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  1. It seems like Chevy is differentiating between the Malibu and Impala at least power train wise. Keeping a gap of ~40 hp. While power may not be the main differentiator in this segment, the low power of the base engine compared to its competitors is perplexing.


    Design wise, I like it. It is not overtly trying and yet simple. It does mimic Impala from the rear panels.


    To GM's typical hypocrisy: the car is made "Sporty" yet no manual transmission! In a world where Mazda6 and Honda Accord Sport are getting high teens to low twenties manual transmission take rate, something from GM would be refreshing. Other than Mercedes Benz, GM is the worst when it comes aversion to offer stick cars.

  2. The steering wheel is the same as the one used in the Impala, with a piece of wood glued on.  If they cut corners on the thing you touch the most, you gotta wonder about the rest of the car.


    I think the Continental is more impressive than this.  The CT6 looks like a big CTS with tacky lights.  If the Continental ends up front wheel drive that will be what kills it, if the Continental is rear drive, I like it more than the CT6.


    And this one is better? Two spoke wheels from the 60s.



    And you are comparing a concept with a real car. Seriously, SMK?

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    Regardless, I do not think the N/A should be the engine of choice for non-hybrid applications when almost all competitors are force induced at that power level. There should be two tunes of the 3.0T to simplify the costs.


    You channeling a bit of SMK there?  :AH-HA: ...   3 of the competitors have Forced Induction... the rest are Naturally Aspirated.


    "At these power levels"

    Jaguar, BMW, and Audi have forced induction.


    Infiniti, Lexus, Acura, M-B, Hyundai Genesis, Kia K900, 300C V6... and if you want to be nice and include Lincoln are all naturally aspirated.


    The key is the "at these power levels".  If you want more power, you need to go either to a V8 or a Turbo-6... which Cadillac will be offering as well.  It should be noted that a number of these competitors offer  less powerful base engines...  So if Cadillac is offering this 3.6 as the base engine, it will instantly have a an advantage.



    May be I should I have said it better, "are or will be force induced". Yes, number of them offer less powerful base engines, but so will Cadillac in the form of 2.0T or 2.5 depending on the application.


    So let's get back to your list.

    1. M-B does/will too with the 400 and 450 or whatever the heck they are going to name the 3.0L on one bright morning.
    2. Infiniti has forced induction lying in the wings as you saw at the Detroit release.
    3. Lincoln/Ford has the ecoboost 2.3, 2.7 and 3.5 engines. All the company has to do is plug one in a Lincoln.
    4. New - And Volvo is F-I too.
    5. So the only manufacturers remaining are Lexus and Acura, which to my understanding Lexus will have one soon.
    6. I do not consider Kia and Hyundai in this league because they do not offer multiple sausage lengths of "luxury" vehicles.

    Hence, non forced induced vehicles are or soon to be in minority. Back to my premise, GM has no F-I motor in 300 - 375 hp range like its competitors and to me that is a drawback especially since these engines started with clean slate. And no matter how much you look at the torque curve of a N/A motor producing 80% of torque of F-I motor, it will not match the F-I jolt.


    So no your perception of me being SMK is incorrect. I seldom make comments without looking at things comprehensively. :P

  4. On thinking a little bit about N/A 3.6L and giving Cadillac a benefit of doubt, may be that engine will be installed for hybrid powertrain. As it seems nonsensical to have a turbo motor doing the work for hybrid cars.


    Regardless, I do not think the N/A should be the engine of choice for non-hybrid applications when almost all competitors are force induced at that power level. There should be two tunes of the 3.0T to simplify the costs.

  5. Rumor is the new E-class has a quad-turbo inline six that in gas form makes 367to 435 hp and as much as 553 lb-ft, and in diesel form makes 313 to 400 hp and 516 lb-ft to 627 lb-ft of torque.   They are bringing a pretty big gun to the fight, Cadillac may want to rethink that 3.6 V6 and just make the 400 hp engine standard.


    I was wondering how long would it take for this information to get parroted on a Cadillac thread.

  6. 3. NASCAR Homologation requirements. NASCAR raised the production requirement from 500 examples to one for every two manufacturer's dealers in the United States.


    6. Henry Ford used it first when he introduced Ford Model T with open rear and called it "Ford Model T Runabout with Pickup Body".

  7. If your wife really likes the LaCrosse, I don't think she'd be satisfied with the Verano.  My personal favorite Buick is the Regal for the sharp handling.  To me, driving the LaCrosse is like driving a pillow.  But that's just me.  The Verano leans more towards the Regal than the LaCrosse in the driving experience.  I'm sure you know all about the room inside the vehicles.  The LaCrosse has limo-like legroom in back, though is a bit narrow.  The Verano is for small people in back.


    [Dave Mode] +1.

  8. #4 - Schluderschimdt


    I honestly do not understand the question #5


    5.) Which of these state names was NOT featured on an early proposed or built auto brand?


    How early? Do you mean a state where no brand that was proposing to build or built vehicles in?

  9. This is again typical GM lack or failure of PR and Marketing.


    You are bringing a car that is going to be the most expensive car in the lineup and you showcase engines for the car that are weaker than the strongest engine of the lesser car.


    Not good for people like SMK who are already baying Cadillac's blood for failure. Either bring the biggest phallus for the bacchanal or don't show off at all. Set the foot right Johan and Ewe. But then again, expecting something like that from them is asking for sending man on Saturn.

  10. But that is how you get ahead, you benchmark your $60,000 car to be better than Lexus's $80,000 car, not Infiniti's $40,000 car.  Funny how the Mercedes 3.5 liter is the quietest on that list when it is the oldest engine in the M-B lineup and being phased out next year.



    You benchmark to be quieter than quietest, not quieter than the sound of the more expensive car. Possibly E350 was not benchmarked because it is being phased out and the new turbo Benz is possibly louder than the E350. And 4db is still greater than 0.3 db difference.


    I am not a fan of the 3.6 N/A as I have said in the past, Cadillac should use a turbo engine to replace the 3.6 NA, but don't challenge intelligence just to find faults.

  11. You supposing based on speculation.

    What is known is the Avenir is 204" on the same platform. CT6 should be over 200".

    CT6 is going to be a low-volume car.


    But regardless, why are you equating overall length with MSRP???


    To find excuse to bash CT6.


    Regardless, I am honestly tired of this troll. He brings mostly nothing to the forum other than running around circles chasing Mercedes/BMW/Audi's tail while moving the goal post. It is funny for a while to show him data and show he is wrong. But now it is adding nothing intelligent to the discussions as he repeats his arguments a few days later on any thread with Cadillac.

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