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  1. Always thought that this version of the T-Bird was a good looking ride
  2. Friend was looking to lease a 2012 Liberty and was told by the dealer that there will be NO 2013 Liberty's. In 2014 the new Liberrty will arrive. Is this correct? No 2013 and they are stopping production ??
  3. Anybody see that story over at Yahoo about the guy that put a recorder in his 2010 SS Camaro? He bought it in for a Tranny noise. Looks like the mechanics beat on ( burn outs etc )it for 20 minutes or so frying the clutch.He is now in a battle with the dealer. Looks like Chevy may or may not get involved. I wonder how prevelent this is with Hi Po cars ??
  4. Aztek, Cavalier, Citation, come to mind. I would have preferred just ......Cuda'
  5. Me Just the opposite. I love the Charger tail lights and the Darts as well. Just different and they stand out
  6. Looks like the old pony Car wars are in full bloom. It's nice to see competion between Chevy and Ford just like the days of old. Mustang sales were just ahead of Camaro sales in June ( 8835 to 8486 )Almost a dead heat. The Challenger was a distant third. Approx 3400
  7. LOL, Of course it's meant for the Chinese crowd. That said I do not think GM wanted Americans knowing they sponsored a Communist proaganda film in the quest for more profits on the heels of The US Government bailing them out.
  8. Keep the politics down please. I doubt Dan Akerson had any prior knowledge of this. The CEO of GM did not know ?? Really Thats hard to believe http://nlpc.org/stories/2011/06/07/may-china-sales-fall-ackerson-likens-gm-chinese-communist-party
  9. So let me get this right. You really only buy American made products but your OK with a recently bailed out company by Americans to support a Communist propaganda film. I'm thinking those that died fighting againt Communism will not share your view. Cannot wait till this gets on the Military forums
  10. http://www.leftlanenews.com/cadillac-sponsors-film-celebrating-anniversry-of-communism-in-china.html This is the leftlane story. Sorry guys but this wrong on many levels. I guess profits over Patriotic.
  11. leftlanenews.com has the article...
  12. Maybe the Taxpayers who saved GM's ass
  13. Heard that Caddy is giving it's dollars to sponsor a " Birth of the Party " film in China. If true thay better hope the US mainstream media does not find out...
  14. A girl that works for me just bought one. Have to say it's much improved and really a nice interior.

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