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  1. GM stock at $16.41! This is the lowest it has been since 1974, and in 1974 the dollar was worth 5 times what it is now. Is it time to buy or have we not seen the bottom yet? There are some who are saying it will drop to $10 before we see it go up again. What do you all think?
  2. If your masculinity is so fragile that the vehicle you drive could negatively impact it, then you shouldn't drive a minivan
  3. On-Star is so easy for thieves to defeat that insurance companies don't see the value
  4. So does this mean the "jobs bank" continues for four more years? Or does this contract end it?
  5. A lot of this has to do with the fact that it was done in Michigan. What would be really telling is what the survey results are in California.
  6. How long is "Forever and ever" Is it longer than forever?
  7. This warranty will not be sufficient to gain market share but should slow the loss.
  8. 1. Accord 2. Passat 3. Camry 4. Fusion/Milan 5. Altima 6. Mazda6 7. Sonata 8. Aura 9. G6 10. Galant 11. LaCrosse 12. Impala 13. Grand Prix 14. Optima 15. Verona 16. Malibu
  9. I rented a CTS on my last business trip. I think it had the 2.8 becouse it was kind of guttless. Anyway it was a very quiet and smooth ride with only a very small amount of undesireable engine noise at full thottle. I really liked the CTS but the gas mielage was less than expected at 18.5 overall. This was some city but mostly freeway trips of 20 or so miles at a time. The car was well broken in with 11,xxx miles on the odo.
  10. Aura is definitely the best midsize entry GM has.
  11. andretti

    sky review

    The 2.4 175 HP engine is fine. The Sky is just about 300 lbs too heavy!
  12. What both ways are you talking about?
  13. The Ridgeline has a higher payload capacity than an Avalanche. Imagine what would have happened if they had put the load in an Avy!
  14. GM only considers other GM products in it's class

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