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  1. Hey guys! I was excited to see the reveal, but now not so much. I'm glad that I'm not alone in thinking this looks more like an MCE than an "all new" truck. How disappointing, though the interior isn't too bad. It's basic, as it should be, but it has a modern look to it.
  2. Rumor had it when I was constantly in Oshawa at the end of last year that an Ute (El Camino) and small truck would take over the Impala/Equinox line since the Equinox was moving and the Impala would be running on the main line with the XTS...
  3. Ladies and gents, I have a couple corrections for you on the XTS: 1. It is a 5 year program 2. SORP started Monday
  4. You need to keep the wheelbase as is. If I had a chance, I'd sculpt the Continental GT roofline onto the existing 130, edit the back end to not be so concave, remove the trunk line from the side profile, and make the rear lower fascia less plastic-y.
  5. I consider my '04 Focus 3-door to have "lots" of cargo space. I can fit more inside my compact hatchback than I can fit in a CTS sedan. I've proven it multiple times. It's difficult to appreciate the cargo space of a hatchback or CUV until you experience one. I'm sure the same is true with a wagon.
  6. I'd like the side profile a lot better if it didn't have that massive front overhang...
  7. That's true, but I'm sure Ford will also find a way to eliminate some weight from the Mustang in its next form. It actually only weighs like 3450-3500 in base form right now. Whether it'll be able to eliminate enough to be as light as the Camaro (I'm guessing that a potential base 2.5 or 2.0T Camaro will be about 200 lbs lighter than a base ATS? -- pure guess) at around 3200 lbs is another question. However, you also have to consider an Ecoboost four-cylinder in the Mustang instead of the V6 its got too, and I'm sure the four-cylinder will be lighter as well.
  8. I see a mix of Audi R8 in the front and body with Chrysler ME4-12 Concept in the back...
  9. From an exterior standpoint, this is my favorite Cadillac in next year's lineup. Very mature look to it, but still very Cadillac. It does a great job of maturing the CTS design without softening itself up too much (XTS is very boatlike and looks like it could've been a better Buick). The interior may not be as great as the XTS, but that's the pricepoint. I feel like they could've given it a slightly better IP design. Overall, I'd love to drive a 2.0 turbo / manual transmission version to feel the dynamics of it. It looks and sounds 'tidy'. Interesting to note is its weight... I think this speaks volumes for GM taking a much harder look at their vehicles' weights. Considering the chassis of the ATS, I have a good feeling about the 6th Gen Camaro...
  10. I was thinking this is 6th Gen Camaro design language too... I've always had the thought that the next gen Camaro would take after the '70-73 Camaro as the current 5th Gen takes after the '67-69. It's not too much of a stretch for me to see (split grille, small wide-set headlights/taillights, duck wing spoiler) http://www.retro.net/keywords/1974_camaro/1974_camaro_8.jpg http://www.bobbittville.com/CamaroZ28-1978GregBrayton.jpg
  11. Gorgeous. Not sure if it's quite as much a change as I'm guessing Chrysler/Fiat are going with, but it's still impressive. Would've been a great upgrade for the Viper around the time that they upgraded the power and changed the hood on it.
  12. Side note: I've never seen such long post quotes in the history of this or any other forum... Unnecessary...
  13. What's wrong with its powertrains? My parents have a VUE XR and it's got a 3.6 and six-speed automatic trans. It's pretty smooth and has good power without being too bad on gas.
  14. I'm glad someone finally gave us credit! lol
  15. Scion? Really? oblu, you're disappointin' me.. If you have to get a small car, go with the Fiesta or wait for the Sonic. Or get a Sky or Solstice.
  16. http://www.autoweek.com/article/20110215/CARNEWS/110219907 Incorrect. You can get a Ram at $23k with the Hemi. But I fully understand where you're going with your case, and I agree.
  17. The votes are in... and we have a winner! We had many great entries and the voters surely had a difficult time choosing their favorites. After all entries were in, Camino couldn't have said it better when he stated, "This contest proves that small cars don't have to be ugly." Let's hope the industry takes note. Also, I found it very interesting that there were quite a few different ways that entries were created. Coincidentally, each of the top three entries were made an entirely different way, but were still able to convey a very good design. That being said, let's list the winners... The original contest submission thread is here where you can browse all of the entries. 1st Place Dodgefan with his 3D rendering: 2nd Place TurboJett with his drawing: 3rd Place NOS2006 with his chop: Congratulations to Dodgefan for winning this 2006 Dodge Viper SRT-10 1:18 Diecast compliments of C&G: Thanks again to all contestants and stay tuned for C&G's Design Competition #6!
  18. I didn't know that was a public matter. I thought we only shared the LoveEwe happenings publicly?
  19. lol Yeah, that's kind of obnoxious, but doesn't bother me since I'm not really missing anything. Also, implementing these changes does help. Got a PM earlier and it was displayed nicely across my screen instead of up in the corner as a "1" and that's it.
  20. Yeah, that's better. BTW, two of the three assigned voters have PM'd me their votes and it's pretty close... only a four point spread between 1st and 3rd place! I am giving each of these voters the right to list their favorite 1st/2nd/3rd places, so I'm doing the normal point system... 1st place gets 5 points, 2nd gets 3, and 3rd gets 1. If two people tie, the winner will be decided by who got more 1st place votes. If it's still tied, I'll bring in an extra voter.

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