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  1. I put this trailer hitch and tire trailer setup together this fall to give myself a little piece of mind when I take my car on trips to the track. I will feel much more comfortable making the trips to Road America and Heartland Park (I currently live near Chicago) next year knowing I have a full set of wheels and tires with me. Tire trailer did great on the highway, couldn't even feel it back there. See you at the track.
  2. Power Tour was amazing. Lots of great memories.
  3. Looks great, what polish are you using?
  4. I'll be going from Michigan to St. Louis.
  5. Spring has arrived, and road course season resumes again. These were at Putnam Park road course with a different photographer. Lots more open road around the track this time.
  6. Tell 'em you just filed for bankruptcy.
  7. Disappointed in Volt sales. Camaro continues to perform well, YTD ahead of mustang by 15k units.
  8. Agreed, interesting to watch this play out. The real winner is going to be the drivers of these cars. Competition at its best.
  9. Pictures from track day with 10/10ths Motorsports at Putnam Park Road Course:
  10. Hit another HPDE a few weekends ago, here are a few pics:
  11. Interesting article on bangshift about how Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger have killed off Nissan's 350z sales. http://bangshift.com/blog/Camaro-Continues-to-Dominate-Sales-Segment.html

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