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  1. Whoever does GM marketing should be fired. Then hire the best, regardless of which marketing firm does the account for a different automaker.
  2. A plug-in hybrid Cadillac IS NOT what the doctor ordered. Cadillac needs to build a pure EV model, not a PHEV. Sorry, but until Cadillac builds a CT6 that is a superior Volt (or Bolt), no one will or should buy it. Call me when Cadillac builds direct competitors to Tesla's all-electric vehicle line, and not one minute earlier.
  3. Ah yes, Hyundai/KIA back in the 1990s. Only when the 10yr/100,000mi warranty debuted in 2001 did Hyundai/KIA shed their reputation for poor quality. Cheapness is another story.
  4. GM makes the Envision in China because for every Buick that sells here, four are sold in China. The Encore is already made in South Korea (the former Daewoo plants are now owned by GM); GM has them shipped to China or here in NA. Whether it is parts or final assembly, the era where GM or Ford or FCA make virtually everything in the USA is long gone. Supply chains are global and automakers are exploiting that. If you want your next Chevy Trax to have MSRP to rival a Cadillac XT4, then the president should seek to have insanely high tariffs on cars AND car parts. Consumers automatically lose when that happens. IOW, tariffs are still bad. New car prices are quite high as they are.
  5. riviera74

    Ford News: Rumorpile: A Four-Door Ford Mustang?

    I suspect that the little trucklet sold in Brazil is based on a sedan, not a pickup truck. Think Honda Ridgeline, only smaller. In effect, bringing in a BRAT/Baja to GM USA or Ford USA is effectively bringing back the El Camino/Ranchero before their demise in 1987. Come to think of it, that might actually work here, depending on the marketing.
  6. riviera74

    Audi News: Rumorpile: Audi TT May Morph Into A Sedan

    Indeed. Never underestimate the power of stupidity. OR Hubris.
  7. Alan Mullaly mortgaged the future in order to survive the present back in 2007. The piper is now demanding payment. I personally suspect that Ford's debt problems WILL lead to its demise within five years. Thanks a lot, Alan.
  8. The bully only cares about the bully and nobody else. Hence why trade wars can be misused or abused by said bully.
  9. riviera74

    VW News: Rumorpile: Volkswagen's Sub-20,000 Euro Electric Car

    I understand why VW would move Passat production out of Germany. Too bad VW will not build this EV CUV in, say, Chattanooga.
  10. Toyota should, but unfortunately they will not leave anytime soon.
  11. riviera74

    Ford News: Rumorpile: A Four-Door Ford Mustang?

    A Mustang sedan need not be called Mustang. You could try Falcon or Galaxie from Ford in the 1960s.
  12. riviera74

    Ford News: Rumorpile: A Four-Door Ford Mustang?

    Interesting idea. Given the fate of both the Pontiac G8 and the Chevy SS (may they both RIP), I am not sure Ford would actually build such a sports sedan.
  13. Actually, I am FOR Ford replacing their current CARS with VW-built ones (excluding the Mustang!). Think about it: no one really buys Ford CARS anymore (SUV/CUVs yes, cars no), so it seems that Ford and VW should do what they do best. As for the Routan, the idea was sound but the execution was not there. Anybody with a clue knew it was still a Chrysler minivan with a VW logo on it. As we have seen, there were few if any takers when they existed on dealerships, excluding those that were heavily discounted. One question: is VW build quality as good as (or better than) Ford build quality?
  14. riviera74

    Lexus News: Lexus Adds the ES To Their Japan Lineup

    A small Lexus in Japan does make a lot of sense. They rarely sell an LS series or a GX series over there anyway.
  15. No need to have Mini in the USA. It belongs in Europe. Nobody here likes small cars.

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