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  1. Prior to the early 1990's half ton pickups has no more capability than the family station wagon. Greater capabilities were for 3/4 and one ton pickups. Perhaps the half ton full size pickup should be built on a stretched mis sized pick up chassis and leave the serious work for three quarter and up trucks.
  2. Small pickups can carry quite a load.
  3. The rules require that the owner keep the car for 30 days and return it before 60 from date of sale. Another safe guard is that the owner has to be current on their payments. I do understand your concerns, however.
  4. They stopped doing it a year or two ago, IRC. In some respects I didn't like it. Loyal happy owners ended up paying for malcontents who were looking for a free ride. In the first year or so the resale value of used Saturns was so high that he cost was negligible.
  5. Saturn did indeed do this. They always added no questions asked. Was it popular? Didn't they sell over 400,000 cars a year.
  6. While it is true that the crosstour is on the Accord platform, the grill looks like those of the light trucks. Maybe Eddie is responsible for that? Aside from the grill thing and the fact that it is going to be the most expensive Accord, I like the crosstour.
  7. Many owners will have the volt garaged and plugged in. That could make quite a difference in the morning commute. However coming home in the evening and the dark, may be as you fear?
  8. Probably not the cost of doing in business in California that is the problem since Tesla just announced plans for new factories in both Southern and Northern California. I suspect that Freemont is older than most of GM or Toyota's factories.
  9. haypops


    Nice looking car. Reminds me of:
  10. I got old and need to be stabelized too.
  11. The other government motors announced Viper production is starting up. I imagine that will have more than a 6!
  12. I've been seeing more Tundra advertising lately. A last ditch effort to stay competative perhaps?
  13. haypops

    June 09 GM sales

    How about if you include the Cobalt wagon (HHR)?
  14. haypops

    GM Shutting Down 1,100 Dealers

    Chrysler is in Chpt 11 bankrptcy protection, GM is not. Perhaps the list will come out June 1?
  15. haypops

    GM Shutting Down 1,100 Dealers

    Here is the $h! list for Chrylser: http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/i/msnbc/sections...ealers_list.pdf

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