the V8), then we'll need the rest of the lineup to make up for the Corvette's inability to make 54.5 MPG. Therefore, each of the 4.5 million vehicles sold by Chevy (minus the Corvette and not including any trucks) would have to average 54.587 MPG (just 0.087 greater than the CAFE regulation). If they can't get the other cars they make in larger volumes to exceed that regulation, they've got bigger fish to fry than if the Corvette should have a V8 or not, IMHO.
  12. Please tell me you remember these days: http://www.cheersandgears.com/topic/3009-remember-when/ I like it!
  13. Autoblog is reporting availability of the 2.5L and 2.8L used in the global trucks about a year after SOP of the new small trucks. Link to that article is HERE. This is very interesting to me as I might be in the market for a smaller truck with towing capability and better MPG than the bigger trucks on the market in the next few years... HERE is a bit more info on these engines available globally. And HERE is a Motor Trend review of the 2012 Colorado. 7716 lb towing capacity on the 2.8L version? I bet the MPG will be no worse than 30-32 highway (hey, if the big Ram can do it, these little trucks better be able to...). Sign me up!
  14. Needs moar chrome. On a serious note, I love the logo you came up with, but feel oppositely about the vehicle's design. It feels very Chrysler LX (Charger/300) to me but with a more plain body and a slightly Pontiac face. A little too outrageous to me. :\ Glad to see you back though!
  15. I have a new love interest... I seriously can't stop staring at it. (Note: I didn't create this. I found this online, but I find it amazing. Thought I should share.) http://www.autoblog.com/photos/bugatti-gangloff-concept/#photo-5603189
  16. Criticize away, y'all Larger photos attached
  17. Honestly, the FR-S and BRZ are "different" looking cars, if that's the way you want to look at it. They bring unique designs to a market that has nothing but a Miata in it. That being said, Fiat seems to be moving into this category as well (with the Miata off the same platform, which reminds me of the Toyota/Subaru product). See: http://www.autoblog.com/2013/01/18/mazda-and-fiat-finalize-deal-for-alfa-roadster-next-gen-mx-5-mi/
  18. Not sure if you mean the B or C-Pillar... Thanks! I appreciate the feedback (from everybody!) and I'll consider it all. Sounds like everybody tends to dislike the rear the most (or at least want to change the rear the most), so I'm pretty close to being finished with the front end.
  19. Without reading the article, these are known: 2012: CTS, SRX, Escalade 2013: ATS, CTS, XTS, SRX, Escalade (+2) 2014: ATS, NG CTS, XTS, ELR, SRX, NG Escalade (+1 and new CTS) 2015: All of the above + Omega (+1 and new SRX?) And I've heard rumblings of a new XLR too...
  20. I watched the C7 debut on Sunday, eyes plastered to the screen and jaw on the floor - in a good way, of course. However, nothing is perfect, and I have come up with a few thoughts on how to modify it. I've been out of the Photoshop game for a long time, but last night I began my work. So far, I've only started on a front iso view, but I plan to do a rear iso as well. I've come up with some modifications to make the Base model look slightly different (I'd actually say it's more 'plain') as well as a couple modifications to turn what we know as the Stingray into a slightly sportier Z06 model. So now that I've got two renderings going (eventually it'll be four - front & rear, Base & Z06), I figured I'd ask the crowd what you'd like to see. I might include all of your suggestions, I might include none, but either way I'm still interested in hearing what changes you would make to the car's exterior appearance. If I think it might look good, I'll try it. Also, keep in mind when you make your suggestions to tell me if you think your idea would look better on a more plain (Base) model or on the sportier Z06. Thank you!

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