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  1. FCA is in good financial shape. They have been paying down their debt very well. Now they just need new product that isnt a jeep or truck.
  2. this would be great news if gm still sold cars, especially performance ones...
  3. Falsehoods repeated without research. Though Chrysler had chosen rear wheel drive before the merger, hooking up with Mercedes provided existing technologies and parts, including the A580 electronic automatic, and Mercedes’ stability control, steering, rear suspensions, electronics, and seats; the traction and stabilitycontrol systems, axles, wireharnesses, five speed automatic transmissions, steering columns, and some other components were shared with Mercedes(Wolfgang Bernhard claimed 20% of the Magnum’s components were shared with Mercedes). AutoWeek’s Mark Vaughn quoted chief engineer Burke Brown as saying that while Mercedes provided many components, “few parts are straight out the Benz bin.” He cited the front suspension as having a lower roll center and wider track, for example. And for that matter, they have gone to great lengths to replace all the MB parts after Daimler got rid of them.
  4. The platform dates back to 2005. Please stop the old false info that it is just a mercedes e class.
  5. We are up to four now, red, beige, black, and silver.
  6. We have two Envisions in stock one red and one beige. We are located in central iowa.
  7. Let's call a spade a spade. We have been here before, they were just called station wagons back then. Everybody had one. Sedans will come back in a few years.
  8. Did you even READ the article? I agree that you cannot easily weld aluminum to steel, so I get that. But they DID go back to the drawing board after finding the trucks NEEDED these extra protective bars. And since the single cab does not have these extra bars, I am curious how it compares to the single cab Dodge, Chevy, and Toyota...

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