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  1. That is interesting and must be a regional thing as I see transits but not in the numbers compared to the ugly new RAM van and GM's Vans especially their new Chevy mini van. That thing is everywhere around Seattle. Thankfully, I haven't seen very many Promasters around my way (NC). But I have seen a few more of those than the small GM vans.
  2. Rentals may be a factor, yeah, but remember that fleet numbers include municipal and commercial sales too. I don't know how many police cars GM is selling since they don't break those out, but I'd bet a dollar that, looking at van deliveries, Ford is eating GM's lunch in commercial sales. I see Transits absolutely everywhere.
  3. C&D said the same thing -- that the F150 was only up to 700 lbs lighter than its predecessor, not the Silverado. I don't recall Ford ever saying that the F150 would undercut the competition by 700 lbs. If consumers think that, it's on them for assuming and not doing their research.
  4. Sat in a '15 Mustang. Also have seen a slew of new Cadillac models recently. You name it, I've seen one. Well, except the ELR.
  5. Late last week, my mom replaced her E320 (after 20 years!) with a used '09 Acura TL. After talking to her about her new acquisition, I feel like I've seen every new model of Acura every day this week. RLX, TLX, ILX, you name it.
  6. Basically, just because a vehicle isn't used for the purpose it was built doesn't mean it's incapable of performing that task (re: Land Rover). RE: the Durango -- its Jeep bones allow it to still be more than competent off road, according to reviews.
  7. So a tall wagonlike vehicle more capable off-road -- the exact antithesis of the definition of a crossover -- than any Suburban you've driven... is a crossover? Heh. Wow.
  8. Now, on the other hand, if we want to hold that "unibody = CUV," I move that we call the last B-bodies and Panthers "trucks." For the sake of consistency.
  9. Grand Cherokee has always been unibody. Now, unless we're going to retroactively add to the generally accepted crossover meaning of "an SUV built on a car platform with less SUV capability...."
  10. Why buy a Durango over any other American midsize SUV/CUV? Hemi. Also has the most usable 3rd row between it, the Explorer (not even close), and the Lambdas (by a slim margin IMO). Funny how the Durango is called a CUV by a lot of people, even though it shares bones with the Grand Cherokee, which has never been a crossover...
  11. The Taurus can run over $40,000 also, I think the Maxima is at least more exciting than a Taurus, or Avalon for that matter. I think the Impala is the most exciting from a styling standpoint, it looks good in the front. CVT = instantly disqualified.
  12. I've been at 31 highway in a RWD Hemi and 36 in an 8-speed V6 RWD, 35 highway in a 5-speed RWD Charger, and 33 in a 5-speed RWD Challenger. The LX cars have always substantially outperformed their EPA rating. Gotta love anecdata...

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