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  1. good luck. China monopolizes the world with cheap goods and since people love to settle less for less, china has that much more. Speaking out of paranoia, however: maybe the conspiracy isnt only limited to the chinese government and maybe part of our own?
  2. Being shaded by mountains at my house it's about 80 average. However it has gotten up to 98 at ceartain parts of the day before.
  3. Being shaded by mountains at my house it's about 90 average. However it has gotten up to 98 at ceartain parts of the day before.
  4. didnt south park have a show that implied that?
  5. Oh my god, you're kidding me. If you really dont like being around people that much: come to Hyden, Kentucky. No joke, if rural is what you want, then rural is what you got. We have LOTS of space here in the mountains of Leslie county and lots of beautiful scenery. Nature is everywhere; your backyard is litteraly a forest and it only takes 10 steps to pick out a camping spot from your house. If you have an ATV, you'd love it here more because 80% of our roads are dirt (or roughly so). But no joke. If you came here you'd probaly fall in love right away.
  6. it IS a little weird isnt it? It gets a little creepier when your parents are near 50 years old (not that mine are, of course ).
  7. Mines messed up, too. I was born 2 weeks early. But I found out a whole other random stuff about my life/ the world, plus what my name means.
  8. When I was 7 me, my mom, and my grandmother went out to the neighboring town to an old Magic Mart. We went in and when we came out, the car (which was a white monte carlo) was locked. Then mom discovered she had lost the key. She freaked and my grandma called the police. When the cop came, he had to lock pick the door while my dad angrily drove all the way to the store to give my mom the spare key. The whole process took about 2-3 hours (part traffic time and mostly waiting for the assistance).
  9. Wait a sec, what about the women in the millitary? Would that cause them to go lesbian? Or would it cause lesbians to go straight?
  10. The word "suguaro" (as in the cactus) reminds me of a tropical drink for some reason.

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