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  1. I only saw a June thread and I spotted a doozy, so here goes.
  2. Pretty sure A is Olds. I don't recognize any of the other faces.
  3. That... Is fantastic. What scale is that?
  4. I think I'm safer on foot than I was in the Venture.
  5. Well, I am in a city of some of the worst drivers in America... That said, there's really only one corridor of my commute that I consider high risk, and it's a half mile stretch of US 1 with a 40 mph speed limit and tight lanes divided by a simple double yellow line. I figure that could result in a net 90 mph offset crash. The rest are either low speed 2 lane roads, well spaced out, or well divided, so I can expect most collision scenarios would be same direction. Maybe I'm expressing a great deal of hubris to justify my purchase, but I'm of the opinion that people should only drive as much car as they need. Also, one of my former cars was a Chevy Venture. I'd consider this a step in the right direction from that.
  6. At some point I gotta get this and the van together for a photo shoot. They make a cute couple. Edit: forgot how to emote.
  7. My cousin has been following the news on these and is anxious to buy one. She's interested in it for the safety angle, I think.
  8. I know it's been a while, but didn't GM pay good money to NOT buy out Fiat about a decade ago?
  9. I actually had the ignition switch thing happen to me in my 06 Cobalt. The GPS lost its suction and fell off the window, hitting the key on the way down and shutting off the car. At highway speeds. Fortunately I figured out that I could restart the car if I shifted into neutral before anything bad happened.
  10. I had seen the IIHS Smart vs C-Class test but not this. Thanks. Something else that helped me feel a bit better about safety was someone that compiled statistics showing the car has fewer fatalities per mile than whatever the average is. I'd link that info here except I'm on mobile right now. Maybe later.
  11. I have the misfortune of having birds pretty much living over my driveway. Maybe because of that mulberry tree which is also hanging over my driveway. So I'm probably going to invest in car covers... But on topic, I washed berry-colored poop off of my cars today.
  12. I had no idea these were still being built -- wasn't the GL supposed to replace this? I guess as long as people demand it, they will continue to build it.
  13. I actually don't think it looks that bad. I've become desensitized to Nissan design language after the Cube apparently. That sticker price, though...

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