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  1. Nothing to do with BOF; it's the user demographic.
  2. Pickups are the 2nd worst segment for full BE power acceptance, right after semi trucks. Sedans, minivans, & CUVs are much better suited.
  3. Occasionally pass this house in the boonies on a way to a customers. They used to have a very solid '58 Ford 4-dr sedan, saw it here & there over the years, an obvious runner. They I saw it for sale, then way out in the backyard (deep property). Other day the '58 was not to be seen, but this lil Fowlcoon was there :
  4. Stockholders love Tesla because it's been on a general uptrend, certainly via the stock price, and only recently, flirting with profitability. Other than this week's NHTSA investigation, there's not been much scandal. Daimler is on a downward trend, and with increasing scandals. It's also a decade behind in the EV movement. Big difference.
  5. Other than 1 on-campus bus ride about 9 years ago, I haven't been on a bus I don't think in 25 years. I did ride the high school bus to the end, didn't smell anything and the noise was inconsequential (mostly gear and tire sounds). Some people don't care for the ozone smell of electric motors.
  6. Well, $175K is two and a half times a diesel; when you base number is 70,000 and you're talking about multiples (a fleet), it adds up quick and is worth getting correct. Where EV buses can offset their extreme purchase costs is, if school boards/governing bodies allow them to run longer service intervals (years) or not. That determination is too often tied up in status quo contracting, rather than any direct examination of a particular buses' condition. Add to that a marked unwillingness for elected officials using taxpayer money to be remotely cost effective ('It's not OUR money!'), and I wonder if the interval would in fact ever get any longer. If even justified. Frankly, I believe the service intervals of current buses is too short as it is- they should be able to get an easy 500K out of a diesel bus. That would equate to 42 years. Why are they replacing buses at only 20-25% of their lifespan? Oh; I already answered my own question, above.
  7. What if it halves again to $3 B in 2020? EVs are going to depress that even further. Stockholders aren’t going to sit by and watch profits dry up. How much longer is daimler going to drag out settling Dieselgate?
  8. When we discussed a similar story last year, a diesel bus was $60-70K, and whatever EV bus company was involved, the cost was $250K. What’s going to be on the budgetary chopping block for the children in order to pay for exploding the bus budget?? How many other programs or benefits or basics are going to have to be discontinued?
  9. Tire OEMs have been working on airless tires since at least the early 1960’s.
  10. One wonders if the bean counters will approve the funds to pull the stunt. With the diesel issue clouding image & costing major money and profits halving / the profit margin down to 4% AND going hard into unprofitable EVs, things may get extremely lean in the coming years.
  11. Really like the detailing on this dash ~
  12. I wonder if anyone actually gives a shit what Koenigsegg thinks about 'the best pedestrian family sedan'. Also, isn't his comment more a slam of his own product?? - - - - - "The world is full of small inconveniences that people simply profit off of." says guy in $57,000 car where AWD cost $9000. BTW, shouldn't a self-proclaimed "luxury" car have more than 5 paint colors (and 4 colors other than white are $1000 more, and the red is $2000 more) and 2 wheels to choose from?? The same basic Red Tintcoat on a 400% larger GMC Sierra is like $500.
  13. Article just barely brushes over the #1 issue- purchase price, quickly dismissing it with "there may be an initial price premium". Ya think? And what of depreciation- that albatross somehow limited only to IC vehicles? These are the lion's share of the cost to own an EV, and it's patently ignored here. It's actually more likely it's MORE expensive than you think.
  14. ^ They have moved off 1%! They're at 2%. EDIT :: Oh that's right; sales declined last year. But don't worry! EVs will still be 50% of the market by 2025! - - - - - Those 2 towns are 120 miles apart. My assumption is they're walking that entire way... with nothing. And look- the guy just dropped his cell phone.
  15. My good friend in the neighborhood's father had a '76 Buick Estate Wagon, 455 car. I drove it once, it wallowed amusingly. It really didn't feel any quicker than my father's '77 301 Safari (which was probably 1500 lbs lighter), but it must've been. The Safari also wallowed amusingly... but I was a kid who only wanted to FLY on roads; the more often a tire parted with the asphault the better. The '60s cars my groups soon latched onto drove at the ragged edge much better, despite being 20-30 years old.
  16. Musk turns the tap off & on at whim. I read recent info that the performance Model 3 was free, again, at the Superchargers. Piece I read claimed he does it to goose sales.
  17. I think blu is more of a Chevy boxer engine fan.

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