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  1. MysteriousSol

    GM Launches A Fact And Fiction Website

    This is such a joke and a waste of time.
  2. MysteriousSol

    Crap........(Well, not anymore)

    Have you moved out of Saginaw yet? Audis have always been nice. The front end especially has remained true to form of the years. Nice purchase.
  3. MysteriousSol

    Chevy Cobalt production boosted by overtime in Lordstown, Ohio

    It's not just the Cobalt. The G5 has done MUCH better than GM anticipated. MUCH better.
  4. MysteriousSol

    Tattoo or Nipple Ring

  5. MysteriousSol

    Detroit's Nightmare is finally over

    And that's exactly what I have heard from several Detroiters today. He's already being compared to Marion Barry and he hasn't done 1 day in jail. Wait....scratch that he did. My cousin actually booked him when he did a night in jail a few weeks ago. The point I'm trying to make is........Kwames not done, not by a long shot.
  6. MysteriousSol

    Traverse Special Request

    Can somebody photo shop a grille on the Traverse that is more "sharp" and the front bar angled down instead of straight across? I'm looking for a grille that is shaped like the Acura MDX pictured below. I'd like to use the chop on the chevy traverse forum as a means to get my idea across, but I'm terrible with photoshop. Thanks to anybody that helps, and if I haven't been clear please let me know so I can try to explain it a little better.
  7. MysteriousSol

    Tattoo or Nipple Ring

    I have both. Of course the location of the tattoo will have a lot to do with what kind of pain you will feel. The tricep or inside of the arm is the absolute worst to get a tattoo, that's pain. Now the nipple ring, when I got it, it was random and spontaneous. I got my left nipple ring done, the pain really wasn't that bad. I didn't yell, cry, yelp or pass out. I sat there and watched the guy do it in fact. I did make a mistake and I had my girlfriend at the time change the ring after only having it for two days. The next morning skin started to form over the ring and when I tried to move it to clean it in the shower with bactine I nearly passed out the pain was so bad. So, if you go for the nipple ring, MAKE SURE to leave it in the amount of time the guy piercing you says to! As for sensation......your nipple will touch your shirt and you'll immediately know it...in a good way! The sensation it adds is something that has to be experienced and can't be explained.
  8. MysteriousSol

    Blown first impression

    It's a test fleet car, those things aren't broken in like a car would be if it was your personal vehicle. Reviewers like to beat the snot out of a car the minute it rolls off the assembly line. By far am I saying that's an excuse, but it could play a major part in parts failing. Those things get wrecked and beat up on in no time.
  9. MysteriousSol

    Do they...

    Oh could I share some stories!!!
  10. MysteriousSol


    Pontiac is Holden all the way through. You'll see when Holden shows their E-Flex model.........guess what? It's a performance model and it's what Pontiac will become. Don't fret about Pontiac....it has a future in the electrification of the automobile and it's the "performance brand" of electric cars. Monster torque!
  11. MysteriousSol


    What about the train of thought that says a large GM luxury vehicle must have a V8? Yes, there are people/buyers out there that demand a V8 in their Cadillac. Is GM going to abandon these buyers?
  12. MysteriousSol


    Next Gen Solstice.....E-Rev. I'll be in heaven.
  13. MysteriousSol


    The Livonia engine plant is set to cease production at the end of 2010. This hasn't changed, so if the DTS and STS are going to soldier on then somebody might want to clue Livonia in on that. One thing I'd like to see happen to Livonia is for the plant to be used as a second assembly site for GM's new 4 cylinder engine set to be produced in Flint. I have a funny feeling that GM won't be able to make enough of the new 4 cylinder motor at Flint and Livonia seems like the perfect place for additional capacity for the engine.
  14. MysteriousSol

    wierd 'suspended' error page

    It's not from the host, it's when the web-site is being backed up. When I do back-ups of the gm source my site goes down and the same error is displayed. The back up overloads the server. Trust me, it's normal.
  15. MysteriousSol

    Spy Shot: Chevy Volt caught from the beltline up

    I hope you're not being sarcastic because you hit the nail right on the head.

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