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  1. Hey look! That's a Federal Q2B mounted on the front of that fire truck!
  2. I wonder if Mitsubishi will have anything to say about the name VRX?
  3. Why is/was it called the "black tie?" Something I've always wondered about...
  4. Wow...who signed off on that? The color is great, but that's...it.
  5. That STS has HUD but not the special emblem in the grille that allows for the adaptive cruise control... is this new? Is there a non-adaptive cruise HUD unit available?
  6. This is just a little off topic, but what happened to the turbo 3.5/3.7 I-5 that was slated for production?
  7. I really like it. The marketing department loses ten points because of the backwards bowtie, though. Something that concerns me.... Just as the Cobalt came as the Cobalt SS and the Cobalt SS Supercharged, this is named the HHR SS Turbocharged. Could a tamer, non-deserving-of-the-SS-name, naturally-aspirated HHR SS be on its way?
  8. Welcomed = hazed LOL RandyMN certainly didn't get defensive when his vehicle was lambasted. I probably wouldn't have remained that cool. That said, my Town Car has truckier stats [save for not having a bed] than does the Ridgeline...however, I'm quite sure that most Hondas the same age as my Town Car that beat it at resale. I'm not saying what I paid, but it was a ridiculously low amount for a five-years-young low mileage Lincoln. Something's got to be said for Honda's resale...
  9. Does anyone have any interior shots? This company also makes a Kia Sorento with a Hyundai Santa Fe front in grafted on really low.
  10. Yes, Chrysler has been churning out some low-rent stuff here lately (the Caliber interior is appalling) but let's bash where bashing is due. Out of the two of them, GM is sitting the the forward seat of the dinghy, but both of them are still behind the yacht.
  11. I'm not understanding the "let's bash Chrysler's interior quality" mentality so many share here when there are fewer GMNA vehicles with better-than-Chrysler quality than I have fingers on my right hand. Let's not act like GM has been awash in class-act interiors for decades now... GM ain't that far ahead of Chrysler. As far as that goes, our spare vehicle—a 1995 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0L 4x4—has fewer squeaks and rattles than either my brother's 2004 Sierra or my 2001 Town Car. And the Jeep has 225,000 on the clock.
  12. I think it's a good move, but would have been better to give the Five Hundred the Taurus name from the beginning. I know that we'll never see another SHO again but at least we can get close.

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