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  1. I love it. This sedan is my new favorite GM future vehicle. It looks luxurious with the cut and sew leather treatment, push button start and in dash navigation. If the powertrain comes back being powerful yet competitive in terms of fuel efficiency then this will make the list of cars to consider next year when I get a new one. I love the Buick brand but until the Enclave didn't like their products. This is the first Buick car I have liked since the GNX. Now I understand why the next Aura will be getting an interior update and not be a direct Opel transplant. Obviously GM decided to fast track the new Buick so it got the Opel interior. Fine with me as I would very much like to drive a Buick for my next vehicle.
  2. I like it and hope the exterior comes out looking like the "leaked" image. The traverse is too big and heavy. If I was going to go that big I would get an Enclave. I hope the gas mileage is excellent. These spy shots give me hope for the GMC Terrain as it will most certainly be an upgraded version of this trucklet.
  3. Fleet sales may be up - but sales to rental care companies were down 10% compared to the same period last year. http://money.cnn.com/2007/09/04/news/compa...sion=2007090415 "GM said its sales of cars and light trucks, such as SUVs and pickups, rose 6 percent in the month to 385,529 vehicles. Car models saw a nearly 8 percent drop in sales, but that was outweighed by the the 16.5 percent jump in light truck models. GM said it had the strong sales despite a more than 10 percent drop in less-profitable sales to rental car companies. Sales of its pickup trucks, and its so-called crossover vehicles - more car-like SUVs - helped GM with strong sales to consumers."
  4. I really like it. The size seems right and as someone pointed out the gas mileage under the new 2008 ratings is right in line with the competition. I love the interior packaging. The in floor storage is a great idea. I suspect that Dodge will sell tons of these now that they have eliminated the SWB minivan. Smart if you ask me - since the CUV segment has really taken off. Lots of buttons don't bother me...as long as they are connected to lots of good features like in the CTS - which the Journey appears to be.
  5. As someone that keeps their cars more than 10 years (which I'll admit is a % of the total population and not the whole) then this is a huge advantage for going with Chrysler. I kept my last car 9 years to 120K miles before buying a 2004 Mazda6 (which at the time offered a better warranty than GM or Chrysler) and now have in my garage a 1996 Nissan 240SX that my wife purchased new. It has 98K miles on it and over the 10 year mark. We (my wife and I) have been going back and forth between a Buick Enclave and a Chrysler Town & Country Limited. My wife wants the van (it will be her car initially) and I wanted the Enclave. The new lifetime powertrain warranty moved me into the Chrysler camp. I do keep my cars over 100K miles and 10 years - so this has great value to me. I think this is a smart move on Chrysler's part. The only vehicles that are excluded are SRT models - no surprise there with all the hard driving they will receive. I have heard many people talking about Chrysler's new warranty and their new cars just in the past couple of days. For those of you that trash the Chrysler warranty as a marketing ploy....what do you think GM and Hyundia warranty are about? It is all marketing. They are trying to generate sales. And they will.
  6. When does the new 2008 CTS go on sale? I can't wait to see this on the road. Cadillac desperately needs a hot product to have in the show room right now...besides the Escalade line. And while I wish we had gotten the Chinese SLS interior on the STS MCE - the 2008 refresh has really grown on me. I suspect the STS will see a bump in sales to go along with the solid new CTS.
  7. Looks like GM aims to shut up the critics that have bashed GM luxury cars for not offering the latest technology in their cars. A few things I love... DVD navigation with WEATHER Ability to pause live radio - TIVO for your car Internal hard drive - this is the future of the automotive industry, glad Cadillac didn't drop the ball here Blue Tooth - Finally iPod integration This thing is going to rock.
  8. Let's hear more abou the BRX and Vectra as these will most likely be some of the higher volume vehilces from this list. I predict we will see the new BRX this fall in Frankfurt to go on sale early next year in the States.
  9. Very nice. I hope this comes over as the next Aura. GM would be smart to align the production cycles of the Opel and Saturn even if that means the current Aura is only on the market for three short years. It would also do well to keep the Aura fresh in the fiercely competitive mid-size segment - which will be key since a new Accord and Mazda6 are due this fall. Right now - GM needs to get a new G6 out ASAP. If it is going RWD - then a heavy MCE needs to be done on the current model until the RWD replacement arrives.
  10. It is the EPII Malibu that has been delayed - not the 2008 EPI based Malibu that goes into production in a couple of months.
  11. What they should do is a major MCE for an early 2009 on the Impala, Lucerne and DTS giving all three the six speed and continued iomprovements in the interior on all three. At the same time dump the 3.8L from the Lucerne and give it the 3.6L as the base motor. This would be a good move for GM as all three sell well and have been very well received by the consumer. But what they need to do is dump the Pontiac GP and Buick LaCrosse. Concentrate on what sells well.
  12. The VUE looks really nice - especially on the inside. I like it that they are offering the 3.5L OHV V6 with the six speed automatic - I wish they would do that in the Aura XE. The VUE should sell very well.
  13. Very impressive. Glad to hear such attention to detail is going into these Lambda's. I am really loving the Enclave.
  14. Sounds like a troll trying to get negative press out early. Since they just went into production - his claim seems impossible.
  15. Could it be that the still un confirmed #6 debut will be an STS-L with the SLS interior that was featured in the Business Week article a few weeks back. Surely they aren't counting the 2008 LaCrosse MCE as an introduction. The Super models I understand...but not the LaCrosse MCE.

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