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  1. Has anyone heard when the 2016 Toyota Avalon will be in dealer showrooms? Suppose to have two completely different ride qualities according to which model you select!
  2. Your top page tabs are horrible, at least on my computer. When you click on "COMMUNITY" you cannot see the topics that pop up because they are white letters on white background. (at least on my computer) How about making the drop down lettering in black?????????????
  3. Happy Birthday Lucerne06!

  4. Lucerne06


    I have a Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012 and it has the largest opening doors I have ever seen on a car; tall and wide and open real wide. It has more front seat space than my old Lucerne and it was really big. Two problems with this. 1) While it is big for many, I have tried the latest version of Camry and while roomy to a point, it is not for tall people as once I got the front seat so that I was comfortable, no one could sit behind me and I really do not like sitting partially reclined. 2) I support American jobs first before anything else and will buy from GM and Ford as long as they exist to support our country. So Toyota will always loose out. My 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid was made in Georgetown, Kentucky USA!!!
  5. Lucerne06


    I have a Toyota Camry Hybrid 2012 and it has the largest opening doors I have ever seen on a car; tall and wide and open real wide. It has more front seat space than my old Lucerne and it was really big.
  6. Lucerne06


    I owned Buick's all my life. Always traded them in for new models every two or three years. Recently I moved on to something else when they did away with the LeSabre. Went to the Buick garage last week to have "Auto Butler" applied to my present car TCH and the service person took me to work in a new Lacrosse. I was shocked trying to enter the car. I practically knocked my head off on the roof because it was so extremely low. If this is what Buick classifies as their big car then I shall never own another Buick. Getting out was just as hard without knocking off the top of my head. Rise the roof level so people can enter and exit the car without a headache!
  7. This information is currently incorrect. The OnStar's web site states that OnStar IS ONLY AVAILABLE AS A FACTORY INSTALLATIONN AND NOT AVAILABLE AS AN AFTERMARKET ADD ON! The article above says their website lists compatible vehicles at launch.
  8. Some day YOU will be an OLD FART!
  9. Then why not call it Allure in the US???
  10. I am sure this is an old old question but....... Why did they choose to name the car one thing in Canada and another in the US?
  11. Lucerne06

    Google Ads

    You are correct, It IS AN EXPLORER 8 PROBLEM! Thanks!!!!! Compatibility mode corrected the problem.
  12. Lucerne06

    Google Ads

    I don't know if anyone else has this problem but when I enter the home page of Cheers & Gears, a NEW google ad immediately comes over the top left side of the screen with no cancel or close button and covers the forums button. Is this just my computer or is anyone else experiencing this horrible feature?????
  13. I personally think the problem with the auto industry today is the thought that "FLAGSHIP" means V8, BIG, etc. I think the flagship cars of the future will be smaller, more efficient to survive. The flagship concept of the past is dead and has killed Oldsmobile, Pontiac, etc. You can't live in the past. The young boy concept of big mean machine is only a dream of the past. To survive the auto makers must be smarter than to continue the BIG trucks, BIG SUV's, BIG flagship cars. What we need is well designed, economical to run automobiles with up to date technology. Bash all you want, this is the ONLY way auto makers will survive...
  14. I have an '09 Camry Hybrid. When you press the power button the car is READY in electric mode. The engine comes in momentarily but not to heat. The car is all electric so it has an electric heater to bring the car up to running temperature in cold weather until the ICE heats up. You get better mileage in warmer weather when the ICE doesn't have to run as much to keep the batteries up from all the power drain. Always starts, runs great!
  15. As a Buick owner for 28 years and a current 2006 Buick Lucerne owner, it is with nostalgia that I say Good Bye to Buick. I am hopeful that Buick does not go the way of Oldsmobile. However, it is the forgotten stepchild of GM relegated to a small room in the attic. Tomorrow I take a last and longing look at this old friend as I step into the new world of my 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid. I once swore never to darken the steps of the foreign auto market. But as the Buick I once knew slipped silently away into the attic room neglected I reluctantly yet with anticipation look forward to a new day in my hybrid. Farewell Old Friend!

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