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  1. FIAT itself is the money pit; Alfa Romeo is just a poor decision. Then again, Sergio has clearly demonstrated that he basically hates Chrysler and Dodge, so if he siphons $$$$ for Alfa Romeo and FIAT great for him. Bad for all others. Will Chryco survive until 2021? Place your over/under bets.
  2. Small problem: execution and product availability are everything in this business. Elon Musk and his crew have clearly underachieved on this one. Seems like no one can actually get their hands on a Tesla model 3. Pitiful.
  3. So where did the other six million in sales go? Hyundai/Kia? Toyota or Honda? As for the sales figures in this post, Cadillac needs a Enclave-sized CUV to go along with the Escalade STAT.
  4. Volvo News: Leaked: Is this the 2019 Volvo V60?

    Is there a place for a station wagon in the era of the crossover? Given sales figures, I doubt it but Volvo persists.
  5. Given Mary Barra's record in the last two years, South Korea should hope that she does not shutter GM Korea entirely. It is cheaper to build GM Korean cars in China and ship them over rather than build them locally.
  6. Nobody said that the diesel currently in the Raptor sold elsewhere cannot be sold here.
  7. WHY DID NOBODY TEST THIS OUT prior to release? Who is doing quality control?
  8. BMW News: Rumorpile: BMW X7 To Bow At LA Auto Show

    No worries: the Escalade still dominates the segment. The X7 is climbing uphill against the leader in luxury large SUVs.
  9. No, sales leads to profits. Profits lead to investments in doing better. Ford may need to retool a different plant in order to keep up with demand if the Expedition and Navigator keep selling so well. I wonder if that plant is doing three shifts or only one or two right now.
  10. Holden Decided To Switch Commodore to FWD In 2011

    ^^^^^^ Sad but true. The market for big RWD cars has essentially disappeared.
  11. A short alternative to the minivan. . . . sounds like a good idea.
  12. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: January 2018

    What's wrong with Cadillac and GMC? FCA on the other hand is so beat up, especially when Jeep is the only brand keeping FCA (from a sales standpoint) afloat.
  13. I am not surprised about Nissan getting fleet sales. Toyota? That is weird. Ten years ago GM had that "move the metal" mentality prior to BK and it nearly killed the company (among other causes). Now Toyota is doing what GM did back in the 2000s?! WTF?
  14. Nissan News: Nissan Isn't Giving Up on the Z

    Sounds like you want to return the Z to its 1970s/80s roots as a Corvette alternative for half price.
  15. Genesis News: Genesis Plans A Stand-Alone Dealer Network

    Key West? The nearest Cadillac dealer is in Miami close to Homestead, quite a distance from Key West. I doubt any dealer has been in the Keys in a long time.

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