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  1. I think a main reason is the I-4 is already adapted to non-us GM pickups based on the same platform.
  2. Maybe it opens the door to a smaller pickup in the future. That would be cool, but very unlikely I would think. That would leave a good gap for something car-based but longer bed than something like the Baja.
  3. I have seen these around a bit...I think it is funny that they are calling it a small truck, but they are all pretty darn big. I think part of that though is the press and the auto show are only really seeing the 4x4 big boys and the lower/smaller 2wds are not really out in public yet.
  4. It does not seem like that long ago when Suzuki kept saying things like "We will be launching 10 new cars in the next 5 years". But those never really surfaced. I remember many were due to the GM alliance, rebadging a bunch of Daewoos. I do not think that was the swiftest move since their products did not do well with their own badge here in the US. Maybe they will rebound as we look at smaller and smaller cars. As a side, I have test-driven the Kizashi a couple years ago and I do remember it being pretty nice.
  5. Man, these trucks are just awesome!
  6. I would say that the Integra was legendary, but I really do not think the rest of the lineup lived up to what it was supposed to be. While I like the pre-beak styling, there was always somthing I liked more in the segments it is in.
  7. I heard it was not the V6, but the couple year old 2.5L I4 from the Camry that is being investigated.
  8. I suspect that the V6 alone will make the car cheaper to insure than the Hemi V8, regardless of trim level. I do not need a V8. I am not sure if I want one either. I ask the question of V6 vs. V8 because i was under the impression that the V8 may come with more desirable features than the V6. Is that true? Here is a link to the brocure: http://www.chrysler.com/en/pdf/2012_300.pdf Pages 60-63 in the pdf have a great table that has all of the trims levels, features and options side by side. Good luck!
  9. Go with the one you like better. They will both provide the style that you are looking for. Do you need a V8? Personally I like the V8, but Not all the cars in my house have the highest-end engine, but they all serve their purpose well. Unless you are pulling a trailer or something, I would probably go with the V6 personally which probably also features cheaper insurance bills (but maybe not with the Limited).
  10. That is a seriously cool period car and camper, but $175,000? I imagine there cannot be too many around, for sure!
  11. A lot of very nice pics. Thanks for taking the time to post them.
  12. EconoMax? As for the commercial - you could compare the diesel Cruze with an 80's diesel escort or 70's Rabbit. Or get crazy and have him in an mpg contest vs. a current Jetta. But I guess you'd better make sure you know who wins.
  13. I saw that video once and cannot watch it again. I feel that I see at least one really stupid move on the road per week. I imagine most has to do with some sort of distracted driving. People cutting across 3 lanes of highway to just get to an exit ramp (just missing the start of the seperation barrier), in an left turn lane and cut to make a right turn in heavy traffic on a 4-lane road...just plain stupid stuff.

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