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  1. If it can be profitable or near break even they absolutely should. It's a true Halo car and someone has to remind the Italian car makers that when the US guys feel like it we can beat them at their own game for a faction of the price. The drive train will most likely be an enhanced version of an existing architecture and any changes made for the GT will likely filter down to an extent to enhance the normal models. There's a lot of talk about a potential Lincoln coupe based on the mustang, probably with the 3.5 ecoboost.
  2. I've heard 3 possibilities for the drivetrain. Really jacked up next gen 3.5 ecoboost, variant of the 5.2 flat plane crank thats going in the new GT350 or some boosted V8 monster, either a return of the trinity v8 from the last gt500 or a blown coyote. I'm super exited for this car, the both the GT40 and the last GT are in my top 5 favorite cars of all time. The 2000s GT sells for above it original sticker, sometimes by a considerably amount, already.
  3. Also check this out regarding the 2.7T and it's claimed performance in the new F150. Ford claims it would out perform the Ram 3.0 diesel or GM 5.3 v8 towing a 7000lb trailer up a grade. It should be interesting to see if this proves true. lots of other good details here. http://www.fordinsidenews.com/forums/showthread.php?37242-All-New-Ford-F-150-2-7L-EcoBoost-V6-Engine-VIDEO
  4. It's a totally new block, check out this link http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2014/02/inside-fords-new-2015-f-150.html It shares the traits of the cyclone v6, the duratech family and even the scorpion v8 TDI. It's also been torture tested pretty thoroughly according to this article. There are a few other articles I read with similar information but I can't find them at the moment.
  5. Thanks everyone! Still lurking and posting occasionally. Looking to relocate to Virginia, had enough of the NYC rat race. Also, I have a decent down payment saved and ready for a 2015 mustang 5.0 if I relocate. Can't justify a car living in NYC but it would be a requirement if I moved south.
  6. You can get the big motors for not much of an up charge in almost any and every trim which is very impressive. An XL with the $500 2.7T option looks like a huge bargain. 325 hp, 385 ftlbs of torque over a broad flat curve and a curb weight of about 4950 pounds would be a very impressive and reasonably priced pickup, well under 30k. The 2.7 is supposed to be an extremely durable motor from what I've read. I bet it get's very impressive real world mileage when it's not towing, probably approaching 30 highway when unloaded.
  7. I'm curious to see what the new power ratings will be for the substantially new ecoboost 2.0 and even more then that what the real world drive ability improvements amount to. There's a significant amount that's new or different with that engine. Also can't wait to read more about the 2.7.
  8. intrigued


    90 percent chance that the sleep is a work and lifestyle issue. Not saying that you choose to be this stressed but anytime you have 60 flights and 75th nights out of your own bed in just 6 months that's going to really screw with your body's natural rhythm. I used to go through periods of restlessness even though I was exhausted because I'd be working on a trial for 2 months on end, living in a hotel for half of it. Your body looses track of the day it is and never enters deep rem sleep because it's not sure when it needs to answer the bell to to travel, work etc. Beyond trying to eat healthy I'd recommend a solid 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily. You may already be mentally exhausted from work but if you can get your body tired out as well you'll sleep much better, and hopefully prevent any slow, on the road eating crap, weight gains. Good luck! I had 2 years like that in a row so I can relate.
  9. I like the new Chevy SUVs but I really don't like something about the proportions of the GMCs for some reason. I can't put my finger on it...
  10. belated thanks to everyone! I feel like I'm closing on 30 faster and faster...
  11. My family was very turned off by their last round of GM purchases. My 2006 malibu SS - epsilon 1 - was a huge disapointment, I was a somewhat agressive driver but I wasn't driving it like I stole it or anything and I was very proactive with it's upkeep. This car was replaced my 2001 Olds Alero GLS. I wish I never got the malibu, biggest case of automotive buyers remorse I've had. Worse gas milage, only time when the drivetrain felt stronger was above 4k rpm, brakes the needed replacing constantly, unique 18 inch wheel size thatonly had 3-4 tire options all of which were crazy expensive for that they were. The car rattled and the uspension felt like it needed replacing by 50k miles and i much prefered the ride of my Alero. My parents had a 2007 Aura XR. Sick drivetrain, terrible everything else - torque streer, build quality, electrical issues, you name it. My dad was quiet glad it was a lease and he could turn it in. This car replaced his 2000 Olds Intreigue GLS. It had 90k miles on it and was all original parts accept for he batter brakes and tires (only 1 replacment of each.) We sold it to a friend's teenage driver for 4000 bucks in 2007. He just traded what's left of the car in on a new vehicle now that he's out of college. It has 170k miles on it. besides for another set brakes, tires, a new O2 sensor and brakelines the car hasn't even had a tuneup, EVER, and the drive train still runs well. It needed about $1500 of work to pass inspection and it wasn't worth it to have it to get it back to code (needed a new windshield and exhaust) but dam was that care built rock solid. While my family is willing to consider GM again we were so turned off by our experince with the 06 malibu and 07 Aura and both how they perfored and held up compared to our 2000 Intrigue and 2001 Alero that we all turned to Ford. Current Family fleet is 2012 Escape (parents) , 2012 Explorer (sister in law) and 2006 mustang (brother, who loves it but wants to get a new v6 premium to replace it once he's not paying for two houses. Currently I don't have a car but I'm finding gently used certified 2011 Mustang GTs for 25-27k, with less then 20k miles on them (most were 36-39k MSRP when new.) I have 20k saved, I'm hopeing to be able to pull the trigger by late April and make a cash purchase.
  12. intrigued

    updated Fiesta

    http://www.autoblog.com/2012/11/26/ford-expanding-fiesta-line-with-high-po-st-frugal-1-0l-ecoboost/#continued We've known these have been coming but it's nice to get more details. The 1.6 ecoboost has been jacked up a a bit and looks to be making pretty impresive power while returning very good milage for a performance variant. I'm very interested to know if the 1.0 ecoboost will totally replace the 1.6 NA base engine or if it will be an extra option and if so how much it will cost? I like the current fiesta but the Sonic is clearly a step ahead of it in my mind. On paper at least this looks like the Fiesta will leapfrog ahead.
  13. I've been all over the place. Since I've moved into NYC this is the longest I've ever been without a car of my own. Initially it wasn't so bad because I could always borrow one from my family if I took the train home on the weekend. I'm starting to feel the lack of mobility. I'm sure used cars prices are going to spike but I'm thinking about getting used 2011 5.0 Mustang GT this coming march or april. If I could get a mint, loaded 2011 GT (probably about 38k or so MSRP) with 40k or less miles on it for between 20-22k I'm sold. It would be purely for traveling on the weekends.
  14. intrigued


    Hey all, checking in here in NY. I live in Astoria Queens and work in midtown Manhattan. Amazingly I made it through with power, cable and internet (fortunately I’m about 40 ft above see level.) Heading into the storm I cancelled my bi-weekly food delivery from fresh direct the weekend before in case I lost power and stocked up with only 2 days of perishables and a bunch of non perishable food and water and batteries that were thankfully not needed. The devastation in some areas on NY is amazing as well as NJ with parts of CT not far behind. Breezy Point Queens is just devastated with over 100 homes burned to the ground. Lower Manhattan is still a swamp and gas is scarce. I have several friends who have extreme water damage to their homes and I know a few people who's houses were destroyed. The numbers total over 50 people dead 50+ BILLION in damages (not sure if this figure is just NY or all areas affected by the storm) and a projected 500,000 to 1,000,000 vehicles destroyed. In NY people are fighting back and persevering, carpooling with neighbors or co workers since mass transit is still a mess, helping people charge their mobile devices, taking in friends and neighbors who don't have power etc. People aren't taking advantage of the situation and are still making it to work if at all possible. I walked 7 miles each way to work over the 59th street Bridge yesterday. The subway system which had unprecedented salt water flooding and was estimate to initially take 4-5 days minimum for a partial restoration has already resumed limited service days early (much credit goes to the MTA for their preparedness and having the foresight to close all mass transit the night before the storm to shelter all subway cars on high ground.) Power restoration for the million plus who don’t have power is well ahead of schedule and in general, as was the case post 9/11, 2003, etc, the gruff, pissed off, indifferent people of NYC pulled together to make the best of a crappy situation. All things considered if feel we weathered the storm better then anyone could hope for and it’s times like this that I am proud to be a New Yorker.
  15. intrigued

    "My" 2013 Fusion

    Here's how I see Chevy vs. Ford currently Sonic vs. Fiesta - Currently the Sonic would edge out the Fiesta but the Fiesta's refresh is less than a year away with 1.0 and 1.6 ecoboosts so this is likely to change. Projecting ahead I'm giving this to Ford based on the new powertrains coming within a year. Cruze vs. Focus - Focus in ever way except for rear seat room. Focus Electric and ST have no competition. Malibu vs. Fusion - Fusion all the way. Premium content, looks and more. The only thing I hope to see added to the Fusion is an ST or SHO Impala / SS vs. Tarus - Chevy hits hard here but only if you compare the Tarus to the 2 sedans in this class that are in the near future (I'm giving this to chevy based on projections where as I gave the sub-compact class to Ford based on near term projections.) You either have the handsome new Impala which asthetically and performance wise is better then the non SHO Tarus or you have the purpose built SS sedan. Camaro vs. Mustang - I'm going to call this one a draw for diplomacy's sake. I think that the 3.7 v6 and 5.0 GT beat their counter parts but the ZL1 beats the GT 500 personally. I haven't seen any head to head Boss 302 to 1LE comparions yet.

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