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  1. Another one of Lutz's great ideas... a Saturn re badged as a Buick! YAY!
  2. heres more: http://blogs.edmunds.com/straightline/2009...i-revealed.html
  3. I really don't know what to think of it. It's a decent car, but will it sway me from the competition into buying this???
  4. I heard it's all Suzuki, the auto transmission and V6 is going to be GM-sourced.
  5. What an arrogant @$$hole. This is one of the biggest head turning cars on the road, next to the new 'Stang and Camaro. He doesn't know what he's talking about.
  6. I'm sorry, he had allot to do with it. He stuck his nose into the design department way too much. Pontiacs were all about crazy, racing-inspired designs like the Grand Prix GTP, and Grand Am GT. Pontiacs seemed to be the only domestic brand that even attracted import buyers to buy. What he did is turned them into rebadged Chevys. He turned GM cars into Chryslers of the 90's. He is too old, and too cocky, and needs to suck it up and leave. The only success I would give him credit for is the, ummm... G8. Which was not even designed by him (thank God!)
  7. Lutz, Shut up!!! You ruined Pontiac with your watered downed designs and the rest of the car lines with your Lutzification! This man had his chance to "save" the company, and look where it's going. This man thought that neice cars would save GM, yeah right. Nice try there old man. Just retire already!
  8. http://www.burlappcars.com/2009/04/mazda2-in-canada.html
  9. Don't diss this car! This is Lutz's "An American Revolution"!!!!!! WORLD CLASS!!!!!!! (Yeah right)
  10. http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/autoshow...eelygenews.html
  11. Awww they screwed it up. The concept was sicker! Gotta see it in person!
  12. Truthfully, the Genesis is good enough, Hyundai doesn't need this! However, this car is not all that new, it's actually on generation number three! It was a joint venture job with Mitsubishi to create an S-Klasse fighter for the domestic market. Mitsu got their own version, Hyundai got theirs. Now Hyundai is the lone player of this car, since Mitsubishi backed off.
  13. I hate this thing! Thankfully Bob Lutz is stepping aside, and Wagoner is gone!

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