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  1. I just changed mine last week. Usually I let the oil life monitor tell me when to change the oil in my Lucerne. Typically it is around 6000 miles. (My Lucerne has less than 86K on the odometer.).
  2. No. They should replace the 3.6 with the TT3.0 V6. The 2.0T will probably be the base engine.
  3. Well that is lame. I wonder who else could merge with FCA.
  4. I thought that the Navigator or the XT6 would be direct competitors to the X7, not an Escalade. Are we comparing likes with likes?
  5. So the really smooth 9AT coupled with a smooth and quiet 2.0T engine in a FWD luxury crossover lacks the performance punch a lot of people here expected. Good to know. When my '08 Lucerne was being serviced, I asked a salesman about the new Terrain. We looked at a loaded SLT and he mentioned how quiet the engine was and the lack of turbo lag and the smooth ride. What the salesman told me corroborates with what dwightlooi mentioned here. For the FWD crossovers, the demand is for smooth-running quiet fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines. This setup matches what is required. This is what most people want in their powertrain. Now as for the CT5 and any RWD sedans that get the 2.0T or the 2.7T, I do not see the current 9AT installed in such a performance car since there would be too little torque available for those engines.
  6. True. It was pushed by Goldman Sachs to save themselves from the financial crisis back then. Of course it was not based on market conditions. And yes, it did take a few months to fully correct (i.e. fall). But if you had to refuel between June 1 and August 1 your wallet was beat up.
  7. The last mega price spike in oil prices was in 2008. Oil prices spiked to $149 a barrel in early July. Gas prices resulted at north of $4 a gallon ($5 in California!).
  8. I assume you mean unions in Bavaria, since SC is a right-to-work state.
  9. First Peugeot buys Opel from GM, now this? If true, then thanks for almost single-handedly solving the overcapacity problem in the industry. If this comes to pass, Peugeot will have to do all the restructuring by itself. Win-win for (almost) everybody!
  10. Oil prices have already reached $60 a barrel here, which is the highest since November 2018. Gas prices are already around $2.50 or more as of right now.
  11. I am sure that the new Escalade will come out sooner than later given the results from Ford and Lincoln.
  12. Applause all around for Rivian. Now if only GM would get around to their own version of this. . . .
  13. Good for FoMoCo. And you wonder why Ford is essentially ditching cars for CUVs and SUVs.
  14. I see more protests than job retraining in Europe. European unions make the UAW look like lapdogs by comparison.
  15. Yeah. China is a truly protectionist country. They already have a 25% tariff on all imported vehicles. While I would rather not see the plant close down, GM needs a product that sells like hotcakes that will keep Lordstown open. Ideally, Buick would make the Encore and the Envision (as well as the Trax and Equinox/Terrain) in Lordstown rather than SK/China.

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