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  1. Simply put, I don't see the move happening....you'll more likely see Geely or another Chinese company roll in...there is a fat opening for cheaper cars....
  2. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Last time I left the pool hall I left them with them with the best of the Spice Girls....
  3. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Yep, see that a bit at my Job....... And sometimes Facebook is the only way to get a hold of them when it comes to some friends. Though it could be the tend to work different hours as well...
  4. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Meaning: Less jobs. Folks better grab one while the boomers are retiring.....
  5. You should have seen the "survey" the the government sent us...holy smokes was it bad! And ours said failure to failure the fill it out in a timely manner meant actual real jail time (like 3 months or something like that) Random survey my rear......
  6. daves87rs

    Tesla Plans A Second Assembly Plant In Shanghai

    Yep, pretty much like bringing the Gucci name to China.... Here they are just a bit player in a real game- Checkmate!
  7. daves87rs

    Ford News: Rumorpile: Fusion Name To Live On As An Outback Rival

    Well, they sell it in other parts of the world, why not here..... Problem is that it will help ( I like this wagon), but it's not really a solution-not really even a band aid... And if they price it higher than the sedan-it's going to fail hard. This would be a better idea to still have the Fusion sedan around in lower numbers and sell this along side of it...
  8. Kinda thinking along the same line when I heard about it...might be the best melting of two companies that I can see right now. Dodge and Chrysler would give the Korean twins and style and substance-maybe even a set of balls. Could give a great mix of old school and even a nod the the tuner crowd. (older now) Grow a car company for the car guys... One of the few mixes were both could pretty much keep the current product line- maybe share some future products.... If properly done, could make a very dangerous pair......
  9. Hey, if it shakes things up a bit.....
  10. daves87rs

    Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: June 2018

    Depends on whether the economy is sliding or not.....if it is-oh yes they will... If by chance it does not, then I could see it go for a little while....
  11. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Could have used that today....
  12. Knowing how they run....they would end up having a "fire" sale.....
  13. You mean no fart cannon or giant wing???
  14. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Loving this!

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