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  1. He's right you know, that is stupid. I mean, except for all the people in front of me, I'm first in line. Except for all the people who have more money than me, I'm the richest guy in the world. That kind of thinking leads to mediocrity.
  2. Simply not true. I don't like the new Camaro because it is proportionally wrong. It's enormous, the total antithesis of what a sportscar should be (although I would also say that a pony car is not a sportscar, but I digress).The new Mustang to me looks a little bare. Slab-sided and unadorned, though I can see its appeal. The new Challenger looks exactly like the old Challenger, but at least it's refreshing in its faithfulness. The new Camaro looks like a characture, about 20% too big, a hood that looks like a cartoon, and a profile that fails to capture the purity of purpose that the '69 did. The only way I could be called scared is in the future of GM. If this is going to be the competitor to the runaway sales success of the Mustang (and I'd wager the Challenger is going to be), well I'm afraid GM missed the mark. It's exactly the opposite of what it needs to be. All IMHO, of course. Tony
  3. Wow. First off, if it comes in yellow, I'll take it. There are a couple of niggles, and maybe the aftermarket can make it work. If you're going to black out the grille and the area around the fog/driving lights/turn indicators, I'd really like a black wheel option. Something like the Elise has would be perfect. Here's a picture: Secondly, I'd rather have the white gauges or color-keyed gauge faces. Maybe Kappasphere will come to my rescue? Third, and this really is slight, I'd like some subtle badging offered. Not standard, but offered. For instance, embroidered seats with a color-keyed logo, sill plates, maybe a "Solstice GXP" debossed under the airbag cover. Any way about it though, if that color is available, I'm buying that car. Tony
  4. I'll tell you I am pretty stoked about the Kabura. I want a nimble, cheap, usable, and tossable RWD car. I want it small. You know, like a Solstice coupe would've been? This sounds like a winner. They're talking about a Miata-derived, lightweight, two seater or 2+2 RWD hatchback coming in under $20,000. It's like a dream come true. This could be the new CRX. Tony
  5. kiljoy

    Dirty Miata

    Those emissions systems on the 01-02 Miatas have caused so much trouble for the company. First, they added VVT to the engine for 01 for an increase of 15hp, which they advertised. But they forgot about CA emissions, and instead of a 49 state car and a CA car, they just had one, the CA car. But they never retested the engine. The result? The CA emissions robs 13hp from the engine. So instead of the 155hp engine we were promised, we got a 142hp that runs on premium instead of regular and gets us 2hp. So Mazda had to do a buy-back or free maintanence. And now we find out it doesn't even do the emissions control properly? Tony
  6. The first problem is QuickTime sucks on Windows. It doesn't work for me in FF, IE, or anything else. It's just useless. Tony
  7. Ok, I found out the problem and it was 1.5. Check out this article. It details a number of complaints about Firefox 1.5. Namely: # Firefox's use of physical and virtual memory is exceptionally high. (I had this, usually about 300MB of RAM for FF) # CPU usage spikes to 100 percent (usually while loading a Web page). (Had this too) # The browser freezes up for seconds, minutes, or permanently. (Didn't happen to me) # The browser won't launch until they remove an errant "firefox.exe" process in Task Manager. (Didn't happen either) # The browser crashes suddenly (usually while loading a Web page). (Nope) # The browser has trouble loading specific pages, but there's no commonality among users as to which pages won't load. (BINGO) # The initial launch of Firefox loads slower. (Yes) # Third-party application hyperlinks (such as a link in an e-mail message) take a long time to open a new Firefox tab or to launch the browser. (Yes) So I went back to FF 1.0.7. Just puttin' it out there so someone else may be helped. Tony
  8. Hrm. I haven't restarted yet, but I can confirm that my internet connection is working fine. Totally weird. Clicking on a link, the status bar shows the proper place, but clicking it just makes it go straight to "Done". Entering it into the address bar directly, or by clicking the Favorite in a blank tab just makes it stay blank. No activity at all. I'll try rebooting. Tony
  9. When I go to the page, FF just stops. Doesn't even load the address in the bar. I'm on 1.5. Any thoughts? Tony
  10. Art Bell is nothing like Stern et al. Think Fox Mulder crossed with Jim Cramer (Mad Money). Tony
  11. Makes 'em look like junkies the way they swear 'em off then come crawling back... Tony
  12. Nothing much to say except you use Firefox and don't use Tabbed Browsing? It's like Chicken Noodle soup without the chicken or the noodles. Tony
  13. Exactly. But you've got to admit, that center stack needs something done STAT. That mass of black, cheap plastic is an eyesore. Note the contouring on the pieces in the Lexus. It just looks sharp. The contrasting aluminum is getting cliche, but something needs to play Moses and part that sea of plastic. Tony
  14. I know this isn't the topic, but why would you want a V8 in a car like the Solstice? As it is now, the car is a balanced roadster. With FI, it will still be pretty balanced (seeing as how the mags are saying the chassis feels like it could do with more power). What you all are asking for is a pony car. I'm not saying that isn't a valid request, given the Mustang's commercial viability. But the Solstice body, in coupe or convertible form, isn't anything like a pony car. We need a four-place, slightly larger, V8 powered, RWD car. That isn't what Kappa is, nor is it what it should be. (And what it should be is a question unto itself. IMHO, it should be a versitile, small engined, RWD small car platform. Not just a pair of roadsters, but a small hatchback, a small coupe, and maybe even a very small four door sedan, all with lively four cylinders and RWD. The market is begging for this. Give me a plain-jane coupe on Kappa and I'd buy it in a second, give me a MINI-esque hatchback, and I'd order one without driving it.) Tony

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