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  1. I have no idea why any luxury car marque uses an infotainment screen smaller than ten inches. Ideally every carmaker would have infotainment screens the size of a 2020 RAM pickup truck, especially crossovers and minivans.
  2. Wow. Down 79% in one month? I suspect that will probably happen here soon, if it hasn't already.
  3. That shifter is in a BMW?! I thought Cadillac was bad in putting a weird-working shifter in the XT5.
  4. Genesis certainly wins the value for the dollar award on all of its models. The problem is this: Where are the sales? I think the the G80 is a really nice luxury car. But Genesis needs MORE crossovers right now. The GV80 is not enough. Remember when Cadillac only had the Escalade and the SRX/XT5? Forty percent of Cadillac sales went to the XT5 as recently as two years ago. The release of the XT4 AND the XT6 were required to plug in the enormous gaps in Cadillac's lineup. Now Genesis has the same issues. They need a GV90 and especially a GV70 right now, not in 24-36 months. Every other luxury marque has at least two if not three crossovers, which are the sales leaders right now and have been so for the past five years. Can you imagine Audi sales without the Q3 and the Q5? Or BMW sales without the X3 and the X5? Or Mercedes Benz without the GL- class? Their sales numbers would be trending down just like Infiniti! In an era where the flagship of almost any car make is a crossover and NOT a large sedan, the G80 is a solution in search of some customers.
  5. That Ford executive wants Cash for Clunkers because he sees an opportunity for Ford to get more money from the government. That is the real issue. I do not believe that we need a Cash for Clunkers program this time. As for back to basics automobiles, maybe that will happen but I doubt it. Not only are current new vehicles too expensive, but used vehicles can be bought at semi-reasonable prices. Unless the fight is over a brand new $10K Chevy Trax, I suspect that automakers will make do with a market that only sells 8-12 million new cars a year for the next several years.
  6. When it comes to Mercedes Benz, I actively wonder why they insist on selling the C-class AND the CLA-class to begin with. Too many badge snobs wanting a subsidized lease I guess. Yes, the original Escalade was little more than a badge job from a same-year Tahoe. . . . . . in 1999. In the last 15 years, Escalade has exceeded anything the Yukon Denali provides in amenities galore by comparison. At least Cadillac has learned to NOT cheapen its brand anymore (unlike the pitiful Cimarron era!) and offer real luxury options for customers. The MB CLA is little more than a 21st century version of a Cimarron. That is awful.
  7. Cadillac has not sold anything resembling a pickup truck since GM cancelled the Avalanche/Escalade EXT several years ago. GMC is doing quite well in selling Sierra Denalis at the moment; same with top of the line Silverados. The real question is what percentage of each pickup truck sales are high-end vs. work trucks vs. middle of the road. As for why those interiors are not in sedans and SUVs, there is a reason for that too. A LOT of Detroit SUVs get similar interiors to the pickup trucks based on trim level: Denali SUVs and pickups get virtually identical interiors. Same with FORD. The sedan issue is simple: the sales of Detroit sedans has fallen off so quickly that FORD and GM and FCA are largely out of the sedan business entirely. Good decision? IDK, but understandable given that sales are now with SUVs and crossovers and trucks these days.
  8. And price it like one, even when it wasn't a luxury car. Perception (to a lot of people) is reality. But that was the 80s. MB and BMW and Audi don't do that now. . . . . .
  9. When the RAV4 came out originally, Detroit was selling BOF SUVs. Only the RAV4 and Honda CR-V were selling crossovers 25 years ago. Then came the original Lexus RX300, arguably the first luxury crossover. Swapping Corolla/Camry sales for the RAV4 has been nothing but Toyota minting money for the better part of this past decade. Yes the Tundra is dated because it does not sell and neither does the Nissan Titan for good reason: truck buyers are quite loyal to Detroit pickups. Since Toyota has a very hard time outselling the Chevy Silverado in any month over the past 20 years, they should simply discontinue the Tundra (and drop any pretense of building a Lexus pickup truck). If anything, Toyota should watch out for Hyundai/KIA AND make Lexus even more successful than it already is rather than pursue the fool's errand of competing in the BOF truck wars that Toyota simply cannot win.
  10. Right. Who in their right mind would actually buy a Tundra? Or any Toyota truck for that matter?
  11. Luxury from MB is rather simple: S class before 1990 and since; E class after 1990 or so; the ML class (nowadays the GL classes). The C class is a tweener (i.e. near luxury) and the CLA class is just a cheap fake luxury Mercedes. Any questions?
  12. The Audi Q series, especially the Q5 and the Q3, are keeping Audi afloat. I have not seen too many Audi CARS on the road in several years. Maybe the occasional A8 here and there. Yes the Denali customer is a luxury customer. That is great for GMC. Other than the pickup trucks, why can't GM move them up to an Escalade?
  13. I agree about that mid-80s Sedan deVille listed above. Once upon a time, GM would have the same bodies but a lot of differentiation. Then came homologation in the 1970s which got even worse in the 80s and 90s. Hence why Olds and Buick lost so much market share for the last quarter of the 20th Century (and the death of Olds in 2004, even though Olds was trying to move away from that as early as the '95 Aurora and the '98 Intrigue).
  14. Wow. 80s J-bodies, N-bodies and A-bodies. Sad era. And people wonder how Olds and Buick lost so much market share by 1990. And how Cadillac went from luxury leader to total has been by 1992.
  15. Maybe, but if EVs do explode in sales and threaten the used car market, then Honda was wise in pursuing what looks like a strategic alliance. EVs, especially BEVs, need to be cheap enough so nobody will want a lightly used ICE vehicle. Otherwise it is all for naught.

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