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  1. Wow I didn't realize this was such a big find. I'm a cook for Cheeseburger In Paradise and I was leaving the employee of the month dinner when I spotted it, there where more than a few guys at our bar that looked like GM white collar workers maybe it was one of theirs. I didnt want to be standing in our parking lot taking pictures at the start of the dinner rush but I can tell you that the car did have a 6-speed. And thanks for welcoming me i'v been a member for a while but I just use the site for news and dont post alot, maybe I should change that...
  2. So when I was leaving work today I saw a sliver G8 in our parking lot and thought no big deal but as I was driving by it I noticed the large chrome rims. So I stopped my car to get a better look because I had a hunch and I was right, i'll let the pics speak for themselves (pardon the cell phone quality).
  3. Well I was in desperate need of a new car or truck so after much test driving and nearly passing out from insurance quotes I decided on a 2007 black Aura XE. The car was a steal at $260/month with nothing down, then just when things where going good I was in an accident. I was on my way to work when the woman in front of me slams on her brakes for an ambulance sitting in crosswalk of the intersection with his lights and sirens on. I was looking for the ambulance and didn't see her stopped by the time I saw her it was to late. I was only going about 10 when I hit her but I did $6,000 in damage to my car, luckily I didn't get a ticket because we where stopping for an emergency vehicle. But when I picked up the car from the body shop I noticed alot of swirl marks in the hood and bumper, I took it to the dealer and they got some of the marks out but when I got it home I noticed it looked about the same so I took matters into my own hands, surprisingly it looks %100 better. Enjoy the pics.
  4. Check it out: http://jalopnik.com/cars/news/respect-the-...tory-245386.php Its amazing that he lived seeing as the Viper was a convertible. If there was ever a car accident that I feared most it would be fliping an open top car.
  5. I'm going to e-mail him right now. We should make sure to tell him we are from cheers and gears. And you forgot the HHR.
  6. Am I the only the only person who uses Opera, I have Firefox too but Opera is much faster. So what does everyone use for thier OS? I use Ubuntu Beryl with XP in parallel.
  7. Check it out: http://youmakemetouchyourhandsforstupidreasons.ytmnd.com/ I was laughting so hard I couldn't breath so click at your own risk.
  8. While we were fighting all the big wars the Swiss are busy hording all the good chocolate, watchs and pocket knives my guess is they have a complex MacGyver plan in the works.Funny thing about the Swiss they require all men over 18 to join the army for 2 years and all men over 20 to keep an AUTOMATIC WEAPON in there homes in case a war breaks out. I read this yesterday on www.digg.com you can find the wierdist storys there.
  9. I read this a while back: http://www.howtobuyamerican.com/bamw/bamw-061129-auto.shtml I showed this to my family at christmas because my aunt had recently bought an Accord and seams to think our whole family should buy Honda's. Despite the fact that my grandfather was employed by GM his whole life which helped him put 6 kids through college. She even went so far as to bring me a brochure on the Ridgeline because im in the market for a new truck, she was a little disapointed to hear from the entire family that the Ridgeline isn't even a truck. I was convinced that I would never buy a Ridgeline when I had to pull the Honda family down the street's Ridgeline out of the snow twice last year and a third time 2 weeks ago.
  10. It's nice that its a twin turbo but thier not doing what they should with it. Its got the extra turbo but it's less powerful that the Cummins and Duramax, I know it's a computer thing but damn Ford. I love the HD Chevys but your my guilty pleasure this is your chance to get bragging rights and you wussed out. But I still LOVE the new Super Duty and if you want to give me one to rack up test miles i'm down with that.
  11. One of my dads friends had a H1, his plate was I8ASUV (I ate a suv) he sold it and got a new Yukon Denali.
  12. Thank you for the welcoming, i'v been cruising the different forums getting a feel for everyone here before I posted. I hope to get some pics of my truck for my avatar but it snowed alot here and it looks like crap. 76ChevyTrucker do you think you could make me a sig like yours with my truck.

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