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  1. Standing in a parking lot rightnow: see an MB, honda, nissan, toyoter, GMC... they ALL have black plastic wheelwell trim (“cladding”). Except its just trim; cladding is applied OVER the vehicle’s panels, like subaru does. Or the old Grand Ams, or the feature’s ‘trendsetter’: Mercedes.
  2. • '67 Cutlass sedan, factory A/C, given for free to my buddy. • Circa '71 Cadillac in Midas. • This gen Ramcharger used to be all over. • Flower car had a huge portrait of the deceased on the roof. Never saw that before.
  3. As I stated; the definitions are somewhat amorphous, IMO.
  4. ^ Accurate, but I never saw much reason for distinction between the 2 segments. 2-drs with aggressive cues, and they shared powertrains. Especially when you could usually sell one class to the other class’s buyer; the F-Body sales exploded in the ‘70s after the muscle cars faded out.
  5. Listen everybody, its like I’ve been saying for a few years; we’re in the 98th percentile of auto design progression. It’s not that brand are stealing from each other, its that its all been done and there’s just about no where left to go.
  6. Frameless glass wasted on yet another boring FWD generic 4-dr sedan appliance.
  7. I have no problem with it- so many of the same segment/niche have cladding also. For some reason- only Buick seems to get banged for it. [audi allroad]
  8. '64 GTO ragtop, white over bright red, Cragers, gleaming, at service station with hood up.
  9. Rings are tight now (40K). Will look into this further; Robert's link says dealers are doing 'software' repairs. - - - - - Presented without comment (other that this <)
  10. '56 Chevy 210 2-dr sedan, white over Pepto, very presentable, for sale in driveway.
  11. Per the phone call from my dealer's service guy, apparently my wife's '16 Malibu is under a recall to replace the.... engine pistons. Gotta say, tho the dealer has an excellent service department, taking a motor completely apart to that level makes me nervous (tho they said they've done some of these rebuilds already). Of course, the GM strike has currently put a halt on parts availability.
  12. Many would argue the '78 & '79 Trans Am W-72 cars held that title.
  13. I didnt mean literally custom; more like extra-cost/special.
  14. When you buy custom paint & different wheels, you get custom paint & different wheels for your 7 grand. And if you bought 7 repaints & 28 (7 sets) of different design wheels for $47,000, you have all that. You almost literally get nothing when you move from a Taycan 4S to a 'Turbo', except you paid another $47,000.
  15. The issue is 5 km of range and 0.8 secs improvement to 60 costs the buyer $47,000.
  16. Porsche has released the Taycan 4S pricing; as the so-called entry-level trim it starts at $103,800. The wanted to have a EV sports car under $100,000 (such humanitarians!) but Just. Couldn't. Do. It. The 4S is followed up the ladder by the so-called 'Turbo' and the so-called 'Turbo' S. The 'Turbo' starts at $150,900 and get you a 0-60 in 3.0 seconds, whereas the 4S does the same in 3.8 secs. Not a huge difference unless you're going head-to-head at the drag strip. The 4S has 2 power levels; the awkwardly named Performance Battery and the Performance Battery Plus. The PB gives you a range of 407 km and the PBP; 463 km. However, the 'Turbo's range is 412, a scant 5 km more. So for spending $47,000 more, you can get 5 km more range and drag race to 60 in 0.8 sec quicker (and have a 6 MPH higher top speed). What am I missing here? This has to be the worst 'upgrade' in the history of automotive marketing.
  17. That explains the disjointed design.
  18. ^ There's a similar model in the Lancaster railroad/steam museum but I don't think they were running it. But in looking at it up close, it has quite small drivers and gearing... I can totally believe 15 MPH. IIRC, they were used in commercial ventures where greater traction was beneficial (steeper grades). Really neat design tho.
  19. Aren't 'S', 'SE' and 'SEL' old Ford trim levels?

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