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  1. Can someone explain to me why the XT6 does NOT have a turbo v6 rather than the corporate NA v6? Cadillacs should have better engines than their downscale counterparts.
  2. riviera74

    Buick News: Buick Enspire Concept Makes Its Debut in China

    Second Q: when will Buick go all electric rather than ICE?
  3. riviera74

    Cadillac News: de Nysschen Out As Cadillac President (UPDATE)

    So JdN got fired. Is the new guy a lot better or does he work with GM corporate better? Since the XT4 will come out this fall, the next Q is where is the XT7? A halo car (and perhaps a new Escalade) would be great too. . . . in 2020 and no later than that. Oh, and someone needs to tell the new guy to scrap CUE and start over period. The last thing Cadillac needs is an infotainment system that is slow and clunky and badly requiring a rethink. People will ditch Cadillac for the competition over this very issue. Also, will Cadillac replace CUE on earlier models please?
  4. riviera74

    Buick News: Buick Enspire Concept Makes Its Debut in China

    How much of the concept will make it to production of an actual vehicle we can buy or lease? That is my only Q.
  5. riviera74

    Cadillac News: Cadillac Lays More Money On the Escalade's Hood

    $7500 to $10000 on the hood because your greatest competitor puts up a NEW vehicle that directly competes with yours? That sounds very pre-BK GM. Only NEW (and better product) can arrest and correct that issue.
  6. riviera74

    Lexus News: Lexus Considers More Powertrain Options for LS

    Interesting. The LS400 (1990) had a 4L V8 producing 250HP. The LS430 (2001) had a 4.3L V8 producing 290HP. The LS460 (2007) had a 4.6L V8 producing 380HP and the LS600h had a 5L V8 hybrid producing 439HP. And only this year does Lexus drop the V8 entirely because of CAFE and other restrictions elsewhere. Sad. Too bad that the best sales years were prior to the last recession (2007).
  7. riviera74

    Lincoln News: Rumorpile: Lincoln's Plan To Make It Big In China

    Just 54K sold in China last year. Buick and Cadillac laugh at those puny sales numbers🤣. Unfortunately, Chinese mercantilism strikes again. After several years of building anything there, somebody over there steals all of your intellectual property. It is as if Beijing thinks nobody in a land of over a billion people can create and sustain their own anything the rest of the world would actually buy.
  8. There are some trails that this truck would be too big for it to go through. A Jeep Wrangler is better for all those narrow trails that this (or any full-size) truck.
  9. Germany is not the USA. Lower Saxony also plays a role. Firing executives is probably the only way VW survives the next decade since they do need a new direction away from diesels.
  10. riviera74

    Review: 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

    I guess Giulia is living up to a reputation established 45 years ago: Fix It Again Tony.
  11. riviera74

    Jaguar News: Rumorpile: Jaguar Readies A Larger Crossover

    Well, Jaguar as a CUV brand would complement Land Rover as an SUV brand. . . . . except for that Range Rover Evoque that should be a Jaguar. Just don't lost the XJ/XK.
  12. riviera74

    Buick News: Buick to Debut An Electric Crossover Concept for China

    I get that Buick is introducing that EV in China first. Fine. When can we get it here in the USA?
  13. I wonder when Cadillac will have an EV version of its newest lineup. Given that the Volt and Bolt are already at the local Chevy dealer, where are the Cadillac EVs?
  14. Why would anyone buy an Accord when they can buy a CR-V or a Pilot instead these days? Then again, GM wants us to buy more Chevy CUVs for one reason: the search for more money.

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