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  1. Pre-production Chevy Camaros begin rolling off Oshawa assembly line

    We should take a poll and check it and the end of the year. I say they'll be lucky to sell 25k this year.
  2. GM asks Congress to kickstart its heart with ambitious plan

    Probably not but Wagoner would be great on dancing with the stars.
  3. GM asks Congress to kickstart its heart with ambitious plan

    Later on CNN had Wagoner on and he wasn't much better. He tries his best to dance around the questions. Wolf asked him what was GM's biggest mistake and instead of dancing he should of just said we built a lot of crappy cars in the 80's and 90's, we lost a lot of customers but we've made great progress in the last few years and we just need a bridge loan to get us through these economic tough times.
  4. GM asks Congress to kickstart its heart with ambitious plan

    I actually watched 3 hours of this on the internet today at work and found it interesting. Wagoner isn't a very good speaker, he studders when he answers. I've always heard a lot of bad things about Nardelli and his past at Home Depot but I can say this guy knows his stuff about the auto industry. He was the best speaker of all of them.
  5. GM asks Congress to kickstart its heart with ambitious plan

    That's what I'm hoping for.
  6. GM asks Congress to kickstart its heart with ambitious plan

    I'm glad Pontiac is going to survive for now. My computer was down last night so I wasn't able to get the full details of the plan until this morning at work. The only news I got last night was on TV and they said GM would be concentrating on its 4 core brands then they showed an old 80's commercial of a Fiero with the We Build Excitement tag line and said Pontiac was dead. Then i saw some A hole on CNBC say that he hoped the 3 CEO's were driving Toyota's to Washington so they wouldn't have to worry about breaking down. Needless to say i didn't get much sleep last night. What car are they referring to on page 22 of the plan where it says they plan to introduce this market's smallest 4 passenger vehicle, achieving higher fuel economy than the 2 passenger Smart ForTwo?
  7. Big 3 hit hard at the House today

    What a sad sight to see, the leader of GM sitting there begging these clowns for money. All the news clips I saw of this made me sick to my stomach. The three of them looked like students being scolded in front of the principal. The next time they go to Washington they should play it safe and car pool.
  8. Want to help GM?

    I came across another site http://www.helpfixgm.com/ for those of you with a lot of ideas and time on your hands.
  9. C&G Saturn Census

    1. 0 2. No
  10. C&G Pontiac census

    1. 0 2. No
  11. C&G Hummer Census

    1. 0 2. No
  12. C&G GMC Truck Census

    1. 0 2. No
  13. C&G Chevrolet Census

    1. 1 2. Malibu might be my next new car
  14. C&G Cadillac Census

    1. 0 2. No
  15. C&G Buick Census

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