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  1. I really like the new design. Its funny that all my friends stated they would never consider one when I was telling them they look less feminine and much more masculine, but now that many of them have seen them on the road they agree.
  2. Great ad...can't believe they are getting so bent out of shape...its all in good fun.
  3. The car is ugly, it hurts to see it go into production and I hope its heavily reworked before it hits the streets. It is as if Kia took 1 part GT by Citreon styling and butchered it, added 2 parts Brach's Jelly beans + 1 part huge step backwards for Kias current design language. I don't know how Kias parent company Hyundai could sign off on this after building such beautiful and original designs recently under both the Hyundai and Kia brand...I know the same designer of the current Kia line of cars is responsible for spearheading this concept but its awful.
  4. I really didn't like the design of this vehicle originally...but as I see it in more pictures and from different angles it is starting to grow on me...but it is probably the first generation of GS to even cause me to have any doubt in the model. It looks good but it just seemed like something was wrong, now its looking better and I guess it was just me.
  5. This is a good thing...the WRX really doesn't need the 2.5L engine...the STi doesn't either especially if that will help us see an 8k RPM redline in the US. I like the fact that the STi has a 2.5L for the extra torque but I really wish it had a higher redline.
  6. If the Scion model is going to start off near 20k than that in all honesty is what the Subaru is worth without the extras that add the extra cost to the vehicle...the Limited packages seems a little expensive for what you get though, I think the lower price of the Scion will be the vehicles main selling point and may unfortunately hurt the Subaru...however the Subaru will probably retain its value better and that alone and the fact that Subaru for the most part designed the vehicle would make me shop Subaru.
  7. I understand what SoCalCTS is saying. If the system is designed to prevent accidents and can calculate a drivers intention or likeliness to run the light within milliseconds then it could easily be designed to have a delayed yellow light. Most people don't run red lights which would suggest that you would rarely have an instance where multiple cars are causing a lengthy delay in the operation of the light if ever. After the offender has caused the delay the light should turn red once they have cleared the intersection which I am sure the system could calculate as well by their speed. A system with this kind of complexity would probably be expensive and I think because of this it would be natural to integrate some form of traffic monitoring system (red light camera/speed camera combination maybe?) that could issue offenders tickets as a normal red light traffic camera would.
  8. I am very disappointed that this Volt stuff is getting so out of hand. No one should be worried about their vehicle catching fire unless the fuel system (battery) is compromised in an accident which is pretty much an issue with any modern gasoline vehicle. Also the damage so far that has caused the battery to be damaged would in most cases total the vehicle anyway. Yes, this is an issue that GM should address. However is isn't a reason to abandon the vehicle. Once the flaw is fixed all flawed vehicles should be fitted with the redesigned battery.
  9. Thanks for the kind word guys, pretty consistent comments by those who have seen it though. Hopefully since it appears that most people really like the look of the production vehicle it will sell well for Subaru. That is my main issue with the twins...if this were a GM, Ford or Chrysler product, even an excellent one, most American enthusiasts and automotive journalist would subject the vehicles to more badge engineering criticism than hours in the day. However you'd be hard pressed to get any more literal when it comes to the term badge engineering than this. Also after someone said it looked like a Jetta...I thought to myself...I don't think it looks as much like a Jetta as it does a Scirocco which was not what I was going for but I do agree
  10. I loved the Neon SRT4 and although the Caliber SRT4 didn't make the splash Chrysler expected I love hatches and wagons...so I am hoping Dodge revives the Neon name and it returns as a 5-door like the Caliber but the way it should have been done the first time around...Chrysler had a great platform for the Caliber but still fumbled the ball, I know it was partially Diamlers fault so here is hoping Fiat and Chrysler will do right by us this time!
  11. Unfortunately it probably won't be reversed. It was a move done by Fiat for multiple reasons but the biggest is this. If Dodge and Dodge trucks now 'Ram' could both stand and on their own feet, this gives Fiat the ability to sell the Dodge or Ram brand more easily in the future. Remember when Dodge was attempting to sell the Viper brand on its own? I don't think anyone jumped from there seats to purchase the brand because there would never be too many takers for a brand thats primarily sold because of the brand that it falls under. Especially in the case of the Viper that sells in very small numbers to for the most part Gearheads with deep pockets. You sell the 'Ram" brand to lets say Kia and Kia now has to slap their name on the brand or come up with a brand name that no one is familiar with and would easily give away the fact that Ram is no longer owned by Chrysler/Fiat, sales would sink like the Titanic, only faster. The Ram truck brand is very valuable and I think it was just Fiats way of creating more assets in the event they could not turn around Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep and now Ram they would still have a fall back plan when it comes to making money.
  12. It is true. Dodge is going away from the crosshair grill, the article I read pretty much described the new grill as a knee jerk reaction to the seperation of Dodge and Ram brand and the removal of the Ram logo. It is merely a temporary fix, I thought it was fine.

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