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  1. I know I'm late by almost a year, but just chiming in. I've lurked on this site for awhile after not having my Saturn Vue for almost 5 years. I went Grand Caravan for practicality of my situation. Recently though, I traded my Grand Caravan for a new 2017 Renegade. The tank is a bit small, true, but even with the 2.4 and 9 Speed auto (4x4 version), still getting about 520 kms fuel range per tank in a mix of city/hwy at about 60% / 40%. My average is 9.2l/100kms, which is about 30.5 mpg if I'm driving modestly. All highway, I haven't been able to get more than 33 mpg, but I feel that's pretty da
  2. They've lost me as a customer for good. Too many other products just as deserving of my money, than to waste my time with a company that doesn't listen to their fanbase. Axing both Saturn and Pontiac was the last straw for me. They can call me till the cows come home, and I'll tell them how I feel each and every time.
  3. If this is indeed true, then sad news from the world of "New GM". Seems like they haven't learned a damn thing.
  4. Well, it's officially ugly. Way to kill an otherwise good-looking car. They might want to lower the MSRP for the chevy version by at least 5 grand.
  5. What a low blow...Hopefully the "New GM" isn't as ignorant or immature as some of this site's members. Chapter 7 would be around the corner.
  6. A whole bunch of news stories just popped up on the front page of saturnfans.com including some videos.
  7. I'm glad that the resale value of my Vue isn't going to go down as much as it could have. I'm also glad that this deal went through. Break away from GM as much as possible.
  8. Personally, I don't think GM is going to emerge out of this, but then again, I couldn't care less. I just feel bad for the workers because chances are, they won't have a qualified skillset to do anything else in life. I still don't think it's justified for a line worker to make the wages they do, because it's ridiculous, but that's my humble opinion. In the U.S. a line worker's wages with benefits accumulates to more than a nurse's wage with benefits here in Canada (dollar converted accordingly). Stupid. Personally, a nurse is alot more valuable than a line worker installing a dash or some
  9. This is great news indeed, however knowing the losers over at GM, there will be no mention of fuel economy worth a damn to lure in buyers. I think it'll sell well, but I'm going to go on a limb here and think people are still going to be afraid to buy it due to all the troubles at GM right now. If they file Chapter 11, the buying public would probably still buy that $h!ty looking Rav4 or CRV with lower fuel efficiency rather than the obviously better product, simply because GM makes it. It does look pretty good though, and those numbers are great. Let's hope for GM's sake th
  10. This just all reinforces my belief that GM is done. They'll have nothing left by the end of it all. In fact, should they even survive all the butchery, their image would be worse than that of Kia, which would hurt them even more. I'm actually eyeing this whole Fiat Auto Group discussion now, which sounds more in line with what I would want out of an auto company. Small, fuel efficient and premium.
  11. I guessed you missed the part about how GM started Saturn as a different entity with it's own seperate sales channel and business model. Pontiac is not set up that way.
  12. If Fiat took over Opel and Chrysler and made some top notch smaller vehicles, I'd bet you'd see some kick-ass sales in North America. It's the one segment that severely lacks here in NA.
  13. First off, congrats on your Astra. I am aiming to own one within the next few years (used of course). If you're looking for GREAT snow tires, I suggest Bridgestone Blizzaks. I had Blizzak REVO1's on my ION and I tell you, they grip very well. Not sure if that particular version of Blizzak is still made, because I bought them two years ago, but I'd suggest them if they are still made.
  14. Good luck over at BMW. I certainly don't blame you for making the move. Unfortunately, I'm a cheap-ass so you won't see me buying BMW, not now, and not ever. Great cars, but just not for me.
  15. I watch it. This season has been great, and very inspiring to me to say the least. I think Mike or Tara both have a great chance to win it all. Helen, not so sure she can pull it off.

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