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  1. Tyger


    Thanks! There have been quite a few changes over the past year! I think I'll stick around for the long haul!
  2. Tyger


    Hello all! I've been gone for a while, but I'm back!
  3. A plant? Well, after further studying he does look kinda goofy.
  4. So in essence, you're saying the Av is a fairly run down truck, huh? And you have a guy on your porch and you have no idea who it is? Interesting.
  5. After reading these posts one realizes we're all human and all really good people.
  6. If y'all look really close through the reflection in the windshield you'll see a really cool Av! Hey Trees....who's the good lookin' guy on your front porch?
  7. You should have taken more pictures of the models!
  8. I'm going to hold judgement until the car is actually here. My first impression of it is very good.
  9. The original Invicta! 1934 S Type
  10. Tyger

    El Camino

    Has anyone heard anything about going ahead with a new Camino? I understand it was to be based on the Holden Ute, but Holden insists any future cars comming here should carry the Holden name.
  11. I have to agree with you. Maybe when mine wears out I'll get another one, and as you said make it like I want it.
  12. I hate to see the retirees taking it on the chin.
  13. IMO the best looking Chevy, period.

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