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  1. "Lift kit" is an intentional exageration to make a point. Settle down and quit resorting to insults. Election season is officially over - let's try to get back to a state of decency. Yes, I am referring to wheel well gap. All of GM's vehics have a huge wheel gap - including the Corvette. Ask *ANY* 4th gen owner how they feel about the huge gap in wheel wells. The terms "lift kit" or "4x4" appearance have been around for years with the Camaro guys. I happen to be one of those Camaro guys and Vette guys. It is just a styling consideration that I think GM has grossly overlooked.
  2. Memo for GM: Stop putting lift kits on all of your passenger vehicles. Lift kits for truck are good, not for passenger cars and sports cars.
  3. greg_nate

    Super Corvette Report

    I really prefer it when you post. Its one of the reasons I visit this site. Say what you have to say, maybe some of want to hear it.
  4. greg_nate

    Super Corvette Report

    Nice post and you are correct - respect is due. My apologies for being harsh. You have to admit though, that the numbers posted are truly unbelievable - meaning, I don't see how they are technically feasable with a simple RWD platform unless the new Vette has two 36 inch wide rear tires.
  5. greg_nate

    Super Corvette Report

    You've just lost all credibility with this statement. C'mon now. This thread needs to be removed from the front page and put into the "Wild Fantasy" forum. I search the forms as much as anyone else on the net, and I haven't seen any credible details other than the project has been green lighted. Even the supposed spy pics are not a certainty - they could be a Caddy mule for all we know. We just don't know enough yet. The supposed 3 valve heads are another question mark. Pics and patents dated three years ago don't mean anything. Its nice to speculate, but until we get some hard info from credible insiders, its still nothing more than speculation. And this site, once upon a time, used to have one of the best group of insiders on the net until a certain personality ran them all off. Its a shame.
  6. greg_nate

    Super Corvette Report

    Exactly...that's what I said above. On street tires, I just don't see it happening without AWD.
  7. greg_nate

    Super Corvette Report

    Zero to 60 in under 2.5 seconds.... If this is true, I don't believe it can be done with RWD on street tires. That's faster than the turbo V16 Veyron. It must then, be an AWD platform if the 2.5 second 0-60 is true. Its almost unbelievable, actually. For 100k? I wonder if we're getting our chain pulled.
  8. greg_nate

    New Chevy/Camaro Head?

    It looks like they went from shaft mount in the CAD to stud mount rockers in the photo. Probably more to do with cost than performance. But other than that, the details look the same. Specifically, look at the shape of the exhaust port. I haven't seen this shape before. Its not round, its not "D" shaped, its not ovular. Its kinda like ovular with a protruding bluge. I sure wish we could see inside the head. I have a suspicion that the exhaust valve is huge and that the protruding bulge runs all the way up into the combustion chamber.
  9. greg_nate

    New Chevy/Camaro Head?

    I can't figure out how the midget pushrod for the exhaust port is kept in place. It seems to be simply wedged between the rocker and the dimple on the shaft. What puzzles me also is what appears to be a huge surface area for the head chamber. In a standard pushrod engine, the valves are literally squished in there, within thousandths of an inch from one another. These valves don't look at all cramped or close. The head itself is huge and resembles a typical OHC engine.
  10. greg_nate

    VUE GLs in Mild and Strong

    And reliable sources on this? And will it be in the form of a Saab?
  11. greg_nate

    So after the '07 product blitz, only 3 for '08?

    It will cease to exist. Which still boggles me. The car got good reviews, and I blieve sits on the same platform as the Saab 9-3 Sportcombi, which has been doing fairly well. I think the MAXX could have done well, if Chevy has simply pushed it more aggressively.
  12. greg_nate

    0% for 72 seems to be working here

    Newbiewar: Are you guys ADP or R&R?
  13. greg_nate

    Nissan, Renault Want GM Stake

    I'd like to know the theory behind this also. The way I see it, York is in the driver's seat. His job is to push an issue. His talent(Why Kerkorian pays him) lies in finding the right issue to push. York's original issue, selling Hummer/Saab didn't pan out. GM stood up to him and he lost. Round two. York comes up with a different issue in which GM cannot easily wriggle out of. No matter what happens, York comes out on top. He will still get handsomly paid. Bottom line about York is this: He has a loud bark and that's about it. No real bite. If he truly cared about turning GM's profits around he'd take on the single most important issue confronting GM at this time: Labor costs. For every cent that goes to labor, a cent is lost to shareholders. The transfer of wealth in the from of Union benefits, to shareholder dividends, is where the businessman should be looking. The more I think abot this, the more I see it is such a ruse and nothing else.
  14. greg_nate

    Nissan, Renault Want GM Stake

    I totally agree, but with a slight twist. I do honestly believe that Kirk wants out...however, by creating this spin he sets himself with a win-win. If the media and the stock market get frenzied enough for his shares to become profitable, then he sell out and wins. However, if the partnership actually does come to fruition with Nissan and Renault each getting a 10% share, that puts Kirk in a highly powerful position. With Nissan and Renault on his side, he's got a 30% controlling interest. Then he could do whatever he wanted, such as get out the chopping block and start hacking. Kirk clearly has no interest in automobiles - he has interest in money and power only. At nearly 90 years old, you'd think he'd be pulling a Buffet maneuver. Instead, this maniac still believes he can take his money to the grave with him. I really don't think Nissan/Renault has anything to offer GM. Like you said so well with so few words, this is a chess game. We'll just have to wait and see if Wagoner blinks. If Wagoner caves, I think it will be ugly. And I *STILL* don't know why no one has posted about the UAW response/repercussions yet. That is a huge part of this mix.
  15. greg_nate


    We've been talking about this on the other site. My handle is "racy" over there. The thing that originally caught my attention was not as much that GM had a Plug-In hybrid, but that they intentionally suppressed its introduction. I've been having trouble coming up with a logical reason for their moves. Either they are intending a PR bombshell next January, or they are on the verge of their biggest blunder to date. The thing with GM these days is, either option is plausible. I managed to dig up the original press release with the Plug-In wording still in tact. I'd love to hear other opinions on GM's move regarding this.

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