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  1. siegen

    Honda Accord Concept: Comments

    Aside from the ridiculous concept-only chrome fog lights and exhaust finishers (seriously, why do they do that stuff on concepts?), I think this looks considerably better than the outgoing model. It is an evolution for sure, but a very positive one. The current Accord coupe looks good, but has some odd bulges and looks a bit soft (compared to this). I think they did a perfect job improving the coupe without messing anything up. Now if only it kept that ride height in production form...
  2. Looks like the angle either makes it or breaks it. In that one shot it looks like an Aztek; very ungainly. The concept looked pretty good. This CR-V will probably look better than the current gen in person. I remember the release of the last gen CR-V; it was destroyed on here, yet sales increased 50% and remained steady for the entire life cycle.
  3. siegen

    Happy Birfday, siegen

    Thanks guys. Haven't been on the forum in a week or so. Not as much time to kill at work at the moment. :-]
  4. siegen

    Hyundai Sonata drifting problems

    It's hard to tell from the videos; when the driver let's go of the wheel, is it turning to the left, or does the car actually drift to the left despite the steering wheel staying straight? Are drivers having to constantly correct the drift by turning to the right? The recall says it only affects vehicles with 18' wheels. Maybe it's just a defect in the tires they used.
  5. siegen

    Most biased vette review ever?

    Why did they need camera men in the cars? They had dash-mounted cameras.
  6. siegen

    This 20-Year-Old Woman Drunkenly Rammed A Cop Car Head-On

    The title is misleading. This is obviously not a woman, just a drunk, underage, immature girl. Darwin was denied his due yet again. At least nobody else was hurt or killed. At the start of the video I was expecting a full-speed collision, which would have been horrific.
  7. siegen

    Pushrod vs DOHC

    Would you need valve springs? Why not a pair of electromagnets to control movement each way? I understand that size may be large, but that's how all new technologies start.
  8. siegen

    Pushrod vs DOHC

    Or it could be the software needed to control it. http://www.launchpnt.com/portfolio/transportation/magnetically-actuated-engine-valve/Here is a company working on magnetic valve actuators.
  9. siegen

    Pushrod vs DOHC

    The electricity requirements might be an issue. Not sure how much it would take to operate, with the degree of precision required, the valve actuators. The actuators themselves may be rather spendy. It would also require more initial electricity to start the car, though the reduced friction from no camshafts or corresponding belts/chains may make up for it. It may even result in less electricity being required to start the car. Obviously I have no idea what the trade-offs are. Maybe a higher-output alternator will be required.
  10. siegen

    Pushrod vs DOHC

    It would be nice to have individual electronic valve actuators. Think of the weight savings and reduced losses!
  11. siegen

    Anyone here a Project Manager? (PMP or CAPM)

    Lol! I deal with this sort of stuff at work all day. I am the unofficial IT guy and it sometimes drives me nuts. Half of the employees here have computer literacy at or near the level of not understanding the difference between a monitor and a computer. In addition to helping all employees with every computer-related problem, sometimes problems with their computers at home, I also wired the new building for network, phone, and smoke detectors/alarms. No I am not really qualified for any of that, but because I'm the "IT guy"! New computer sourcing and installation too. Great work experience, but it gets irritating because I don't have the time and everyone takes it for granted. I don't keep a phone at my desk because I don't want to end up being on the phone all the time. My actual job is online sales and web development. I am seeking a job change soon as well. Going to apply at Google. They're only 20-25 minutes south of me. Would be nice working with computer literate people for a change.
  12. siegen

    World Economic Model. Unit: Cows

    har har!
  13. siegen

    Pushrod vs DOHC

    Apologies if that was how it sounded. I didn't intend to indicate that the J-series had continuously variable phasing, just traditional vtec.
  14. siegen

    What color is your car?

    White. lol I still know the name of my Integra's color, Flamenco Black Pearl, but have never bothered with the name of my Audi's color.
  15. siegen

    All Wheel Drive

    All cars have their problems. How old is the CR-V? Has it been treated roughly? First owner? You could probably fix the A/C yourself for a couple hundred bucks. Honda engines are usually easy to work on, though not sure on the K-series (or B-series, if it's an older one). I've had the displeasure of having to do basic maintenance on a Ford and a Chrysler 4-cylinder before. It's like no thought went into those designs at all. But they're older gens, maybe the new ones are better. I wish my car had a Honda drivetrain. But then I wish my car was a '12 SH-AWD TL 6MT.

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