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    I'm very much an auto enthusiast. Major auto shows, road trips, traveling to Europe, MUSIC, and cooking are just a few of the things that I enjoy doing.
  1. Those wheels are soooooo lame!
  2. I like it for the fact that Mercedes has truly and obviously given their designers and engineers the freedom to dream very well beyond production to a concept that is almost out of this world! It suceeds be it good or bad, but I'm sure a lot of this concept will be far more tastefully engineered into the final production piece. I actually like it a lot, and in the process they've earned a lot more of my respect!
  3. They should!!!! Maybe this will prompt some quicker action on GM's part to get some better product to the market that s worthy of those brand names.
  4. This is the latest word on the street. To some degree, I expect this development to have a significant impact on GM's next generation of high- end sportcars.
  5. Say what you will, but there's no denying that this preview pic has stirred quite a bit of interest. GM, on the other hand and for this very reason, need to really step Pontiac up. This is the league Pontiac should be a major player. Instead, they're more like an after thought.
  6. I see a lot of Hyundai Tubiron! Not bad looking, though!
  7. I personally think that this new car should be the Firebird or the Banshee, finally a production version of the concept series. The problem I have with the GTO is that it was never a stand-alone model. GTO was model package base on an existing model. Whatever the the case, this car cannot be bland in design or some European inspired design.
  8. They were hoping that the GTO would sell because it was rear drive with a v8. Guess what? It didn't sell, and guess what else? This new G8 is not going to sell either, and for the same same reason as the GTO. Though attractive cars, they're as bland as a bar of soap. Pontiac needs strong, in-your-face designs. Not someone else's design with Pontiac's signature grill.
  9. This could really mean the end for Pontiac. Pontiac, of all of GM's brands, has the strongest identity, and GM seems to be lagging in exploiting the brand's heritage. A rear drive Bonneville replacement, rear drive G6 replacement, AND rear drive Grand Prix replacement should have been out 3 or 4 years ago. Why the Firebird, and now the GTO died, is beyond me. The only really good thing going for Pontiac right now, as far as a car that gets people's attention, is the Solstice. This car is a hit, but since it's intro 4 years ago, GM- Pontiac has not managed to follow up with another hit. They are trying to make Pontiac appeal to EVERYONE with the European/ so- called "cleaner" designs, but Pontiac's cars have never been this way. With Saturn possibly having a version of most of Pontiac's models, GM has to make Pontiac more distinct and credible from its other brands or it will be another Olds.
  10. No Pontiac Concepts listed. I've lost interest in the show!
  11. At least GM had "gut" in the 80's and early 90's. Now they are afraid to enter shrinking market segments..

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