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  1. lauren

    When You See a Car...

  2. lauren


    Hey, I listed this on Ebay recently and it didn't sell. You want it? $30. I'll throw in the panties for an extra $5 and if you want it dirty I'll only charge you $40. BTW: the del Sol PWNS
  3. lauren

    Ever get caught masturbating?

    Am I a total idiot or something? Of course it is, but at least I didn't plaster anything about jacking off on the side of my car. I'm not doing anything wrong. I was just trying to have a little fun around here, but apparently you have to either be completely vulgar or talk like you're 8 years old. Way to run a forum guys.
  4. lauren

    Sex Offenders

    go to www.familywatchdog.us and look at Miami. That's where my 19 year old, blonde, skinny, ballerina sister lives.
  5. lauren

    World's unsexiest man' named

    I can't believe Eugene Levy wasn't number one...or at least #2. he's the worst.
  6. lauren

    Ever get caught masturbating?

    for the last time: "I take my top off" refers to my car. It's my license plate. and thanks for the compliment on my rack.
  7. lauren

    Ever get caught masturbating?

    for a TARD HATCH??! This forum is seriously going downhill. For gods sake...a post about masturbation on a GM FORUM? Get a life people. Or a MySpace account.
  8. lauren

    Ever get caught masturbating?

    Y'all get in from the back
  9. What is with the girl picking her feet on that ferrari? Is that supposed to be sexy or something? hahaha.
  10. I just can't see the point in driving a sports car that has an auto trans. That's like drinking decaf. They're both called a "why bother?"
  11. lauren

    What do you Think About This Idea?

    seriously. bottled water is still more expensive than gasoline is.
  12. I didn't say anything about hot girls. Just hot cars. I know this is a GM forum and GM isn't really famous for making sports cars, but I'm obsessed with sports cars. I just don't see the appeal of a sedan unless I had a kid. The del Sol isn't techinically and muscle car or anything, but I just like looking at it and sharing it's sportiness with y'all. I'm 5'4". Why? Do I look tall next to that little car?
  13. ewwwww you drove an automatic del Sol? That's sick dude. I've only ever seen one. *thats* a pretty rare car.
  14. lauren

    Buick Sales! WooHoo!!!

    lol, well of course old cars like that are rare. Everyone likes those.
  15. there were only 75,900 of them sold in the US between 93-97 so they are kinda rare. It's got quite a cult following. I did not intentionally rip off the ATV thread but that *was* pretty funny. I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with my car, that's all.

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