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  1. Fact:Chinese, and many other Asian trained engineers are not the same as western trained engineers. They are mostly equivalent to technicians
  2. The biggest advantage of FI is for great cold starts and better efficiency. The reason Pontiac V8s aren't around anymore is that they couldn't be cleaned up enough even with FI to meet emissions standards. Pro-jection is the cheapest way to go and will be noticably better than a carburetor with the advantage of richening the mixture while advancing the timing to get more HP. It will also run better on cold days. It all depends on how you set it up and program it. Port fuel injection would be better and I have done it using a SBC kit and putting injector bungs on a Pontiac manifold, but it was expensive and a bit of work. You could also get a complete setup from a boneyard and adapt it to a Pontiac manifold as mentioned above and save some money. You'll need the computer, wiring, sensors, and engine hardware. Plus you'll need to adapt all of that stuff to work on an older Pontiac and fab up a custom air cleaner housing to work with the intake tubing and MAF or MAP sensor. Lotsa work, but cheaper in exchange. In the end you should actually pull the smog heads off of her motor and puton some older #16s or something to get her compression above 10:1 and you'll find some real power to play with. As cool as her car is the engine is actually a dog due to all of the emissions restrictions back then before the companies knew how to make clean horsepower. The 400 is a great motor and if built right can truly scream. Have fun!!!
  3. How does the coal get to the coal fired powerplant???? That's right, it has to be transported as solids don't flow real well through pipelines. Oil runs the vessels and trains that transport it, so add in that pollution. Pipelines are the most efficient means of transport so even if you say the tanker cancels out the coal ship, you still have to get it from the port. How does the coal get out of the ground??? I have never heard of a gusher coal mine. I believe the coal is mined in the traditional sense and all of that machinery needs something to make it go. How come you drive a car if they are so unclean???? Shouldn't you be riding a bicycle or something.
  4. There is a reason every police dept. in the country prefers full frame cars, they don't fold up when you hit a curb. That is why the Ridgeline is a joke. Trucks have to be tough!!!!
  5. Pulled my 4000Lbs boat plus trailer to the Ozarks and back and averaged 11.5mpg. I have a custom tune and the Av didn't even act like it was pulling anything, yet I got 11.5!!! Plus the Av was loaded up with 1000+Lbs of gear!!!!!!!!!!!! Hondas are for enviro-nazis, chicks, accountants, and effeminate men! Real Men want Real Trucks!!!!!!!!!
  6. Maybe the blind loyalists will finally realize that Toyota and Honda, and all of the rest of the hallowed JapCrapMobiles, only care about money at the expense of customer safety and vehicle reliability. I find it exceptionally ironic that the best years for Japanese cars was from the late 80s to the late 90s while the best years for American cars has been from the mid 90s to the present.
  7. You need to be a bit more realistic. This could be a very nice car but it will cost you some money to get there. The paint job will set you back 2000.00+ if you want it to look good. Things you want to change: Brakes-You have 4 wheel drum brakes with a single master cylinder which means when you lose one bake, you lose all of them. You need to put on a dual master cylinder so you have a backup system. It is easy to do and not that expensive. Next you need to rebuild all of your wheel cylinders unless that has been done recently. They only last about 7 years on a rebuild and they tend to go out all of a sudden. Again, not alot of money but some hard work. Electronics-Alternator, get a one wire with a built-in electronic regulator for around 100.00. Drop in replacement and you'll never worry about that old mechanical voltage regulator, plus it'll put out 65-125 amps!!!! Electronics-Distributor, drop in an HEI unit from the early to mid 70s out of a buick big block and you'll get 15-20,000 more volts for a better spark and more dependability. Just remember to use the spark plugs and gaps for the HEI!!!! Hydraulic fluid for the convertible top mechanism, this stuff gets nasty over time and can clog up your motor/pump. If it does, you have to buy a new motor/pump assy. How do I know all this? My 66 Pontiac Catalina Convt which is based on the same chassis as the Electra. Good Luck and when it's done you can drive it forever without much worry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I actually had first typed culture, but then changed it to belief. I think it is a grey area somewhere in between. I acknowledge that you can be just as loving a parent as anyone although I dispute how normal a child will feel when he or she finds out he has two dads or two moms while everyone else has one of each. How can you teach a child about love when he was conceived between a woman and a man through a plutonic joining of sexual organs. "Mom, so let me get this right, you are a lesbian but you screwed dad because you wanted a child but then you went back to living with mom#2. My father didn't want me? He just made me to help you two out? The guy who gave me half of who I am merely was satisfying an emotional need for a friend? Thanks so much, no wonder the kids make fun of me." Really reinforces good values, doesn't it? Any good parent is great in my book no matter what the living situation, but if given a choice I will always wish that kids could be raised under a traditional familial relationship. If I am ever raped by a man, one of us will be dead at the end. I will kill him or die trying. Strong words, I know, but then again that is why I live where I do. Great gun laws, any citizen who is felony free and not insane can get a concealed carry permit. I also think that my military training would help, and if he was still strong enough to overpower me and take what he wants by force, he would have to kill me to be able to walk away. If he did succeed I would not be gay as it was not my choice. You would have chosen to have sex with a woman, so in my book that makes you bisexual. If you were raped by a woman then that would not be true.
  9. Also in a loving family raised by liberals believe it or not. My mother clearly favored my older brother and my father clearly favored myself. By favored I don't mean that either treated any one of their five children unfairly, but it was I who helped my dad fix the car, mow the lawn, work on the house, etc. It was my brother who went shopping with my mom and did more stuff with her. All five of us were always asked to participate, but we made our choices from there and I wanted to hang with dad. My brother is now a partner in a quality control consulting firm doing alot of work with the state of California. It involves alot of politics which he is good at, a skill he learned from my mom. I deal with real people alot more than he does in my job. He has to be phony with everyone and while he is respected, they don't know the real person. I get to be genuine and usually everyone likes me. We just developed into different people due to our influences. I would bet that you can find favoritism in every multi-child family. Another name for it is "first child syndrome", "middle child syndrome", the baby getting spoiled, etc. These are all examples of one child or another needing special care or favoritism due to a misconception or receiving more than another. I tend to live in reality, but suffer no bitterness because of it. My little sister got alot more stuff than I did, but it didn't and still doesn't bother me. Favoritism is natural and expected in my opinion. Ever heard of a teacher's pet?
  10. Parents never favor one child over another??????? Where did you grow up???? Catholic orphanage..........the priest tends to fulfill the father role. Strong male role model with exception to some of the current scandals. As far as IQ, I have never taken an IQ test that was based on knowledge. They have been based on pattern recognition, spatial relationships, deductive reasoning, comparative deduction, etc. As a young child it is whether the brain can make the connection between 3 dimensional shape and a 2 dimensional hole, like patterns, colors, etc. As an adult it is a much more complex version with the same basic principles. Since when do white males have an advantage when it comes to this: That is the typical IQ test question, has nothing to do with knowledge. There are genius level IQ who have never completed 5th grade.
  11. EXCEPT that they would not reproduce with each other as that would nolonger make them GAY!!!!!!!! If a gay man and a gay woman have sex, they have just sacrificed their beliefs for the sake of reproduction. By definition, they would now be bi-sexual!!!!!! I would get sick if I had sex with a man, as it is against my wants, needs, desires, and beliefs. Therefore, I would not do it for any reason by choice. If I was raped, I would do anything and everything to prevent and or stop it including kill the attacker. How could you as a gay person be willing to perform an act that is so contradictory to your beliefs? In other words, it would be unnatural to you as you are attracted to members of the same sex. Additionally, the girlfriend of the lesbian and the boyfriend of the homosexual have been completely excluded from the creation of this child. Therefore, the gay man who doesn't act gay and the gay woman who doesn't act gay just created a child in spite of their love for their respective gay partners who they used to act gay with. Sounds like a great beginning for a soap opera, but not a happy familial relationship. Finally, the child only contains genetic material from half of each couple and therefore is not truly a child of either but instead a child of a man and a woman who had heterosexual relations. I don't see your point.
  12. IQ is different fom knowledge. As far as your article, it actually shows that gayness is most likely not genetic. That is what I have been saying all along. It is a choice in my opinion. All your article shows is that gender ID may be influenced by chemical or hormonal levels, but yet even these theories were somewhat questioned as it only happens to right-handed homosexuals and not to left-handed homosexuals or lesbians. That creates an awful lot of doubt within the scientific community. As far as whether being a third son or fourth son somehow may affect whether you become gay, interesting but it could also imply that when a young man is put into a family of men, he must act out or seperate himself from the rest to get the attention he wants or needs. The boy in the article who is wearing nail polish to school may simply be doing it because he is now getting alot of attention from everyone including his mom, teachers, peers, counselors, etc. What was very interesting about the article is that it didn't mention the two sets of twins' fathers anywhere! Are there any active male role models in these boys' lives?? Why wouldn't the father have something to say about one of his twin sons wearing nail polish to school? It mentioned that there were dads, but that was it. No details, opinions, feelings, background, or anything else.
  13. I think you are confusing IQ tests with standardized knowledge tests. IQ tests typically look for things like pattern recognition and comparative deduction. They analyze the "way" you think and not what you think. They reward systemic processes that are inherent in thought, not knowledge levels based on learning. Funny how you fall back onto the same old liberal stereotypes about whites having an advantage. These statements tend to originate with the academia of this country, the same academia under which whose direct influence you currently reside. I, on the other hand, have been free from the influence of such liberal minded disinformation peddlers for over 12 years now. I'll bet money that 12 years from now you will think very differently than you currently do. You sound exactly like somebody currently in college, and I would expect no less. Just remember that I don't simply read something and regurgitate it, I store it away in memory until there is contradictory or complimentary information and then through a long vetting process reach an overall concensus on the matter. This takes many years, more years in fact than you have even been in secondary education.
  14. This information comes from credible sources but for some reason has never been advertised. I suspect it is due to the volatile nature of the findings. IQ, which is different than knowledge, is influenced in the early stages by developmental and environmental factors, yet by adulthood (meaning true mental maturity) these factors are negated and a level playing field for comparative reasons exists. As far as the height difference, do a little research. As far as the muscle fiber, do a little research. You'll find it. I will forward my sources to you via PM if that is necessary, but that wasn't the purpose of these statements. I cannot pull a truck or swim across the english channel or lift 600Lbs. We are not all created equeal but instead are a hodgepodge of individuals with unique strengths and weaknesses. I have an IQ that is rarer than some, yet physically I am merely average at best. That is the way it goes. My brother-in-law has a very rare IQ yet he is a very depressed person who physically couldn't box his way out of a bag and has the common sense of a mosquito. As far as the IQ stats, it is straight percentages from research. Measured IQs extrapolated out against population.

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