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    MAZDA CX-9

    I sat in both the Acadia and the CX-9 at the Portland Int. Auto Show, and I must say: Kudos to GM and Mazda!!! Both Interiors felt well-crafted, and the same for the exterior. Personally, I'd take the CX-9, black exterior/interior, 19 inch rims... in a few years But I've been thinking about a GmInsideNews post that was up a while ago by someone who went to Ford's private get-together where FoMoCo showed off to employees it's future vehicles... and the poster describes the Ford as being egg shaped and progressive... could it be a re-badged CX-9? Who knows... it'll be the Edge/CX-7/MKX shari
  2. the front end ruins it, I like how the last FiveHundreds front end looked better. Other then that, I like most of the other upgrades.
  3. amazing... , call me crazy, but that would look good with the MKS's grill on it... and maybe even the MKS's lights.
  4. darn it, I was going to post this lol
  5. The back end looks terrible. Everything else looks okay. Mediocre at best.
  6. ... that thing is so gangster. I hate it.
  7. wow, I love those wheels... I wish they used more styling cues from the Aero X, especially with the front end...
  8. the only thing I don't like about this is it's headlights. Other then that, it's gorgeous!
  9. those wheels don't work... make em' bigger... or something... (alumenium would work well also.)
  10. The interior looks kind of jaguar-ish. I love it. The exterior looks puke-taculer.
  11. Really.. that's insane! What are the laws of buying a canadian vehicle and then registering it with your home state? Are there any loopholes I'd have to jump through to get one of these and bring it here?
  12. so their not selling them here yet? interesting.
  13. Over the last 5 months, Ive seen at least 6 to 7 different SMART cars running around. A few here in Beaverton, some on Interstate5, and quite a few in the Pearl District. I saw two at the EOS block party that VW threw in the Pearl District(Portland, OR.), a black one and a silver one. I saw one driving around an Albertsons parking lot in Tigard. Are they already selling the SMART cars here in the US?

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