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  1. Quick Drive: 2017 Lexus RC 200t

    Maybe they don't have a plan. Who really knows?
  2. GM News: GM's CAMI Assembly Goes On Strike

    Are you suggesting that GM move all Equinox and Terrain production to Mexico and simply shutter this assembly plant?
  3. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: August 2017

    WTF happened to Cadillac and especially Buick sales? Chevy and GMC sales were the only things that allowed GM to avoid the sales slump affecting Ford and devouring FCA. Ironically Alfa Romeo and Maserati were up by large percentages (from a low base) while Dodge and RAM were down slightly and FIAT, Jeep and especially Chrysler were pummeled.
  4. Ford News: Ford Plans Plug-In Hybrid Escape, Hybrid Full-Size SUVs

    A hybrid F150? A hybrid Expedition? That is either brilliant or crazy. A hybrid Explorer (especially since it is now a crossover and NOT a BOF SUV) actually makes sense. They could use a hybrid Escape right now, if Ford wanted to do that.
  5. GMC is doing fine with the crossovers out now. A subcompact crossover is a good idea as long as it does not take away from Buick Encore sales. As for a real BOF SUV, do you really want GMC to become Jeep?
  6. Cadillac needs the XT7 and XT3 (think Encore and Enclave sized) STAT!
  7. I do not see RAM having a post-FCA future. Jeep will almost certainly survive and possibly even thrive without all the corporate baggage.
  8. I hope not! This idea still sucks.
  9. Hyundai News:Hyundai Finally Gives the Green Light to A Pickup

    Too bad the Avalanche did not sell as well as it could have been. A mid-sized version is a great idea though.
  10. I get where you are coming from on this. Then again, I had to watch Oldsmobile get killed in 2004. Thanks for the sentiment. I just do not see a real future for any of (the former) Chrysler Corporation brands given Sergio.
  11. Hyundai News:Hyundai Finally Gives the Green Light to A Pickup

    People miss smaller trucks? Since when?
  12. This new naming system completely and totally SUCKS! Who thought this was a good idea? EPIC FAIL!
  13. No. They should simply end Dodge and save Chrysler instead. The Charger and Challenger are very similar to the 300; the Dart is an abject failure in the marketplace; all their trucks are now RAM trucks; and the Journey can be a Chrysler right now (if it wasn't so pathetic).
  14. Jeep News: Great Wall Motor Says They're Interested in Buying Jeep

    Sergio despises what used to be Chrysler Corporation and apparently the board loves everything FIAT/Alfa Romeo. That is why Chryco product has been starved of great interiors and better product for most of this decade. What is really sad is that this may well have been a deserved fate since 1978 when Lee iacocca took over Chrysler and got the federal government to give out loan guarantees to save the firm. Ever since then (especially since 1998), Chrysler has always been on borrowed time. Chrysler deserves a dignified funeral instead of the fate of being Sergio's abused whore.
  15. Hyundai News:Hyundai Finally Gives the Green Light to A Pickup

    Warning: the Ridgeline is not half the truck a Colorado/Canyon are, let along a Silverado/Sierra. If Hyundai wants to build a midsize pickup truck, they need to build something superior to what is on the market now. Normally Hyundai builds a vehicle and initially sells it at a discount, and then the second generation is the significant leap. We will see if they actually succeed.