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  1. In our crossover-obsessed era, how many wagons such as the Volvos and this Audi actually sell these days?
  2. The placement of the plug in the front or near the front is actually a good idea. It reduces confusion for most people, given that most ICE autos have the gas tank filler spot on the rear quarter (either left or right).
  3. Given that Ford only has the RWD Mustang and the F-series pickups, differentiating the Continental from other FWD Fords and Lincolns would have been the right thing to do. As for the electrics in 2023, that is more than enough time to see if the Continental can recover and earn a second generation at a different Ford plant.
  4. If you want a car, get a CT6 if you can afford it.
  5. The better question is why continue Infiniti (and Nissan) in the first place. Both are not doing well.
  6. In an industry where profit margins on common cars are in the single digits, cutting corners to maximize profits is unfortunately quite commonplace. Any of us can point to examples from Ford or GM or Chrysler or any foreign make that does just that. The question is where when and how automakers (and their suppliers) do just that and whether sales are negatively affected once the issue is discovered. Unfortunately no one is really safe from bad decisions that can lead to recalls at best and deaths at worst. Sad.
  7. How often is GM supposed to update its vehicles? Every single year? NOBODY Does that, not even Japan or Korea Inc. Cadillac has become a trim level. . . . . really? If true, then is a Yukon Denali better than an Escalade? What Cadillac does need is some significant distance between itself and GM corporate. Better engines and much better interiors exclusive to Cadillac come to mind. Cadillac does require a unique selling point to draw people away from Lexus and the Germans period.
  8. Fine choice, but not everyone wants a Hemi in their next car. I prefer my car NOT standing out , screaming "look at me; give me a speeding ticket officer". Stealth with Hemi is much better.
  9. Time for those Ford owners to trade in for a Chevy/GMC from their local dealer instead.
  10. Electrics will need to step up in terms of compactness and longevity, preferably sooner than later.
  11. The return of the Infiniti FX, gone since 2013. I hope that this is the first Infiniti with an infotainment system that belongs in 2020 not 2010. I still do not understand why anyone would want a CUV with a coupe roof.
  12. We will see if VW can have its cake and eat it too. I do hope that VW has abandoned its fraudulent ways.
  13. And then after three or four years, Volvo will be forced to cut at least five of those models because of low or nonexistent sales.
  14. They can start with the crossovers that are so popular these days, especially at Cadillac.
  15. Sounds like Volvo wants to directly compete against the Buick Encore, which should be outselling the Q2 and the X1 (I hope).

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