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  1. Ahh I figured out what it reminds me of! The front wheel arch seems like it's sized about right, but the rear seems like it should have a 14" Yaris wheel on it or something: That's my only gripe though. I love the rest of it, especially the headlight/hood sculpting, and you did a good job incorporating the side sweep.
  2. I've been a little annoyed by the latest PM settings on the forums. I never know when I have a PM in my inbox because it just shows up as a little green square in the top corner of my screen, so I've set out to find a fix. For those of you annoyed with this too, follow these steps to enable a pop-up notification every time you receive a PM. First, go to the top right corner of the screen, and you'll see this: Click on the arrow, and you'll get this drop down menu: Select "My Settings" and you'll be brought to this page: Select "Notification Options" and you'll see this section when you scroll down a bit: Click the check mark on the first option (Show popup when I receive a new inline notification) as shown. Then be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on "Save Changes" to enable these settings: Now you should be all done! I haven't received a PM since changing these settings yet since I just did it, but I think that PMs will be much easier to notice now with this change to your settings!
  3. I agree that the Avenger definitely would've looked better with the newest Charger's cues (i.e. the '99 Charger concept's cues). DF... your rear wheel/arch looks really small to me. Is it just me or does it look a little disproportional?
  4. That's crazy! Glad you got it in time. I'm sending a PM to the voters now. Hopefully voting won't take too long!
  5. Keep it up, everybody! I am going to extend this contest by one day per request. The deadline is March 1st @ 11:59pm EST. Get those last minute submissions in!
  6. Sooo... we really don't know anything?
  7. Thanks for the review, Northie! And the CTS is small for its class.. keep in mind that the NG CTS grows to be the same size as the 5-series, allowing the ATS (I believe) to come in and contend with the 3-Series. The current CTS fits right between the 3- and 5-Series.
  8. I've got a design that I think is done, but I'm going to give it a day or two to see if I can think of any revisions before submitting. I want that diecast... haha
  9. If you used the Flintstones to design that, you're way off, but it worked out damn good for ya.. lol
  10. How much do we know about the 2012 Cruze and Sonic, and when will we find out any information? I'd like to see specs on the Sonic (I'd actually like to drive one, but I don't know when the SOP is) as well as changes to the Cruze. I think I'm going to end up replacing my car at the end of this year and, as much as I'd like a new Mustang, I will most likely have to settle for a less expensive car that is better on gas. These are my options.
  11. And then there's TJ from outta nowhere.. What's up man? Can't wait to see your submission! Yeah, Fiat has the Punto and Bravo. Bravo is closer in size to the rest of the class (I compared Focus, Civic, and Cruze), but still a bit small. Extend the wheelbase a bit and you're gettin' closer.
  12. I feel like GM would put too much money and time into this with limited payback. Seems like it's not really that much of an asset given the current variety we've got in the Cruze.
  13. Let's keep the concepts coming, guys! I plan on doing some work on it tonight.
  14. Today on my way home from work, I saw two Porsche 911s testing out in the wild. Both vehicles were completely camo'd, but I was only able to get two shots. Once the cars saw me trying to snag a picture in rush-hour traffic, they kept their distance and got over as soon as they could to turn off. From what I could tell, it looked like there was some LED work done to the front fascia. There were bright white LED running lights somewhere around the split at the top of the front bumper, under the headlights, and the turn signals were also LEDs. In addition, the side air inlet on the cars were either a silver or brushed aluminum color, but it was hard to tell the exact color since there was some sort of net covering them. As you can see in the pictures, the trunks/spoilers had pretty bulky covers on them, so it's hard to say whether or not the stereotypical Porsche wing was the same design as normal. In addition, the headlights had some sort of cobweb looking cover on them, so my guess is that the headlights are somewhat modified as well. And the exhaust pipes seemed rather small, so I'm not sure if these mules were running one of the four cylinder engines that Porsche has confirmed to be working on.
  15. I really want that diecast. I've got a 2nd Gen GTS diecast in blue w/ white stripes.. I need it's younger brother..
  16. But these journalists, who are well-versed in the industry, have a wider knowledge and more experience than the typical "I buy/lease a new car every few years" person who only samples cars in the category they're looking at; I don't see someone cross-shopping a subcompact, a sportscar, and a minivan all at the same time multiple times a year. These journalists see new cars every day and are constantly exposed to nearly every car in the market, so they've got a more particular view on the situation than your average Joe.
  17. Wimp. haha Just kidding. I got like 3 hours asleep last night and I'm fighting my eyelids with a cup of coffee.. and I'm not sure that's exactly helping.

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