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  1. Buddy had an 85.....thing nearly made it to 220k before it was rear ended.....
  2. Well, at least there is a proud set of folks out there to still keep them going. And with some pretty sad choices out there, the charger looks better every day... . Not that I hate future cars to anything, but it’s nice to have something with old fashioned balls....
  3. Honestly from what I’ve heard-there is no future. The plans for now are to basically keep updating them until the eventual sales slide coming for these (and in general) cars. It’s why you see the freedom given to “hot rod” them up instead o putting that money toward some EV or downsizing (both would happen if they move on) Best I can say is enjoy them while they are here-any future in FCA cars is only AR alone......
  4. Wow that was a big accident...... I actually miss those...
  5. At the rate they are going Hyundai might just hand Benz their a-s-s....... They aren’t playing anymore...and the product shows. Benz has them beat in resale- then then Hyundai will make a nice used car value.....
  6. Let's hope for a nice turbo and NA engine.....

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