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    Engine Upgrades

    I've heard some of those details but have heard nothing on timing. They're doing a good job of keeping this one in the bag. Ford has a lot of momentum now, but it doesn't sound like GM will have anything hit the market for a few years.
  2. biff

    Engine Upgrades

    I was in a Ford dealer this weekend. The salesman was talking up their new engines for 2011, saying he got to test drive a ecoboost V6 and of course it was the best thing ever! Any news on GM's Gen V V8's? Are they going to be introduced prior to the 2013 redesign or will GM have upgraded engines out sooner to compete with Ford's new offerings? I'm planning on upgrading my Sierra sometime but haven't been impressed enough with anything to warrant the cost.
  3. Amazing. Government has American taxpayers bailout GM after making GM uncompetitive by allowing foreign competitors to play by different rules. Now they might sell our investment to a company that's owned by the Chinese government.
  4. Kia has come a long way on features but they still seem to rust out faster than anything else.
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    almost dead center.
  6. What's interesting is if you're charging your Volt from energy supplied by a coal fired power plant you put more CO2 in the atmophere than a gas powered car getting ~40mpg. I could be off on the numbers a bit but it's not a hard calculation. Either way man induced planetary chaos from human CO2 emissions has been thoroughly debunked by real scientists but you sure wouldn't know it from watching any main stream news source. Another big positive is a battery manufactured at a US manufacturing site will generate much less pollution than one made at many locations over seas. I'm very glad GM is pushing this technology in the US. The potential is huge.
  7. I wish more vehicles had selectible driving modes. Kind of like tow haul but with more options. Economy mode, tow haul mode, sport mode etc.
  8. So why is this car rated 26 highway? I have one and get 30MPG often. Government conspiracy?
  9. And yet they don't advertist America's best selling 1/2 ton. Combined with GMC, GM doesn't advertise that their the largest truck maker. I think I'd like to work for their marketing.
  10. Fortunatly for them most of their supporters blame their quality problems on American workers and suppliers rather than the company itself.
  11. Here's another site with more complete details: Link I was really hoping for a crew cab 6.5" box so I might be looking at a 3/4 ton, but the 6.2 with 3.73 rear end sounds like fun. Hope it's rated at least 12/18 mpg or better.
  12. Looks like the 2010 5.3 and 6.0's get VVT and a slight HP bump. Saw it on another site but are the 5.3 numbers: 5.3
  13. People leave lights on, it's hardly needless. Same day I wrote about the accord I go to a mall. A new CR-V outside with the lights on is in the parking lot. Come back an 1.5 hours later and the lights are still on. Maybe deaf people do drive cars. Honda, Toyota, and several other brands have been behind in electronics for a long time. Obviously it hasn't hurt their sales much.

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