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  1. Once again the already overpaid execs are trying to justify their million a year existence. Give me a break!!!! I could care less about their whining. Try giving the peons at the bottom that actually DO WORK, mean while everyone higher than a grain of sand takes the credit. Read the comments to this article and you will see how the public views GM while they are still doing business as usual in their dream bubble. http://www.freep.com/comments/article/20101211/BUSINESS0101/12110308/GM-CEO-Akerson-wants-U-S-to-ease-execs-pay-rules
  2. What a joke!! GM got their bailout money and happy days are here again woo hoo!! Let's burn through all the money they got like a teenager at the mall with their parents credit card is the way their operating these days. I'm extremely critical because I watched a lot of people I know get let go, and some people went out by way of an ambulance...serious stuff!! And now, oh how we forget. A lot of these people are still out of work, and do you think GM is going to hire some of these people back, I think not.
  3. Yes there was that version too. They were all J-Body cars, maybe your too young to remember the Cimmaron. Small cars can be done right, the point is why elminate brands and add more models within those brands, and start rebadging models again across the board. I thought Lutz was against that, and that point was hammered throughout GM. But, once again let's just make excuses and justify why an insignificant car like this needs to exist.
  4. Wow! That is all I can say...wow. Does anyone remember the Chevrolet Cavalier and the Cadillac Cimmaron? We are right back to those days again???!!!Has GM not learned anything, I mean anything since bankruptcy???!!! Clearly not, talk about shooting yourself in the foot until the gun is empty, and then reloading it and shooting yourself in the other foot. Sad, oh so sad, nothing has been learned. Rebadging is still in full effect.
  5. Sorry to be the pessimist, but why couldn't they have got the additional 3hp for a nice sounding 400hp? I know they can get it and they probably will sometime down the road too.
  6. Still TOO MANY MANAGERS and TOO MANY POSISTIONS!!GM can possibly be the only company that can have 12 posistions that maybe 2 can do, and not only that but there is probably layers upon layers of people under those 12 managers. That is why they are still out of touch with reality and what needs to be done. Old GM same as the "new?" GM.
  7. Get rid of Johnny Knoxville (aka) Brian Nesbitt as a manager I agree. Personally I think they need to do more chopping at the top, most of the bleeding came from the bottom during bankruptcy. Put fresh blood in there, i.e. a younger aged person, it doesn't matter who it is. The stuffy, brittle, old GM regime with walkers still reigns supreme and this problem needs to be flushed down the Detroit river out of the Ren - Cen.
  8. How about long-term quality? Where does that fall in the overall scheme of things? Just recently (consumer joke) stated that the CTS is a remarkable car in every aspect against the foreign automakers, but the quality is suspect over time. That's where GM's biggest hit is. You may have a fantastic car when it's new, but after year or so down the road the car doesn't seem like such a jewel anymore, which squeaks, rattles, and other problems. Trust me I know, I have an 08 Aura with 18,000+ miles on it and it's been to the dealer more times than I'd like to think about
  9. This continues to outrage me and other people at GM. The guy is making $3000/hour and only works 20hrs a month???!!! WTF, I'm scraping by tooth and nail and they bring this joker back! It goes to show that Whitacre and everyone else at the top still has the same greedy mentality, which is pay ourselves first and then, only then, maybe pay everyone else. If the windows open down at club med(ren-cen)they should shove these people out the window in revolt
  10. I can't wait for this car to come out especially with the h.p. and torque it is going to have, which will be dead on to a GM car that is already out. The only thing they need to do is put this car on a serious diet and they have a winner!
  11. What an absolute joke! GM has not changed or has anything else internally, they are just playing one big shellgame by moving around people. Same old old brittle farts at the top. They need to change the sign out front of GM to - Barnum and Bailey Circus.
  12. Wow 3 years is long ways away! What are they going to do in the meantime to keep these relevant? They can't keep justifying the high prices these vehicles command for another 3 years.
  13. I agree, it needs some refreshing already. It doesn't have to be much, but something to make people take notice again. It really has not had anything done to it since it has come out. The next-gen Malibu is still a ways off right?
  14. I didn't read through all the posts here so if someone already said this I apologize. Isn't the current Impala going away, so why couldn't this become the next-gen Impala? The groundwork is done, so all it needs is some minor tweaking to make it a Chevrolet. The people have spoken time and time again, keep this car around it's damn good, so why did they kill it?! If the new GM is all about listening to their customers just do it already!! If they don't the new GM is just a facade and nothing has changed.
  15. When is the 2011 GMC going to be shown? I would love to get one of these trucks, but I don't have $50,000+ burning a hole in my pocket.

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