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  1. Repost from elsewhere:
    "We need to consider the following scenario.

    Election night, and it’s clear that Trump has been utterly trounced by Clinton. Yet, with Trump being a mentally ill, unhinged megalomaniac, who’s also convinced he’s a great historical figure, and able to whip up all kinds of hateful mischief – all media eyes are on not victorious Clinton, but rather on Trump (following the media’s entire history of Trump-addiction).

    And since we know that Trump’s own addiction is to attention, and to creating chaos as long as it keeps the focus on him, what can we expect him to do? Concede defeat graciously, like a gentleman? Or do whatever he can to keep the crazy train going? Alas, my money’s on the latter.

    In short, we need to consider that the damage already done to our country by this nutcase is only the beginning of what he’s prepared to do in tearing this country apart, post-election loss. I hope both Obama and Clinton realize this and are ready for absolutely anything."

    The problem is that Trump supporters are running around saying that if Clinton wins, the election was rigged, but it Trump wins then it wasn't rigged.

    And Trump is already saying that he might refuse to concede the election if he loses.

    1. A Horse With No Name

      A Horse With No Name

      Not unreasonable considering talk this morning at work among the Trump people was on how democrats were cheating them out of the election. Trump is quite frankly insane.

    2. A Horse With No Name

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