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  1. When will people learn? Car sharing is a BAD IDEA! I don't care which marque does this but NOBODY should share a car. . . . . unless you are in a place for a week or two. Cars are NOT smartphones or magazine subscriptions.
  2. riviera74

    Audi News: Rumorpile: Audi To Resurrect Horch For A Top-Line A8

    This might be a good idea. If Audi were smart, they would apply the Horch to the Q5 and the Q7 instead of the A8. Think the Avenir trim level in Buick.
  3. riviera74

    Industry News: Demand for Used Cars is Rising

    This is no surprise at all. When leasing new and buying used is a total norm as opposed to an exception, something is very very wrong here. New car prices could stand an across the board 25% price cut. Too bad no automaker will actually make a $10K new car since there seems to be too little profit in that.
  4. riviera74

    Tesla Finds Itself Under Investigation By the Justice Department

    Who is more likely to survive as a going concern in 2030? Tesla will not make it that far.
  5. riviera74

    Genesis News: 2019 Genesis G70 To Start From $35,895

    Brands have been a thing for over a century. Badge snobbery is simply an extension of brand loyalty. The Genesis line may well be the steal of the luxury market, but most people will not see the value of near-MB/BMW/Audi for Buick/Acura pricing. A LOT of people still see the badge and still think as if it were 1999 or at least 2009. The problem is simple: NO body gets a second chance to make a first impression. Period. If Hyundai were smart, they would have studied how Toyota turned their JDM flagship into the Lexus LS400 and sold it here in 1990 and followed that formula. If Hyundai were really smart, the Genesis G90 would have been here first and then the G80 and G70 with no cheap Hyundai sedans to mess with our pretty little American heads. This is the price for starting cheap and THEN going upmarket.
  6. riviera74

    Infiniti News: Infiniti Drops Q50 Hybrid For 2019 Model Year

    So Infiniti is out of the hybrid game. OK. Who can really challenge Lexus in this game and WIN?
  7. riviera74

    Lincoln News: Lincoln MKT To Live On As A Livery Special

    Sounds like all they did was just lengthen the car itself. When I was in a funeral train, the hearse was a stretched out Cadillac DTS. (This was back in 2007.) No difference really. All the limousine makers know what they can and cannot do with these vehicles.
  8. riviera74

    Cadillac News: Cadillac Making Some Changes To The V-Series

    The First Generation SRX WAS a rear-drive CUV and few people bought it. Once Cadillac switched to FWD, the SRX exploded in sales. The XT5 continues in that trajectory. Few buyers want a RWD CUV; not that many buyers want a RWD BOF SUV. If you believe that an V-series Escalade will sell, somebody will have to make that case. I do not believe the sales will be there to justify that trim level.
  9. riviera74

    Lincoln News: Lincoln MKT To Live On As A Livery Special

    Livery is a nice place to bury a vehicle that is not selling. Very poor sales doomed the MKT from the start. Sorry Lincoln.
  10. If the USA is Mazda's largest market, then why would Mazda NOT bring the turbo 4 along with the CX-5 to the States?
  11. riviera74

    Genesis News: 2019 Genesis G70 To Start From $35,895

    Given Japan's occupation of China (and other wartime atrocities), Chinese customers are right to be wary of buying anything Japanese. Indeed, I wonder why Toyota and Honda and Nissan sell any cars in China in the first place. As for the Genesis G70, that car (along with the Kia Stinger) are simply the second-generation Hyundai Genesis coupe (with more and better features). Badge snobs will always buy German because they wish to impress their friends (and some of them like German cars). But the notion that German cars are perfect and all others tremble is simply not true at all. If that were true, then why do Lexus and Infiniti exist at all? Why has Cadillac survived from its cratering of 20-30 years ago to its current rise up the respect and sales charts? If German cars were so perfect and completely dominated luxury sales, then why do Lincoln (barely) and Acura hang on for dear life? Multiple luxury marques would be as dead as Oldsmobile if that were true.
  12. riviera74

    Genesis News: 2019 Genesis G70 To Start From $35,895

    THat's an insult to the Genesis G70. The CLA is an inferior car for more money (interior aside). THat's an insult to the Genesis G70. The CLA is an inferior car for more money (interior aside).
  13. riviera74

    Cadillac News: Cadillac Making Some Changes To The V-Series

    I guess when Americans have a love for sedans like back in the 1980s and 1990s, then Cadillac will sell more than a few thousand V-series sedans.
  14. I could think of a lot of families who might like an EV minivan. Now if Chrysler extended that platform to include CUVs, they could pull out of that sad spiral they have been in for a while now. As for the end of the 300, sad but inevitable I guess. The platform is really old and they have not improved the car much in the last five years at least.
  15. Since the USA does not have the capacity to make as much steel and aluminum as it did back in 1970, the tariffs are all bad for anyone who does not own a steel or aluminum mill (or those who work there). Apparently the president thinks he can bring back the 1950s economically speaking. No one told him that tariffs are a bad idea period. NO one told him that inflation is bad too.

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