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  1. well definitively yours (usa version) honda accord is much better than the european one, the european one is more retro, i don't like it... this one is very nice
  2. well that is because SMART is mercedes, everything in a smart is mercedes! in the back you can see "engeneered by mercedes-benz" those cars are very good cars and very fast, that BRABUS fortwo has turbo and has 100 hp! ! in such a small car are many hp... and exists other smaller engines with 0.6L turbo charged with 86hp
  3. i've been asking this in portuguese forums but anyone couldnt explain me, how parking light work, and what are their function.. do they turn on automaticaly? or do you need it to turn it on yourself? because I red somewhere that parking lights were to show to the other drivers that the car with the orange lights on was looking for a place to park...
  4. ahah cool ad! cadillac rocks! its preaty bad that caddilac, corvette (yes, here the corvette isnt a chevy, its seld like a corvette, not a chevy corvette), and hummer arent sold in lisbon, only in porto.. preaty badd =/
  5. thnks everyone, obrigado pelos sites!!
  6. hey everyone! can you show me a cool web site, like a car magazine in a web site? like with cars tests, pictures, etc.. like this spanish one: http://www.km77.com (has realy good pictures just go to a bar that says "imagenes" then choose your car brand and model) thanks!! **
  7. lool but all of you got those speeds in HUGGGEE cars, with very powerfull engines, i was in a small matches box (peugeot 106 rally edition) with an engine with 1.3L!! 120hp!!, the most powerful car that i've been on was a VW touareg 2.5 TDI 175 hp, and a Range Rover 2.5 HSE 165hp, ah and a mercedes E220 CDi and mercedes CLS 320 CDi those were the most powerfull cars that i've been on (dont forget that this isnt america ' powerfull cars are uncommun) lol
  8. whats the max. speed you ever reached? in what car? boooooredd xD i've been 143 miles/h in a peugeot 106 raly edition 1.3L 120hp of 1995, its a powerless car, but very light weight car and 136 miles/h in a VW touran 2.0L TDI 140hp of 2005
  9. Deds

    6.0 v.s. 5.3

    jesus christ.. you arent sure about the engine 5.3 or 6.0, here we think in 1.4 vs 1.6 LOL
  10. something that many european people like in the american cars, is the orange lights (presence lights) and the parking lights, or side bumper lights. here only volvo and chrysler have side bumper lights, the other cars brands doenst have thoes lights, so many people try to transform their cars to "american type" car.. like i xD i chaange my presence lights to orange but the result wasnt that goos, cus i cant find orange lamps to replace the regular yellow ones..
  11. well if you're looking dor wallpapers search here, but you need to understand spanish loool but they have good pictures http://www.km77.com/ if you think that french cars are ugly, what about this korean? http://www.km77.com/marcas/ssangyong/2005/...gama/gra/05.asp '' beautiful http://www.km77.com/marcas/ssangyong/2007/...gama/gra/07.asp this IS UGLY ...
  12. muahahahahha its funny how americans think about french cars... french cars ar good and have amasing designs, if you were talking about those litle japanese cars.. i would agree with you, but this french cars allways win the best design cars awards of europe, renault clio won the 2006, citroen c4 picasso won the 2007, the citroen c3 pluriel won the 2003 award.. the american cars here dont win any prise award...
  13. well here diesel cars are more expensive then gas cars, that 2.2 i-CTDi is very powerfull but to noisy, like electronic engine to many parasite noises its a strange engine lool that engine also equip civic, crv and accord sw
  14. well thats design.... this 308 or a vw rabbit?? well i think its obvious.. http://www.km77.com/00/peugeot/308/gra/001.asp http://www.km77.com/00/peugeot/308/gra/002.asp
  15. well its a good job at photo shop lool but that isnt the original bmw serie 1 coupe...

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