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  1. The Chinese will probably also build the product as good or better than their German counterparts. I don't think many people (including hardcore unions) understand that today's China has a MUCH better workforce and factories than they did a decade ago. To be honest, I would rather have a vehicle built by a grateful Chinese person than a German worker that is an ungrateful a**h***.
  2. 1. 9-5 (current vehicle) 2. 9-1, 9-3, 9-5 (MUST BE NEXT GEN!!!) Well, I like these vehicles and would buy one again. I really never liked SUV's so those models would be out. I would even consider a Sonett if they made one again.
  3. Well, the CAW can say what ever they want but the factory WILL close down. GM will have to cover some contract costs, but that will be it. I think it's a joke that Hargrove stated that it is "unfair".Well, it was unfair for me when I could not get hot selling vehicles to sell because the CAW wanted ridiculous benefits. Life isn't fair and the UAW-CAW should not be treated any differently than any other person in the economy. This factory is made to build vehicles that DON'T SELL WELL IN THIS NEW ERA! Why oh why should GM have an obligation to the CAW especially for all the crap that the CAW pu
  4. Even if they wanted to sue, they wouldn't have enough cash for court fees.
  5. If the price was right, they could do well with buying the brand, patents, designs, and any special tooling they have. I'm sure there would be a way to eliminate any obligations to US factory workers if there were an initial bankruptcy. Especially if their going to move production out of the USA to restructure.
  6. .....and that highest bidder will be a Chinese firm. If that happens, I predict that the Chinese firm will move ALL production (cars, parts, etc.) to their home country and export back to the USA. This will bring Chrysler back into competition and the dealer base will be happy they kept their franchise.
  7. Apparently they are already producing MUCH better cars than they did during the Commie days. Still not anything near world class, but they are slowly improving.
  8. I like the black ties but they need to have variety to them, or at least make them look like they go with the vehicle. My SAAB 9-5 possibly has the worst black tie integration I have ever seen!
  9. I believe that GM will give a job guaranty to the workers for a few give-backs. Over the next 4 years, GM will start to slowly push their production capacity to factories outside the USA (China will be a HUGE player). Their engineering from now on will be based off of universal global platforms, where vehicles can be built at multiple factories. GM will still invest in the United States factories but invest MUCH more in the factories outside the USA. When the next contract comes along, the UAW can stand outside for months and GM will be able to shift production elsewhere. I think that GM will
  10. That's not fascism, that's capitalism. In capitalism, ANYONE has the chance to join the "rich fat cats". Work hard and you will achieve. If workers don't like the destruction of the middle class, they have every opportunity to rise above it. I don't think most people understand the vast amount of opportunities we have as American citizens unless they lived in a government like North Korea (now THAT'S fascism). Fascism won't even allow you to work your way up the social and corporate ladder.
  11. Yeah, I read a few weeks ago an interview with him (CNNcom, Newsweek, Time....I can't remember). He stated that if he were president, he would consider walking the line with striking workers. I actually was kind of mesmerized by this guy...........until he said that.
  12. I hate to see that happen, but that's their only choice in this type of environment. Like you stated, it won't happen right away, but it will happen over the next decade.
  13. The problem with that is that those workers will get unionized eventually if they become permanent, so GM will be back where they started.
  14. I would LOVE to see GM pull out a HUGE production announcement soon, even though it won't happen (at this moment), I still can dream.

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