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  1. I miss those first-generation Auroras. The second-generation was far more forgettable.
  2. Virginia can wait about a couple of more years on school buses if only for prices to fall significantly. In 2023 those buses could become a lot more price-competitive with a new diesel bus. Now if diesel bus makers were smart, they would already build diesel-electric buses to head off full-fledged EV buses and undercut those on price. But that would be too smart on the incumbents to actually compete on lowering emissions.
  3. Please read this article concerning EV ownership: https://www.thedetroitbureau.com/2020/01/evs-less-expensive-than-you-think-says-aaa/
  4. In those days, starting MSRP for that car was $97,295. The SL65 AMG retailed for about $190K. Brand new, the customer is right. Problem is is that the car was probably not worth $97K new.
  5. I would consider a 300 over the Charger for one reason: GM will not release a semi-affordable RWD large sedan. GM expects you to pay Cadillac prices for that. SAD.
  6. The business case looks weak because gas is about $2.50/gallon. No need to rush things, but GM has to keep developing tech AND release product to compete with Tesla, whether it is in the USA or China.
  7. The V8 will still survive and probably thrive here in the USA until BEVs render the entire line of ICE engines obsolete. That may not happen for another 15-20 years minimum. MB will simply sell the AMG models where the V8 is not somehow banned, like the USA or the Middle East. Now if $5/gal or higher ever returns, then AMG (and a lot of other vehicles) will have a problem finding customers.
  8. A MCE and a new trim level. Good. Gotta keep Ford and Dodge and the Japanese midsize trucks at bay.
  9. I was wondering why the Venza was discontinued. Almost every other automaker has a CUV positioned where the Venza was. I wonder how the Venza will compete in today's auto marketplace.
  10. I hate CAFE too, but Europe and China are leading the charge in raising fuel economy standards now. The entire industry is forced to comply with foreign regs and higher fuel taxes, hence the likes of the UX200 and the X1 and the GLA and the XT4 etc. SAD.
  11. Hyundai kinda had to with Genesis. Hummer by GMC does make a lot more sense.
  12. How did Cadillac do compared to other luxury marques in 2019?
  13. Now that BMW is in decline, how can Cadillac capitalize on the slow draining of sales from the Germans?

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