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  1. Heard a fascinating commercial on the radio today, about how the (93-yr old) Mercedes-Benz company "invented" the "work van" over "100 years ago". Daimler keeps using that word 'invented', but I don't think it means what they think it means. The Freightliner / Dodge / Mercedes sprinter triplets used to own the US Euro van segment, now they're a niche player, having conceded huge swathes of the segment to Ford and others. This Ford work van is 118 years old by 2019 :
  2. It really isn't laid out that way as much as is commonly thought. Not many 80-90 yr olds heavily involved in buying/selling; holding has zero effect of value fluctuations. DD- Your Toro is not from your 'coming of automotive age', neither is my '59 or '64 (or obviously my '40). My brother is a '73- his cars are a '65, '68 and '71. My BIL is a '66, his car is a '69. Another friend is a '66, his car is a '66. Another friend is a '67, he has a '33, '55, '67, '67 as keepers. Another friend is about a '59, he has a '38 and a '69. Another friend is a '56, he's been hunting a '66 Toro for a number of years now. Another friend is about a '74, he has a '67. Another friend is about a '45, owns a '28. Frankly, as I sit and think thru still other car friends' & acquaintance's vehicles, none of them own vintage vehicles from their 'coming of age' (circa 16-20 yrs old). From a lifetime of being in the old car hobby, I don't believe the evidence supports 'people buy collector cars that were new when they were a teen/starting to drive'. I believe the theory is an unsupported characterization. Frankly, I think it's more legitimate that the continually escalating prices of (vastly more appealing) '50-60s cars have simply pushed new collectors to cars that are more affordable; '70s-80s stuff. Car enthusiasts, real hands-on enthusiasts, aren't about reliving their youth, they're about a car that's cool in their eyes. And I'll bet that given the choice for the same dollar, between a '76 Chevelle and a '66 Chevelle, the vast majority regardless of age would go for the '66.
  3. balthazar


    SIXTEEN YEARS AGO???? MAN, are you camera shy.
  4. BMW car sales have been dropping for what- 2 years now? Surprised they keep throwing more slightly-different sized versions at the wall when their numbers have come down so far and they're in trouble financially.
  5. '04 DuraMax, just clicked 190K miles tonight. Change it about every 6000, tho at the moment it's overdue. Shell Rotella T / Wix filter. I always change the oil myself. I do not do any of the other vehicles here at the Ranch; I draw the line if I have to jack it up to do so.
  6. To some minor degree; yes. But for the theory to be a core cause, the values of the '50s cars would have to have peaked and started to fall (same with 40s, and 30s cars). They're still going up. The only segment that MAY have tabled or even dropped off (depending on make/model) is '20s and older vehicles, as they're a real challenge to drive.
  7. 8.0L is out of production, yes? But I agree. - - - - -
  8. Sure; they do it with houses, TVs, phones, and dozens of other consumer goods, etc- why not vehicles?
  9. Final numbers from my bother's Pontiac-spec engined '68 Firebird : 1,119 HP @ 7900 RPM. At 6900 RPM, it made 1,079 HP & 810 TRQ. This is out of 541 CI. And people claim pushrod V8s don't like to rev. It should be good for 7.9-8.1 secs in the quarter. Or about 2.5 secs quicker than the quickest modified Tesla Model S P100 D in Ludicrious Mode. ;) - - - - -
  10. ^ Wonder if that was a runner or a 'parker'. - - - - -
  11. Would make a great demo derby car. - - - - -
  12. ^ Yes, but it was below average $/barrel by December, IIRC. A disconnected, speculative, futures frenzy not based on market conditions.
  13. I think I posted a pic before, but this is Bro's 'bird:
  14. I tried to get it to read '9 years ago', etc, but it didn't take.
  15. It's weird / I'm weird; I like cars from before 'my time', and music from after. '70s-80s stuff isn't my cup of tea.
  16. Got a text from my brother- he's having a new engine built for his '68 Firebird and they ran it on the dyno. First pull it had restricted oil flow & ate an intake pushrod. On the 2nd pull it ate an exhaust pushrod, so it was only running on 7 cylinders. Made 1,055 HP at "only" 7000 RPMs.
  17. Problem is/was; the CLA sedan was also in the 3-series / c-class larger compact niche. I think that's why MB shrunk the a-class a bit. Regardless of market intentions, the initial comment I made was addressing interior vs. exterior dimensions.

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