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  1. Another example (among countless others) of why homologation was the stupidest thing GM ever did, all since the 1971 Chevy Vega. Downhill (mostly) ever since. Most non-GM fans would ask this: why should I buy an Escalade over a Suburban or a Yukon XL Denali? How is Cadillac unique vs. the other makes and foreign competitors?
  2. I am glad that Texas has learned NOT to depend on oil for their future. Some countries have failed to learn the same lessons Texas was forced to learn in the 1980s.
  3. Late 1970s Grand Prix convertible? Maybe?
  4. Cadillac needs to keep at least TWO ICE vehicles for a simple reason: I am not convinced that the new car market is ready to go full BEV in five years. 10-15, sure. But not five years.
  5. Interesting. I wonder what would convince them to buy or lease one.
  6. They should've consulted Toyota in terms of getting the gas to electric thing right.
  7. Sorry. I will take what Cadillac is offering in terms of BEVs. That BMW is more cartoonish than ever, regardless of whether it is a BEV or an ICE SAV. Who hired their stylists and designers?
  8. Huge repair bills on the cars, though.
  9. Uh, Why? Are 2-engined large planes now the norm?
  10. That might be true, but those states (CA in particular) can aid the transition by replacing their public fleet of vehicles with appropriate BEV substitutes. As they would say in a different industry, eat their own dog food.
  11. As I have said here, when BEVs start at $15K or less, then the switch will happen. Buyers are not ready for an EV that costs MORE than a gas-powered car, period. Here is a challenge for all the automakers who will build an EV: look at the latest prices of a new Corolla or Civic and undersell THOSE CARS.
  12. Which iPhones did you get? iPhone SE or the 11 or newly released 12 series?
  13. That looks a lot like an early 80s Cadillac (Seville or Deville?) interior. Maybe 1982. . . . ? Reminds me of my former 1984 Olds Cutlass Supreme, except the steering wheel is all wrong. Mine was velour not leather.
  14. Question: Since MINI Coopers are not great sellers, FIAT 500 models are not great sellers, and SMART had to leave the US market because of very poor sales, what makes you think that this subcompact EV will sell in the US or Canada at all? If that subcompact were the size of an Equinox for about $25K fully loaded, then we can talk since THAT vehicle will sell and take market share from everybody else. Now, when will GM and/or Ford sell such an EV at that price level I just mentioned?
  15. That's the original problem. It seems every automaker wants to sell expensive EVs when the market needs cheap ones. If you want to get ICE off the road, EVs must be cheap enough to displace the used car market period. The first automaker that sells a quality EV for $15K brand new will own the market for a long time. I actively wonder if it will be a Chinese automaker who will do just that.

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