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  1. I think the number of V-series models Cadillac has should be the least of the brand's problems right now. They need to make sure the ATS and all it's variants are launched without problems, then come out with the XTS, next Escalade, and then turn the CTS into a 5-series fighter. Notice that Infiniti is doing just fine without a high performance brand.
  2. I totally agree about the Focus. The weird shapes in the lower air intake totally ruin what is otherwise a good looking car. It's obvious that the Cruze was designed well before GM had the new design theme for Chevrolet cars fully realized. I wouldn't be surprised to see a quick styling update in the next couple of years.
  3. I also think I like the current Euro-spec Focus more than this. The front clip of the new model really bugs me. The lower air intake is too big and the weird triangular side intakes make it look like they were added at the last minute in the design. Add onto that the weird shaped headlights and hatchback taillights and it makes the car look incomplete. The rest of the Focus looks great though.. it's just unfortunate about styling for the front end.
  4. It's an interesting concept but I think GM needs to show us that the production vehicle will be as high of quality. Now, I understand the interior will never make it to production as is, but the rear-hinged doors should make it since the new Opel Meriva, a vehicle on the same platform will be offering it.
  5. Uh oh...Perhaps it's better looking in person... As for today, it was all about the Focus. I think a lot of the other automakers wanted to hold off on their big products as to not be overshadowed by Ford.
  6. How quiet is it driving at highway speeds? Having a good deal more interior space than the sedan, one would assume that it's a bit different in the cabin. Also: Is the rear lift gate one solid door or can you open the glass separately? How well does the lift gate protect you from the elements? Where specifically? Was that in Cheektowaga or Tonawanda?
  7. Hey, we're going to have the Alpha platform so I wouldn't count out a small RWD coupe or roadster from a sub-Cadillac brand in a few years. GM's going to want to reduce the cost of the platform somehow so it makes sense that they'd try to make as many variants on the platform as they can.
  8. On top of that, 3G isn't all that it's cracked up to be. It may be fast for mobile devices, but you'll be wanting to throw your laptop out the window of the moving car you're driving in out of frustration.
  9. I think that would've been a bad idea. If anything, I think would give GM more of a incentive to eventually ditch the Pontiac brand if they didn't do it already. First reason why this wouldn't work: GM would have to sink a lot of money into restyling each car both inside and out to make them as different as possible from each other (remember, Pontiac and Buick were sharing a dealership and they would've continued to do so). This would drive up the costs of the car and they would probably never make most of their money back. Second reason: in order to be sold under the Pontiac brand, they would
  10. Did GM officially say that the Orlando was a replacement for HHR or is it just the media speculating? If the HHR is in fact biting the dust, I think a the upcoming GMC boxy compact vehicle aimed at the Scion xB and the Kia Soul should be able to bring in some current HHR customers. It was previewed to the press and we caught a glimpse of it in the GM commercial from a few months back that had Whitacre walking through the design center. Here's mention of it for those who have forgotten about it. Motor Trend article
  11. Shoving down our throats?! Why is offering a new model in a growing segment equate to GM forcing us to buy something that we don't want? This is one car in a full lineup of new Chevrolet cars that vary in size. You'll have plenty of options. You DON'T have to buy it. . Some people like cars like this... I know.. it's so weird that other people have different opinions than you, isn't it? Why is it so horrible that GM's considering them important to growth of the brand? You really aren't making a lot of sense.
  12. With all due respect, you don't speak for every American. If every car built required 100% public support or catered to the most buyers, we wouldn't see great cars like the Camaro, CTS-V, CTS Wagon, or the Corvette. Instead, every car would look and drive like as plainly as a Toyota Camry. I'm not saying you're wrong believing that most people would prefer to buy cars that were large and comfortable but, the reality is that not everyone can afford a $15,000 compact car or want to spend a lot of money on fueling up their car. Smaller cars, as a rule, get much better the mileage than larger cars
  13. That TSX interior is to garish for my tastes. This Regal will blow away the competition.. but there are too many people out there who will continue to deny how much of a great car it is simply because it's a Buick.
  14. Not everyone will like the styling of this car but why is it a horrible idea that GM wants to bring it here? Toyota and Kia both have vehicles entering this city car segment soon and the smaller Smart car is already selling pretty well. Gas prices will soar again as soon as the economy rebounds completely and people start buying again. GM's lack of good compact and subcompact vehicles during the time when we had $4 gas prices is what got GM helped lead the company to the problems it had last year at this time. Shouldn't GM be prepared?
  15. I'm glad that this stays much closer to the Insignia than the Chinese Regal does. Some of the visual changes, although limited, managed to take away that expensive European flair of it's Opel cousin. I still hate the fact that, like the European manufacturers and the cars they import here; GM had to raise the suspension of this car in order to drive on our crappy roads in North America.

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