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  1. Which Trim Level? Any added features/amenities? Which color? FWD or AWD?
  2. SAD and unnecessary. NO need to BAN new gas stations if the demand for EVs rises over time. This knee-jerk reaction is rather stupid.
  3. I wonder if Hyundai got those semiconductors from Samsung . . . . . .
  4. I understand that, but without China, Buick goes the way of Oldsmobile and Pontiac. Unfortunately, not every GM product is built here with US-made parts. As already stated, some Toyotas and Hondas (such as the CR-V and RDX) have more US/Canadian parts content than the new Envision. Making this decision rather hard in some cases. The Car and Driver article linked earlier mentioned that the Envision is actually cheaper than the Corsair and the QX50. Whether it is better to get one of those (or an RDX or an XT4 or a CX-5) is another question.
  5. Better to set your dryer to low heat that resort to a clothesline.
  6. Sky high costs to do almost anything? Wow, no wonder thousands have moved out of CA to multiple other states in the last ten years.
  7. Tell that to WV and WY coal miners, as well as those who are in obsolete industries elsewhere. They need to be given the memo.
  8. Rivieras of that time (1978-84) shared a platform with the Olds Toronado, the last of which died in 1990. The shorter Rivieras were around from 1985-91.
  9. none that I can see. Go get your truck.
  10. Other than rebooting Cash for Clunkers (bad idea!), sounds like a good plan for the current administration.
  11. A whole lot of car buyers: I Want MY SUV!
  12. I would rather that BEVs start at around $35K, such as the new Bolt, rather than $43-45K like the new Mach E is starting once available for sale.
  13. Expanding the Corvette name for an EV CUV is probably NOT a good idea. It should be called an Electra instead.
  14. Those are all before the Mustang II, I presume.
  15. I agree that price and (lack of) selection are two of the biggest barriers to full-on EV acceptance. I am all for more sedans over more CUVs and SUVs but the market has spoken. When it is time to replace my Lucerne, I will probably go CUV. No need for me to go BOF whatsoever. As for an EV, particularly a BEV, I can wait another decade.

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