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  1. A very cool package, albeit at a slightly higher price point than I anticipated. The only thing that concerns me about the Taurus in general is that the nice looking front end doesn't match the rear end's design. However, the trunklid spoiler definitely helps the flow of the design compared to the normal Taurus. I'd like to see the suede in person before I say anything, it's good that Ford is trying something different as a lot of interiors look the same nowadays with similar color combos featuring a bunch of buttons on the center stack. Gotta do anything to differentiate yourself in these tough times. I think the last time I posted was before I started pharmacy school last fall, geez. I have been lurking though. Alas, back to studying.
  2. I personally hate tails that reach the roof ala CR-V and Volvo. Just give me a lower stanced Provoq rear end look and I'd be happy.
  3. Well damn, that looks more aggressive than the Malibu/Accord/Camry.
  4. I'm not a big fan of the El Camino, but that video was tear-inducing.
  5. Indeed the spot is. Too bad its too late...but my only solace is that the tv movie wasn't as good as I would've hoped. So maybe its a good thing the new KITT isn't a Camaro.
  6. Because its true? The only good thing to come out of Pontiac in recent years was the GTO, and Pontiac needed Holden for that. You can count the Solstice GXP too but after sitting in one, my enthusiasm for that car has waned considerably. I also think the Sky has a better design inside and out. If you really want to go back to the last fun thing Pontiac built, look no further than the 2002 Trans Am. That car can't be mistaken for anything else and although the interior was functional at best, the car was a blast to drive. Now the last fun four-door sedan from Pontiac that was competitive? That's a damn good question. It isn't the GP GXP of today or yester year. The Grand Am - Maybe the first year it was introduced it was competitive but we all know its story. The Sunfire - Hah. The Bonneville - It might have handled well for was it was, but not competitive... As for the issue of naming this car the Bonneville, as storied as the nameplate is, I don't think it would fit this car or Pontiac's current image. They are trying to bring in new youthful buyers and Bonneville would not sit well with many of them. Granted I would love it if they brought back the Trans Am but even I admit they may be better off resurrecting the Firebird name alone and doing Firebird trim levels ala Firebird GT, Firebird GXP. Now that I type that out it looks a little strange but Trans Am sounds more dated than Firebird, even if I love it. I hope the G8 does really well, for Pontiac and GM's sake as I don't want to see Zeta's potential squandered before it has a chance. RWD + performance = fun, and that's what I'm hoping GM will continue to produce in the future, even if we have smaller engines/cars.
  7. Well the main problem I have with the LaCrosse is the quad headlights. It kinda makes the front look like an aquatic animal. The new grille does help it but its not good enough for me.
  8. Ah I've forgotten about the lower MSRP version, well I doubt the press pics are of a lower end RL so my earlier statement still rings true
  9. This is really strange but after looking at the RL on Acura's website. Their front shot of the car actually doesn't abhore me anymore. Maybe I'm already starting to get used to the design, not that I'd buy it by any means. Or maybe the photoshop lighting is playing tricks on me. Granted it might be less of a shock to look at it now, but its still obviously not high-class looking with that grille. Bleh, I have a 2002 Accord with 4 transmissions replaced under warranty but its not under the recall years of 2000-2001 I'm actually considering this car for myself in the future. They are definitely classy looking, and are great quiet cruisers. Granted I would love to get a Legend but the cars are so old now, its difficult to find one with low mileage. I'm also looking at used Lucerne's as their depreciation is a benefit for me. I can find some only a a year or two old that are under 19k. I'm still debating on if I want a new or used car, as the new Malibu is definitely one of the contenders for a new car. I'm only 22 btw, but I value the quietness of a car after a long days work. Maybe having a hypersensitive ear condition might do it too. I'm also big on handling, not so much power as long as its adequate. Currently I'm leaning towards the 3.5RL and I think this largely ignored Acura would be a fine fit for most people. Actually the RL features real wood.
  10. The only bad thing is, it still has the front end only a mother could love and the interior while much nicer than the standard version, doesn't look like its worth the money. Personally with the Super's price point, it may be a grand or so cheaper than an ES, but its also right around the price point of the CTS, a far superior car in every way. Maybe the NG LaCrosse will be the one that truly defines the Super brand, if it has the right combo of style it can potentially be a great alternative to the CTS' crisp lines and more performance oriented tuning.
  11. :rotflmao: I think that's going in my sig
  12. Another Acura design flub. At least they didn't mess up the interior and added the leather shift boot(which in Japan the Legend has had since its intro). The Honda/Acura fans were already frustrated with Acura, now they're absolutely livid about the RL.
  13. As much as I love the engine note from the new Challenger, I'd take the Camaro or Mustang over it just because I feel this style won't age well. Granted, I do think its retro done right but...something about it just doesn't make it a slam dunk for me.
  14. Pretty much my opinion there. Phew, saved me a lot of typing :AH-HA_wink:

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