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  1. Twitter - You guys are being out classed by GMI on Twitter

    Twitter is for narcissists who feel the need to tell everyone how much better they are because of their present situation described in 140 characters or less....when you only have 140 characters, you tend to leave out the reality and create your own world. No one cares about what you ate for lunch or when you evacuated your lunch. Twitter is not the reason GMI has eclipsed CnG.
  2. Holden Launches Victoria's Newest Divisional Van

    I guess mine was deleted too. Whatever. Until the owners/moderators realize that the reason that this site WAS popular was for the ability of people to post their honest opinions and call other posters on their bull$h! (unlike other sites), it will continue to lose member after member. I give this post 1:1 odds of being deleted too.
  3. longtooth something for us to share

    You're right. 100%. You never did say you fired people. But that sure is the impression you wanted to give everyone reading it, that you have that kind of power. But you do that in all your posts. Let's go back to that first post where you said plants were "under your control". Whatever, I guess that's one way to avoid criticism. Take a step back. What would the average reader think that meant? They would probably think somehow that you were controlling those plants' day to day operations, which couldn't be farther from the truth. But your answer will always be something along the lines "I didn't lie about any of that, go back and re-read it." But some around here have more knowledge about GM and the auto industry than you might think and can see what you are trying to do. See, you choose your words carefully to accomplish one of 2 things in almost all your posts: 1. Deliberately push the buttons of other posters to get them agitated. Why? No one but you knows that. 2. Either post entire lines of bull$h! or leave out certain things so that others somehow think you have huge influence in overseeing GM. You don't. You're not that special. Why? The only thing I can think of is that you lack self confidence in real life and need people on the internet to like you and make you feel important, so that in your eyes, you are better than everyone else. And that's just sad. As for the mis-spleeings...whoops, I didn't take the time to hit spell check. Darn. If that's all you got, you're reaching. I do have buttons you can push, but spelling is not one of them, especially if it happens when typing, I'll be the first to admit I suck at it (oh, but wait, that further emphasizes item #2 above, you're a better speller than me!) And as for that hippie nonsense about love/hate, that's just silly. I don't hate you just as much as you don't love me. Its the INTERNET. I generally enjoy reading posts on this site, but can't stand it when I see someone constantly trying to prove he's better than everyone else here or flat out laying down the bull$h!. That's seems to be the reason I only respond to your posts, haven't seen other posters resort to that behavior. And I'm willing to guess I'm not the only one around here that has started seeing all this....I've seen the posts in other threads. Either way, I figure this thread has played out and no one wants to continue reading this exchange, so until the next line of drivel emerges from your keyboard, I will fade back into the background. Cheers!
  4. longtooth something for us to share

    Wow, you sure can spin bull$h! into silk, can't you? Good to see in other threads, others are starting to call your bull$h! as well. Just to be perfectly clear to the others here, GM has HUNDREDS (thousands?) of SMEs....actually, technically now that they have cut a lot of fat and don't have the renduncies in job positions anymore, everyone is a "SME" at what they do. You aren't special. And please don't tricked into believeing that he actually fired any plant management. He may have owned some process that they didn't follow and ratted them out to higher ups, but he by no means called them into his office and actually told them to hit the road. But please go on......
  5. longtooth something for us to share

    Slightly different than the first impression you gave, now isn't it? But now you give the impression that all these plants were calling you every morning awaiting their instructions on what to do for the day. Why don't your REALLY tell them what a SME does?
  6. longtooth something for us to share

    Baltimore, Doraville, and Wilmington were never "under your control". Why don't you tell them what a SME really does, because it sure as $h! ain't running operations at 3 manufacturing plants. Stop the self-edifying bull$h!.
  7. Camaro at Abu Dhabi International Motor Show 2008

    Just when I thought you couldn't be more of a f@#king idiot you go and post this. The good news is that as soon as someone high up at GM see this and figures out who you are, you are fired. Dumbass.
  8. Well, well, look at that - someone else calling your bull$h!. The difference here is that I'm just "some guy" with a dozen or so posts while evok actually has a well established history for knowing what is going on in the auto industry and a good chance he knows much more than you do about what is happening inside GM, despite your status as a self proclaimed "high up" employee *cough, cough..low level grunt, cough*
  9. Where was my 68 Impala built?

    And this just re-emphasizes that you guys shouldn't believe anything this clown writes on the internet. His entire point with every post is to 1) Subtly tell you how better he is than you and 2) get you all worked up about issues you are passionate about by stating the opposite of your beliefs, just to get a response out of you. And hopefully nobody believes that this guy is in any position to influence GM or GME. He's not, the big decisions are made way above his pay grade.
  10. GM and Chrysler are in Merger talks!

    I would say, as with 90% of your self-affirming, subtle I'm-better-than-you posts, its so full of $h! that I can smell it through my cable modem.
  11. Next-gen Astra?

    Yeah, things are really all happy and rosey over there: http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home Yeah, selling like hotcakes so fast, they're cutting production:
  12. Google Celebrates German Reunification In Germany Today

  13. GM Officially Cancels Zeta Buick

    aatbloke, I guess you win.... you answer with facts in this thread that he never directly addresses and you (and others) call his bull$h! in the Holden thread about this "theoretical" Swiss car and his response is to call you a troll and ignore your posts so he won't see them....classic! Just like a 6 year old taking his ball and running home to his mom instead of sticking up for himself! :rotflmao:
  14. HOLDEN

    Duck, weave, attempt to change the subject, no talk of proving the Swiss car's existence (shhh, maybe the thread will go away if its not talked about)....reminds me of a shampoo bottle: Lather, rinse, repeat.
  15. HOLDEN

    ^^^ Awesome post. The only way we will ever learn if the truth is if there are pictures of the LS7 under the hood (and not ones copy/pasted from publically searched Flickr accounts). And we know that's never going to happen (which excuse will it be? Violation of company policy? (despite him always "hinting" at future product as "fact") Not enough time during the day, because he's so important, to take a picture? Being on vacation? (in which he will conveniently forget this topic when vacation is over) An attempt to change the subject based upon something else said? (probably) Perhaps a snarky remark with an emoticon to try and divert attention?) My advice aatbloke: stick with the facts you know and keep calling him out on that, ditch the topics of "Americanism" and Saturn, those are just things he will bring up to attempt change the subject away from this "supposed" Swiss car and the British one. He's probably just pissed he's stuck with a 3-door Corsa as his company car. And now cue the next round of BS in 3.....2.....1......go!

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