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  1. Is Blue Devil Alive? Chevy Performance Might Be

    I wonder when GM will surprize us with being able to move production up.
  2. Official Camaro concept thread - for now

    My only complant...I won't be able to get a sheet of ply wood in the back like my 94...Oh well, good thing my wife wants a Equinox.
  3. Official Camaro concept thread - for now

    With about 9 extra inches of wheelbase (over a fourth gen) I'm sure they found some back seat room.
  4. If you still have any doubt a Camaro is coming...

    Wow...and to think that just a year ago you swore up and down that the Camaro was all but locked in and way past "clay"...
  5. Stretched MINI spied

    It's not quite as Mini...doesn't that defeat the purpose?
  6. GM will tout fuel economy

    It is about time!
  7. Solstice News

    I like that cup holder.
  8. So how about a base V8 Camaro?

    I would prefer the I5 over the I4. I think the Camaro will be a little too big for an I4. How about it lines up like this: I5 base V8 base with dod optional (or standard) V6 RS In now order SS and Z28

    I feel real lucky. I have full coverage on both my cars (2005 Cavalier and 94 Camaro V6) and I pay about 1100 a year give or take about 75 bucks. What is really great is I won't have to switch insurance companies while I'm living in Germany for the next few years.
  10. any word/heard rumor

    It might be this: clicky
  11. Roll Call! Name Change?

    ...but you're member # 55??? :P Sorry, I couldn't help it. Posaune is still Posaune....I think :huh:
  12. Auto Show rumor thread

    Any one know of any other Kappas for this season? A 2+2 version would be nice to see.

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