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  1. It's a really foggy area and one needs to look at the parts content to truly make an educated assessment. The Envision is pretty much a 100% chinese manufactured vehicle by a company that is 51% owned by a Chinese company and 49% owned by GM. So only 49% of the manufacturing profits goes to GM, and thus back to the US.... retail profits are split between GMNA and the dealer. The RDX and other "imports" that are built here get more complicated. Some of them are just assembled here from parts from all over the world. (I don't know of the parts content of the RDX, I'm just using it as an
  2. I have become quite enamored with this. I may get a small used hybrid to keep the miles off the Avalanche for now and then in a few years spring for one of these to be my daily. I love this color and the green interior.
  3. Honda CEO Stepping Down, R&D Head Stepping Up - The Truth About Cars Bronco Sport, not Bronco.
  4. Some sort of air or hydraulic quick disconnect fitting
  5. If you’re a Nissan fan, get the new Mitsubishi Outlander. aside from Z car drivers, are there still any fans of modern Nissans?
  6. Oh I agree there. Cadillac naming is a complete shit show and has been for years.
  7. as if there’s any comparison by the rogue sport to the road presence of any full size Oldsmobile. Hell, even the soap bar shaped 91 Custom Cruiser in white would command more respect on the road. but have fun with your Sentra hatchback 4WD
  8. This is the mid-range engine in the CT4 and it’s being compared to AMGs and Ms.
  9. I'll give it credit.... now that they'll be selling in these handy 8-packs, it will probably do pretty well. Rogue
  10. Nissan makes the Soul? I specifically said the 2.4 when I mentioned Kia/Hyundai because that is the Global Engine Alliance engine that Hyundai/Kia/Mitsubishi/Chrysler all share the same engine architecture for. The 2.0 in your mother's Soul is a completely different engine family, thus not at all what I was talking about.
  11. Their 2.0 and 2.4 just aren't great on NVH. Right there with the KIA/Hyundai/Chrysler 2.4. The 1.6T in the previous generation Sentra wasn't too bad, but not anything special. And yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion... I don't find most small CUVs attractive these days.
  12. Depends on your goals. If you're trying to win at the drag strip, you're probably right. Taking it out on the Nürburgring the torque curve and the 10-speed in manumatic mode would probably do really well. In day to day driving, the 2.7 will feel significantly more powerful than the direct competition listed since the way they designed it gives it very little lag. It's probably one of the few turbo-4s I'd find acceptable because of the anti-lag design. It probably feels a good bit more powerful than the 3.6 V6 since the torque kicks in so low compared to the higher RPM in the V6.
  13. I'm pretty sure the CTS, ATS, and CT6 (a mild version), all had it in their respective V versions.
  14. I'm pretty powertrain agnostic, but the Nissan 4-cylinder is pretty far down on the heap of 4-cylinders in terms of being a good engine. There are plenty of powertrains, gas, hybrid, diesel, EV, that will be superior to it in every way. But being powertrain agnostic, I can still comment on its appearance.... which is bleh. Just like I think Teslas look bleh.
  15. So I've yet to drive the 2.7T in the CT4, but that doesn't sound like an engine issue, but rather a mounting issue. I know a number of the guys at Motor1 and to say they're excitable over minor things is an understatement, though I don't know Brandon specifically. I am near certain that the 2.7 gets active motor mounts. I don't know if there is a "boot up" process for them or what, but that could explain some of the scenario he describes. That said, these days there is really no such thing as a "truck engine" unless you're talking a big diesel. There are car engines that aren't ap

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