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  1. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    I think Rock Auto likes me now.....ordered a ton of parts updating my rides(they need some love) Freed the garage queen...... Hoping for something new in the driveway by the end of the summer.....
  2. This wouldn't surprise me.....the fans have been bugging them again......
  3. daves87rs

    Toyota News: 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback To Begin $20,910*

    And don't forget the wing on back.....
  4. daves87rs

    Quick Drive: 2018 Chrysler 300S AWD

    I pretty much agree with everything you said here... Feel the same way about the Charger too.....
  5. daves87rs

    Quick Drive: 2018 Chrysler 300S AWD

    True, pretty much all the parts that they used (or kinda shared) were gone after the first few years.....as they updated them pretty quick. Yes, I know that they were not FCA back then......I just hate using the "D" word.....
  6. daves87rs

    Quick Drive: 2018 Chrysler 300S AWD

    Though I like how the driver rips stuff right off allpar ( common theme I've seen in uses like this)-but bottom line-he is pretty much right. Many of the things things used in the FCA products were pretty much "modded" and borrowed" tech from Benz. There was no way Benz was going to give up the good stuff to what they thought was the "weaker" company. Many forget how Benz was more in it for the money rather than FCA's product line.....still the worse marriage I've seen-worse than Fiat and GM.....I've haven't forgot the stories of my friends who worked there. Back to the subject at hand- it's hard to put lipstick on an old dated pig, but regardless-I still like them-and would pick one up in a heartbeat....
  7. daves87rs

    Industry News: U.S. Announces A New Probe Into Car Imports

    No matter which way we look at it, it is simply a bad idea....
  8. Looks the same to me...not sure if that is good or bad....
  9. Yep, seems like everything is changing.....money, models, everything!
  10. daves87rs

    Subaru News: Subaru Still Sees Traditional Cars As Important

    Common sense speaking....trends come and go-but never bet everything on the short sale... Sedans will still be around in 10 years....you can bet on it...... Everyone will be making money on Ford and FCA.....
  11. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Now that is cool! Would like a drone for reasons like that!
  12. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Well, then I could play "Welcome to the Jungle"....
  13. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    It seems to rain every time I mow now.....
  14. Makes me wonder how this is going to play out. FCA can't affors to lose too much more money....

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