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  1. The republicans did not make this political. Obama made GM political when he demanded his administration dictate how GM is run. For example, who the CEO should be. Some of us are worried about not only how the Government is throwing money all over the place, but also by how often said money lands in the hands of solid DNC voters and fundraisers. The problem is the kind of person who would by a hybrid or electric car, probably thinks American cars are inferior, and with batteries catching fire (I can say this as a Fiero owner) it only reinforces that thinking. Akerson says he coulda sold mo
  2. I think ecostar is a helicopter brand. Eco D EcoDiesel ecomax
  3. I have an 07 gtp 3.6l. I'm getting 16mpg. I drive it mostly in really heavy traffic and I have a seriously heavy foot.

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