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  1. Falling cash flow is a bad sign. I do hope that GM fixes that. Other than that, good job.
  2. This makes a LOT more sense than the Tesla. Simply put, why not make commercial fleets all electric before passenger cars?
  3. That Buick has four VentiPorts on the side, so NOT a Special. So a 1955 Buick Roadmaster. Got it. Thank you.
  4. I wonder who stole the tires off that early 1950s Buick . . . . Special? Roadmaster?
  5. True, but you know she will. Most likely she will actually profit from that book since the crimes were not violent.
  6. WHY do this? What is wrong with a vehicle that is essentially silent?
  7. If you told me that Honda would let GM build one of their cars (or trucks) 30 years ago, I would ask, WHY? NOW Honda wants a GM-built BEV?! Whoa, how times have changed.
  8. The rear may say Cadillac, but coupe SUVs are still an awful idea, practically and otherwise. Having said that, I can't wait to see the Lyriq in person. I like about 90% of the vehicle (not the rear quarters, but still). Also, is there a Buick version on the horizon.
  9. Maybe all those Snowbelt cities should use something else other than the current road salt to de-ice their roads and spend more on proper road maintenance.
  10. The Scion xB (the bB in Japan) is the closest thing that Toyota did to match this vehicle. They sold well for their time before Scion itself was canceled. The closest thing NOW would be a KIA Soul. Imagine that: a KIA Soul EV at about 70% off of retail selling extremely well in China (albeit a GM joint venture product). Too bad GM does NOT sell the Trax here at about $12,500 or so. That would really fly off the dealer lots.
  11. The prices look like 1965 while the men and the style look like 1975. When was this ad first published?
  12. That is rather sad. If you want REAL Lexus refinement, any LS will do over just about everything else Lexus makes.
  13. Lexus should have done what GM did for the last 15 years: have a dedicated three-row luxury crossover. Think about it: Lexus already has the NX and the UX crossovers. Why not have a real three-row crossover to complement the two-row RX? I have no idea why Lexus made the mistake of creating the RX350L when a separate model would do a lot better. If Cadillac can have an XT6 AND the Escalade, why can't Lexus?
  14. They should extend that past 2024 since there is no telling whether anyone will buy Escalade EVs in large enough numbers to cancel the ICE V8 version. Also: ditch AFM.
  15. Two things I wish GM would just get rid of: Active Fuel Management and turbocharged engines. AFM will reduce engine life and bolting a turbocharger to a 4cyl gas engine will do the same for different reasons. Better to get a v6 and save yourself the trouble of significant engine repairs down the line. To be fair: that should apply to every automaker.

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