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  1. I do like the grill...you could almost cook on it.... It's okay, just never got into the strange shape body of the car.....
  2. Car would be great for a horror movie is all I can say....
  3. Surprised.....it's a looker!!!
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    At this rate....maybe!!! Now that is a bike!
  5. Random Thoughts Thread

    And more snow....wonder when I can wash the cars again....
  6. Random Thoughts Thread

    Need some wine myself...
  7. What Are You Listening To?

    Feeling old....looks like the early 90s are going retro now....
  8. Detroit 2018: 2019 Ford Ranger: Comments

    If it still has the get up and go it needs and can do light towing, I am more than fine with that....
  9. Detroit 2018: 2019 Ford Ranger: Comments

    I love that color....and I was hoping they would follow the trims of the f-150 somewhat. It's pretty much all I need in a truck....
  10. Funny, I'm wondering if that blue will come in the WT package for the extended cab (or whatever it's called) as well, Think it actually looks pretty cool. Throw on some meatier tires (maybe rims) and a few add ons, and you have a pretty mean looking truck......
  11. Detroit 2018: 2019 Ford Ranger: Comments

    Yep- and it won't need that much updating either... Curious to see the prices on this....as they have to be careful a bit there. As the new trucks to getting nice rebates, it's not helping the smaller trucks at all! If might not hurt to have a small bit of cash on the hood/good leases when it rolls out. With a loving push-think the Ranger should do quite well....
  12. New Shaggin Wagon? Like this idea too...... Not sure why they would do another Focus ST now (compact sales sliding now), but I agree with Drew-might be just that. And with the chaos at Ford now.....the Ranger just might end up shown on the front lawn....

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