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  1. IDJosh

    Okay, I'm going to need some help on this one...

    Have you tried gmpartsdirect? I looked up one for a 2005 and it's listed for $32.21, plus shipping.
  2. IDJosh

    2008 Product Information Guide

    Powertrain Click on the WN by 3.5 V6 for Malibu Both the Classic and the new 'Bu will have the 3.5, or so it appears.
  3. 2008 Product Information Guide Some random info i found: HHR SS available with 4T45E , 2008 Malibu available with the 3.5 V6 HHR SS is not listed, but this was under the transmission information, same with Malibu 3.5, it was under the engine info.
  4. IDJosh

    Malibu leaking water pumps

    I have a '00 cavalier with the LD9, and have had it since it was new. It now has 127K and counting. Two years ago I was told my water pump was leaking, but it has not failed yet. I did change the coolant at 100K. I used to frequent www.j-body.org and it seemed like this was a common topic. A lot of the members there said this was an issue and happens to most of these engines. Hopefully you have a good pump in now, as the $800 repair is way too much to do more than once or twice. Good luck. btw, the engine code is LD9 and not LH9.
  5. IDJosh

    Edmunds Follow-Up Test: 2007 Pontiac G6 CTP Coupe

    The 3.9/6M was available in the GT sport package up until December, when it was discontinued.
  6. IDJosh

    Spot the problem!!

    The picture shows this to be a GTP, yet the 2007 convertible is not available with the GTP package, rather a GT sport package, which includes the 3.9 from the 2006 GTP. They don't seem to catch these errors with the G6. IIRC, this is the second one you have caught.
  7. IDJosh

    3900 3.9L V6

    The 2.8 and 3.9 are unrelated. Here is an old press release with some information. 3.9 V6
  8. IDJosh

    Spot the error!

    The manual transmission does not come with the remote start as an option, as it is clearly shown on the fob.

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