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  1. Going to be quite the struggle, sadly....
  2. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    After searching and deciding On a CUV, Ford comes by and offers a nice deal for a Fusion...almost hard to say no to. #decisions
  3. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    True, might be something to add when they ramp up....
  4. daves87rs

    BMW News: No More Diesels For U.S. BMW Vehicles

    Might be a bit early to try and kill it off....
  5. daves87rs

    Lexus News: Lexus Announces Complete Lease Subscription Program

    Not here in mi.....
  6. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Getting time to put away the cars for the season......
  7. daves87rs

    Acura News: 2019 Acura ILX Comes With A New Facelift

    Grill actually gives it a nice look-rest iskinds meh though.....
  8. daves87rs

    BMW News: BMW X2 Gains M Performance Variant

    Kinda like a little pocket rocket here....
  9. daves87rs

    Genesis News: Genesis Plans On Making Essentia Concept A Reality

    Not sure just how well it would do though....
  10. One in blue, please..Still quite cool!
  11. daves87rs

    VW News: Volkswagen Cuts Down Passat Lineup for 2019

    Surprised if they even keep selling it in the US...
  12. daves87rs

    Ford News: Ford Ends National Advertising For Most of Their Cars

    Might be a good time to grab a Fusion... Everyone knows my thoughts on this-but those who buy these upcoming deals will love the product, and just buy another brand elseware....
  13. daves87rs

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Very nice...

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