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  1. Wanted GM to bring a variant of the Tornado here years ago to replace the S-10......of sorts.
  2. cant they take the Jeep truck platform and bring back a Dakota? oops...read proto, read before posting....thats been covered
  3. Just no. Bring back cross hairs. Whats with the random fill in plastic things under the lights.....smh
  4. Ted your render is really great concidering the source material........ Can you say Chevelle 3.0 twin turbo 6 speed auto or Manual. Aawweee yyeeaa! And yes my chop does in fact suck. 2012 Chevelle chop.bmp
  5. I thought the new Nox is basiclly a Captiva under the skin anyway right?
  6. VOLTEC PROPULSION SYSTEM! That is the first time I have EVER heard or read that they changed E-Flex to Voltec! I must have been under my rock.
  7. prototype66

    RIP G8 ST

    I predict.......... 2012 new redesign Impala and ElCamino show up. Too many people bitchin about the whole :Pontiacamino" thing and the budget cant to it now but............ p.s. I voted to name it TREMMOR
  8. Still no $20 bucks. I emailed Brian again but this is stupid. Dude just needs to give me back my $20 bucks. after 2+ years it should be atleased $30 by now, he even promised me a bunch of copies instead of the two I ordered! never heard from him again.
  9. I sent a money order for two calendars in Nov/Dec of 06 for around $17.00
  10. I like the whole package! Thank you Ted!!! Dang that driver was bookin'!!
  11. I just as soon get the cash back. I got a nifty Star Wars calander instead and it even has a cd of original theater previews! Who do I talk to about my $20? And I hope you don't say Fly. He wont answer me anymore.
  12. Taking a poll; Who ordered the 2007 calanders and got them?\ Who ordered 2008 calanders and got them And why wont Fly respond, this had been over a year....what gives?

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