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  1. yeah, they blew it. just like the tahoe. watch sales drop next year like the silverados have. the jeep grand wagoneer and the yukon will be eathing this thing's lunch.
  2. Wow. If that really is the escalade it sucks. Worse than the chevys suck. Can we assume then the yukon will just have the sierra front on it?
  3. already tired of the low headlamp high turn signal fad.
  4. And this is why i drive a 25 year old s10. Regular cab 6 foot bed is all the truck i need.
  5. At least if you have a problem you can save time and money by buying malibu taillamps instead.
  6. overcooked like the current corvette and camaro. damn. a strip of buttons? a touchscreen that looks like a tablet somebody dropped there? it doesnt say corvette when i look at it. at all. the recent chevy design language has got to go. all angles and fake vents, no elegance. this design will age quickly and badly like the current camaro. they botched it. at a time when they absolutely HAD to hit a home run. performance will probably be remarkable, but what does it matter when you look like that.
  7. FCA does not want or need a partner right now. The American arm is in good shape, but they wont let go of the European arm. Why take on more burden with junk European cars and lousy European management?
  8. FCA is in good financial shape. They have been paying down their debt very well. Now they just need new product that isnt a jeep or truck.
  9. this would be great news if gm still sold cars, especially performance ones...
  10. Falsehoods repeated without research. Though Chrysler had chosen rear wheel drive before the merger, hooking up with Mercedes provided existing technologies and parts, including the A580 electronic automatic, and Mercedes’ stability control, steering, rear suspensions, electronics, and seats; the traction and stabilitycontrol systems, axles, wireharnesses, five speed automatic transmissions, steering columns, and some other components were shared with Mercedes(Wolfgang Bernhard claimed 20% of the Magnum’s components were shared with Mercedes). AutoWeek’s Mark Vaughn quoted chie

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