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  1. I had no idea Sergio was ill. At the same time, replacing him with Manley should provide some hope for those who are pro-Chrysler and anti-FIAT. FIAT and Alfa Romeo do not even belong in the USA since neither fill a niche that can be filled by somebody else. "You know, I would like my ordinary car (or luxury car) to be made by Italians," said NO ONE (in NA) EVER.
  2. I agree with you on retaliation by China and the EU, since they will not stand for this. But does he understand that? I think not.
  3. riviera74

    Jeep News: Rumorpile: A Grand Wagoneer Trackhawk?!

    Sad but true. No one wants to pay for these low-mileage woolly mammoths, especially when it comes to repair bills and $4 gasoline.
  4. Both parts are really scary when you think about it. Can't NHTSA just build a proper searchable database to address those issues?
  5. If the president thinks that highish tariffs will bring production to the USA on a permanent basis, he has another thing coming. While SOME foreign-made vehicles are assembled here, not all of them will. There is no reason that BMW would ever build their sedans here; same with Mercedes or VW or Audi. Volvo moving some of its production to Sweden does not prevent the president from essentially declaring a trade war against Sweden in particular or Europe more generally. Sorry, no one can bring back the Eisenhower 1950s, even if this president and a lot of midwesterners would like to do just that.
  6. Warning to all: tariff wars tend to lead to shooting wars. As for PSA, what can they offer that cannot be filled by the Japanese or the Koreans or the Germans?
  7. riviera74

    Honda News: 2019 Honda Pilot gets a mild refresh

    Actually, it is good that the MDX and the Pilot are getting the same upgrades. These will be more valuable to the Pilot given the lower MSRP.
  8. Given this administration's policies on trade, it is a wise idea to build these new vehicles in TN as opposed to Germany.
  9. riviera74

    Chevrolet News:Chevy Cancels the City Express

    Maybe that should be the next one: a Bolt version of the City Express.
  10. Why should any automaker turn over such information to ANY government?! China should never ask for such info and neither should the US government. China should not require that all intellectual property be turned over to state-owned enterprises either. Since China's entire plan and policy is to monopolize technologies that are used worldwide any way they can, the answer is at best total trade isolation of China ---- if not an actual shooting war. Unfortunately, for many reasons, we may end up having one.
  11. riviera74

    Industry News: China Considers Cutting EV Subsidies

    Even at $100 a barrel, nearly all types of oil extraction becomes very plausible and possibly very profitable. $150-$200 a barrel will not be sustainable over the medium or long term because of this.
  12. riviera74

    Industry News: China Considers Cutting EV Subsidies

    Paying gas stations to install charging stations is probably NOT a good idea. Instead of subsidies, China should ditch all oil subsidies NOW and raise oil taxes (which will raise gas prices). I am not sure how China is actually going to reduce the number of already existing ICE cars and go fully electric without higher prices on crude oil first.
  13. riviera74

    Volvo News: Rumorpile: Next XC90 To Drop Diesel Engines

    Volvo diesels have not sold in high numbers here in the USA for a long time. EV is the best way to go forward. Good for them.
  14. riviera74

    Ford News: Rumorpile: Fusion Name To Live On As An Outback Rival

    An Outback competitor would be nice in an era of $5 a gallon given the relative thirstiness of most crossovers and ALL SUVs. The problem is that gas is closer to $3 as of right now. Sorry: no sale.
  15. riviera74

    Industry News: Rumorpile: Detroit Auto Show Moving to June

    While escaping Detroit winters are totally understandable, are Detroit summers actually OK or ridiculously hot and humid?

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