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  1. I like the current Lincoln look, and within the lens of 2019/2020, they're nice. Are they knocking my socks off or standing head & shoulders above all else? Not in my opinion. I may have overstated in my earlier post, but not completely. I would like to see something new that takes my breath away stylistically. When I walked around a couple of C7 Corvettes, that was pretty close. I do think the current Ram (and the last few generations) have been extremely good designs. CT6. What else tho?
  2. There is NO current brand that is ‘hitting home runs’ in my opinion. Some are frozen in time & dated, like BMW, others are merely moving sideways rather than forward. Cadillac is just like every other brand, some product is quite good, others are disposable/shouldn’t exist. Same stuff, different brand; none are immune.
  3. Incentive, or tax credit? $16,500 is an insane carrot; Gov’t is really overstepping if they’re using tax dollars this way.
  4. Actually, even mores for '64 :
  5. Such a refreshing pleasure to see deep-dish rims after decades of 'flush-faced' alloys:
  6. ^ Has the fender blisters the '69 big Chevys had. Other than Cadillac, Pontiac pretty much owned stacked headlights in the '60s- Chevy didn't get them until they were stacked rectangular units in the '70s.
  7. ‘57 Skyliner retractible hardtop, built ‘57-59. The horizontal, ribbed panels are just filler panels; pretty positive you can’t stand on them or they'd dent.
  8. Yeah- this is one of the historic red flags for me and the downturn of GM; when Chevrolet moved toward offering a 'poor man's Cadillac' stylistically. One can point to the '58 Impala (tho the Impy quickly got toned down), but in the early '70s, the big Chevys started to look too upscale from their station.
  9. Negotiating an agreement is not a sign of being corrupt. Charging more for the same item another seller does isn't either. When Snap On sells a ratchet that performs identical to another for quadruple the price, are they 'less than reputable'? BTW : Costco may also be 'corrupt' because it doesn't adhere to the same pricing other sellers do (never mind it may be lower). Isn't that how this snap judgment thing works?
  10. No other brand comes remotely close to having a more depressingly limited color palette than ferrari. Undoubtedly, this '80s slug was repainted :
  11. As far as mid-engine exotic cars go, Chevrolet TOTALLY missed the pricing mark.
  12. GM doesn't own the dealers, and I'll bet they aren't interested in selling less vehicles on purpose. The end game of an OEM rigidly controlling sell prices will mean no incentives, no dealing, and no variation on price between dealers. Wonder how well that will go over with consumers?
  13. ^ Ya; the scoops are intakes for A/C. Pic might be pre-production: that looks like the GM Styling courtyard hexagonal pavers. Production S75's are basically trimmed like deVilles (rear cove & side trim) and that cove is filled with ribbed aluminum trim (here it looks painted). Eldorados & the Series 60 Special got the rear grillework and either full (E) or partial (S60S) side trim. I '60 Cadillacs.
  14. Is an individual ‘corrupt’ if they sell their pre-owned car above KBB book value? A new vehicle is conceptually no different.
  15. Thats not at all how the OEM / franchise business agreement works. Dealers BUY the vehicles; its their’s to sell. You’ve heard of ‘factory’ and ‘dealer’ incentives, right? You wouldn't want an OEM to directly influence a private sale, would you?
  16. ^ same price tier. If you’re making a purchase primarily on saving a grand, again I would think most would go pre-owned.
  17. Really like this pic. Fleetwood Series 60 Special in the background- note the vinyl roof. Cadillac started this feature on the '56 Eldorado Seville… and when NOT padded / using small back windows or enlarged C-Pillars, it looks really classy / luxurious IMO.
  18. Correct; just did a amortization schedule online: $250,000 @ 4.5% for 30 yrs: first payment broke down as $329 principal / $839 interest. I know I saw it different years ago; mine initially was 8.25%- maybe it calculated differently @ higher rates. Plus; make sure you indicate any extra payments go to principal only.

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