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  1. Nos and Fly. They both made this place worthwhile. Back when it was.
  2. Looks like its gonna be an Exploder sometime in the next week or so. I'm lobbying for an Edge, as long as its going to be a fake SUV.
  3. Kids selling arsenic laced lemonade get better sales numbers. Just die already.
  4. Prius V, still had temp tag in the window, with the rear bumper ripped off.
  5. I haven't slept in my own bed or even a time zone I'm used to in what feels like an eternity. And I'm starting to fall for the new 4Runner.
  6. Way too long for me to make, but a couple things did catch my eye. Porsche outsold Suzuki and let's face it, many Porsches are ugly. But what really stands out is the tiny, useless, so small nobody will bother buying one Fiat 500 outsold the entire Suzuki brand in October. Stick a fork in 'em.
  7. "Driven to Thrill"? Lolololololololololol
  8. I could only make it 7 days into No-Shave November. Now people will question my manhood. Even worse, I have to go to Missouri on Friday.
  9. Anything that frees up inventory is a good thing. I've seen several and really like it, and the way Drew sings its praises I'm thinking it'll actually be a popular car once more people can check it out.
  10. Maybe later I'll go through and list all the cars that out-sold Suzuki's lineup. Probably going to be a long list.
  11. Sharktopus is not yet available for instant streaming and Mega Shark vs. Giant octopus isn't quite cutting it right now.
  12. Satty

    Cooking with Croc

    Don't think we have a desserts thread, so I'll just ram this in here. I made a mint chocolate cheesecake the other day and had some stuff left over and decided to do something with it. I had some semi-sweet chocolate and some Andes dinner mints which I combined and melted down in a double boiler. Dip Oreos in the melted chocolate, place them on a sheet of parchment paper, put them in the fridge and you have an awesome snack/dessert/whatever. The cookies were better received than the cheesecake was.....

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