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  1. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    What is wrong with the Envision being built in China? Without China, Buick would have gone the way of Oldsmobile.
  2. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    About that active park assist I keep seeing on Fords and Lincolns: why doesn't GM have that on any of its models? Also, why don't GM crossovers allow you to open the rear gate with your foot, just like a Ford Escape or this model?
  3. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    For some reason, the Buick Envision is not liked as much as people might think. Where I live, there are a LOT of Cadillac SRX models on the lots right now, but only about a dozen (new) Envisions. I have posted a poll to see which CUV you prefer to buy for your next vehicle. Sure, the SRX has been replaced with the XT5 but there are a lot of lightly used SRX model from 2011-15 at very attractive prices. The Envisions top out at $50K while even a 2015 SRX can go for about 35K or less. Please vote and explain your vote in the comments below.
  4. Ford News: Ford's Newest Police Vehicle Plugs-In

    It is more likely that FCA will keep the Charger and modify that for police duty even more than they do now. I doubt GM will do much for police CARS. SUVs, on the other hand, GM might compete in. Around here, I have seen some Ford Explorers converted to police duty as Sheriff Department vehicles in the last three years.
  5. Toyota News: Toyota Prius V To Cease Sales In U.S.

    My stepfather traded in his Prius for a Prius V a couple of years ago, and he really likes it. I am not surprised that the Prius V will no longer be made because it seems everyone wants a crossover these days. A RAV4 hybrid does make a whole lot more sense than a Prius V from a room and comfort perspective, and the same goes for a Highlander hybrid.
  6. Mazda News: Mazda Updates the 6 With A Turbo Engine Option

    Why can't Mazda simply make the turbo 4 the only engine option, especially since there is no v6 in that car anymore? I concur on the Mazdaspeed Miata with a turbo 4.
  7. Lexus News: Lexus Teases Their Three-Row RX Before LA

    The RX probably IS a Highlander with a Lexus package. The fact that the Highlander has a 3 row option is actually proof that the RX (and Highlander) are simply too short/small to handle three rows well. Unless you only seat small children in the third row. Toyota/Lexus should simply build a proper 3 row crossover just like the GM Lambdas.
  8. Lexus News: Lexus Teases Their Three-Row RX Before LA

    Lexus is doing it wrong. They should take a page out of GM's Lambda platform and do that instead of a pseudo-three row CUV sandwiched into what should be a two-row CUV.
  9. Yes GM starts with a lot of meh. Then again, who starts perfectly and never drops the ball on execution?
  10. I would say it is much easier to crack down on CO2 pollution on power plants first, then go after cars. One coal-fired plant will pollute more than thousands of cars at any one time. 2030 may well be the beginning of the end of the ICE in vehicles, but I would rather see no more power plant emissions first. Afterwards, then the zero-emission vehicle mandates can start.
  11. Well, GM was roasted over the coals for badge engineering from about 1975-2005 or so, at least until bankruptcy. The old line was: make it cheap; make it common. One body, with a few tweaks and sold to different automakers, is rebadging at its best. (PCs and tablets are great examples.) In the old days, GM did not need 4 or 5 of the same vehicle; only two would do well and not crush profits. GM has largely stopped badge engineering since BK and is doing a lot better.
  12. Land Rover News: Range Rover Evoque Coupe Quietly Leaves U.S.

    Who would think that a 2dr crossover would actually sell in numbers that were not laughable? This feels a lot like Lincoln Blackwood redux from 2005.
  13. Industry News: Europeans Fall Under the Spell of Trucks

    Europe did not have many truck sales because their roads are way too small AND most Europeans have no need for the hauling and towing our trucks have. If the European truck trend is really true, then why doesn't Sergio sell midsize trucks over there? I know why GM ditched Europe, but a Colorado/Canyon might be a decent seller there. I personally doubt any of the Euro automakers will build a real pickup that can meet European needs and actually profit from that.
  14. I suspect that the XT7 will have CT6 pricing, if not slightly higher. Gotta make those fat profit margins for Cadillac. As for the Avenir trim level, good luck in making that work. Buick could stand to pick up a few good ideas from GMC.
  15. Buick News: Buick To Play A Key Role In GM's Electrification Plans

    Buick's average age is 59?! Wow. A lot of their ads skew middle age, except for that Encore ad with the young ladies driving one.

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