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  1. Prius Prime is a plug-in hybrid... not a BEV.
  2. 10+ years when you want to start looking at retiring but you know you never will because you're like me in that if you didn't work you'd be bored, but you realize you can step back from 2500 series trucks and get a 1500 series with a 400+ mile EV range to do the work and just have the heavier stuff delivered by the supplier.
  3. I was specifically only addressing your situation. I'm aware that people in apartments or without off street parking are different. As to your charger, you'd probably hardwire an outdoor safe model and hang it on the outside of the garage like a garden hose. The shortest hardwire units are generally 25" long. The eGolf people (and Leaf and Focus EV) are special use cases that only work if they have charger access at their house. The ranges for those models are simply too short to be useful except as a 3rd car in the household and it being dedicated to a specific route and chargin
  4. East Coast Costcos, Sams, and BJs, generally don't carry diesel. I've driven the entire east cost from Boston to Key West and West to Detroit, MI.. not saying my survey was exhaustive, but I make it a habit to fill up at Costco as much as possible because they have the lowest prices for the top tier gas. I've never seen a Costco with diesel.
  5. @balthazar Why are you looking at chargers around your house? Those are the chargers you would never use. Unless you're eligible for Tesla Supercharging for free or some other free service, charging at public paid charging stations never makes financial sense. What you want to look for is chargers between you and long-distance destinations that you visit. Can you make it to your son's college and back on a single charge? If not, look up chargers either in-between or at his school. Those are the chargers you would use. You're not driving 300 miles a day every day unless you're doing wo
  6. I could totally see myself driving a Rivian truck to supplement my Avalanche in 5ish years. I won't get rid of the Avalanche, but I would like to slow down the number of miles I'm putting on it. (5,000 so far and have only owned it since August!)
  7. Dealership. However, Carvana allowed me to test drive the Avalanche and do my own inspection on it before I agreed to buy it. I could back out at any point up to 7 days after signing the papers and taking it home as long as I didn't put more than 1,000 miles on it. I also could have refused delivery at the time of pickup with no penalty to me. There is no way all dealerships will move online only, but many will. The profit margin increase for them is too high to not pursue it. For people who don't care about cars and just want to point and click on an Altima for $199 a month, onli
  8. 620 new cases today in Allegheny County. We've been over 500 every day since Sunday with the exception of monday when not a lot of tests were processed. Today is the worst day on record. 110 deaths statewide in PA today. We're down to 82 ICU beds left for an area of 1.2 million and occupancy is going up on average of 10 per day, so our ICUs will be at or over capacity before Dec 1. UPMC and AHN, our two largest hospital networks, have ordered freezer trucks for the bodies.
  9. Same way I bought my Avalanche online. I went and test drove a local one to make sure my memory of what I had matched what I wanted.... basically, I made sure I still wanted one and then went and hunted one down. The one I test drove had been abused even though the mileage was low, that's why I didn't buy that one. Bought mine online from Carvana and they shipped it to me from Indianapolis in 4 days. I'd like a paintjob safe offroading trail to take the Avalanche on.
  10. This one plus the Park Avenue was a time when Buick was trying to be an American Jaguar at its top end. Look at a final Park Avenue and an XJ of the same year and tell me you don't see similar lines.
  11. Haha! I think you got the name wrong... but Game
  12. Not sure what browser you are using, but if you're on Firefox, you can either right click the link and open in an Incognito tab or change your security settings to Strict for those concerns (the second option might break certain websites like C&G where you log in). Edge and Chrome you can set InPrivate mode to be strict browsing as well.

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